After your conversation with the man in the street enter the bar on the right. There you’ll have a discussion with three gangster.

As soon as the three have left, look at the Money-O-Mat and see something stuck in the coin slot. Use the slot to get the COIN out.  Talk to the barman and he suggests you go to the police station.Use the door behind the bar to find a BLOODY SAW on the table. Take it and leave the room again. Use the door on the left to leave the bar and walk to the right to reach the map. Select the Police HQ on the map and use the door to go inside.

Use the coin in the upper left slot of the coffee machine and push the big button in the center. Use the slot below it to take the COFFEE out. Use the door on the left to visit the sergeant. So he likes coffee. Give him the coffee and you’ll spill it all over his shirt. He’ll give you the SHIRT to clean. Look at the shirt in your inventory to find the KEYS and get rid of the shirt.

Take the MAGNET from the fridge and use the door to leave. Use the door on the right to go to jail and meet the three gangsters again. Walk to the left to see the police squad and look at the one on the far left in yellow. Walk to the right and talk to the gangsters. They’ll give you your assignment and some clues. Leave the cell on the south and leave the police station on the south.

Walk to the right and go to the Park Area on the map.Walk to the north and find the fisherman lying on the ground. Use the wastebin to find a HAMMER and use the hammer on the fisherman to ‘hypnotize’ him. When he’s asleep, take his FISHING ROD. Walk to the south. Use the magnet with the fishing rod and use the combination on the wishing well to get TWO COINS out.

Enter the pharmacy on the left and talk to the man behind the counter. Use the blue shelf on the left to ask for some SLEEPING POWDER and give the two coins to the man to get it. Walk to the south to leave the shop and enter the rope shop on the right. Talk to the priest to learn about the golden rope and use the fishing rod with magnet on the pit in the back to get the GOLDEN ROPE. Walk to the south to leave the church and go south again to leave the park. On the map go back to the Police HQ.

Use the door to enter the station and use the door on the right to enter the prison/partyhall. Walk to the left and talk to the man in yellow. He’ll give you a CUP. Use the saw on the barrel of beer to open it. Use the sleeping powder with your cup and use the cup on the barrel. Oops. Now the sleeping powder is in the barrel, you’ll walk outside. Enter the room again and the squad is gone. Leave the room again and walk to the south to leave the station.

Use the car keys on the car and when the car is open use the golden rope on the car to tie it to the bars. Then use the car to free the gangsters from jail.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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