As joker you overslept. You need to get to the castle fast!

Take your BOOK from the desk (5/5) and use the door to leave the house. Next to your door is a STRAW (5/10) and since the goat is gone, take the ROPE from next to the pole (5/15). Walk north to see the castle. Next to the path is a patch of wildflowers. Take the right most WILDFLOWER (5/20) and walk the path north into the castle. Talk to the king and he’ll tell you about the missing queen. Offer your help and he’ll give a PICTURE of the queen (5/25).

Walk south into the hall of the castle and use the trapdoor north to open it. Use the trapdoor again to reach the kitchen. Talk to the chef and find out he likes to read. Give him your book (5/30) and while he’s now distracted, take the rotten MEAT from the worktop at the bottom (5/35). Walk up the stairs into the corridor and left to leave the castle.

Outside walk to the right to find a frog in a boat. Give the picture to the frog (5/40) to discover it’s the queen. You need to find a way to break the spell. Take one of the CATTAILS from the edge of the pond (5/45) and walk south to find a town square. Use the blue door to the residence of the wizard and inside talk to him.

Ask him if he has a cure for people turned into frogs and of course he can help (5/50) if you give him some ingredients… for his lunch. Give him the meat (2/52), the straw (1/53), the wildflower (1/54) and the cattail (1/55). Take the POTION he created for you (5/60).

Walk south to leave the house and south again to return to the frog. Give the potion to the frog so she can turn back to a queen (5/65). Use the rope on the boat to pull her ashore (5/70) and together you’ll visit the king. But he hasn’t got the news you hoped for…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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