You need to make a film interviewing everyone around your school.

Talk to the guitarist but he doesn’t want to be filmed because he didn’t have much sleep. Walk to the left to reach the map and go to the coffee house on the left. Try to film the man behind the counter but he won’t let you. Walk to the right and return to the map. Go to the red building on the right, the library.

Try to film the lady behind the counter. She has no time because she’s collecting cans for charity and she still needs one more. In the bookcase on the left are two horizontal books. Take the top BOOK about painting. Use the computer to search for FREE COUPONS. Leave the library on the right. Go to the pier on the south and film the person drawing there. Als not very cooperative because he doesn’t need any help.

Give the book to him and you can film your first subject. Walk to the right and go to the arcade, the blue building. Film the one behind the counter and receive a COIN. Use the coin on the machine on the left and play the game. Take the monster to kill it and you’ve won a STRING OF TICKETS.Use the tickets on the SILLY STRING on the shelf behind the counter and give it to the one standing in front of it. You can film your second subject.

Walk to the left and return to the coffee house on the left. Give the coupon the shopkeeper and you’ll get a COFFEE and a CAN. Walk to the right to leave the coffee shop and return to the library on the right. Give the can to the librarian and you can film the third subject.

Walk to the right to leave and on the map select school above the coffee shop. Give the coffee to the guitar player and your fourth interview is a fact.  It’s a wrap! Use the front door of the school to enter and hand in your assignment.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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