There’s mutiny on the ship because the crew is hungry.

On deck is a loose PLANK. Pick it up and use the hole to see what’s downstairs. Use the door on the left to open the cabin. Walk inside. You’ll find the gunner behind his gun on the floor. Use the railing behind the gun to go below decks and find Taylor, the cook. Talk to him and learn about the mutiny and you’ll get a MATCHBOX from him to send some mail.

On the table is a BLOCK OF WOOD. Use the steps to the right to return to the gunner and walk to the right to go outside again. Use the block of wood on the hole. You’ll hear something fall.

Go inside again and use the ring on the hatch next to the gun to go below decks. You’ll learn that Potatohead is dead. Take the CANNONBALL and talk to Jojo on the right. Use the knife on the white sacks next to him to cut a hole in it and then use the sack three times to dig deep enough to get some dry GUNPOWDER.

Use the door on the left and find it won’t stay open because of the water flow. Give the plank to Jojo and ask him to block the door. Use the door on the left again and Jojo will block it. Use the door again to go inside and as soon as you enter a new hole in the side of the ship makes the water flow in.

Take the candle from the chest to put it aside and use the chest to open it. Inside you’ll find a BOTTLE OF RUM. In your inventory use the knife on the bottle to take the CORK from the bottle and use the cork on the hole to stop the water coming in. Use the door to leave the room and climb the ladder to the gunner.

Use the gun and try to move it but it’s too heavy. Talk to Ironfoot and learn he’s thirsty. Give him the bottle of rum and he’ll move the gun for you. Walk to the right and use the gun to turn it and face it towards sea. Use the cannonball with the gun to load it, use the gunpowder with the gun to arm it and use the matchbox with the gun to fire it.

Use the ropes next to the mast to climb to the crowsnest and talk to the watchman. He’s busy spying for pirates now so you can take the EGGS from the nest on the left. Use the ropes again to climb down, walk to the left to the gunner and use the railing to go to the cook below decks.

Give the eggs to the cook and the mutiny is over. But then the ship is under attack. Use the steps on the right to go to the gunner and walk to the right to look on deck. There you’ll meet Captain Scid. And since you’d rather die than work for him, it’s the end of act 1.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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