Part 1:

You must save Princess Jade!

Standing in the center of the seaport, there’s a tower in front of you. Walk N to the first floor where you’ll find Lady Carolina. But she’s surrounded by tarantulas. Climb U to find a dead wizard and a coil of rope. GET ROPE. Climb U one level and GET REPELLANT. Climb U to the top of the tower and see that Baron Bluestone has been murdered.

X BARON to search his body and discover a box. OPEN BOX to find a scroll inside. You can’t read the scroll right now so D, D, and D three floors back to Lady Carolina. USE REPELLANT WITH TARANCHULAS to set her free. Now that your task is done here, READ SCROLL. For some reason you see Lady Caroline back and you’re back in the tower.


READ SCROLL again to see what it says. So you need to find three items. Walk N to outside the tavern then E to enter a square. Go E once more to enter the baths and GET COIN. Return W and W then N into the tavern. TALK TO INNKEEPER and choose 1: Can I buy the cask. Reply with 2: I’ll give you 1 gold. He’ll let you have the cask.

Leave S and S then W and S where you can find the nautical academy. Outside is a lecturer sleeping so you can GET APPLE. Be careful! It’s poisoned. You can go U to the roof of the academy and find a toy ship. GET SHIP. Your second item is in the pocket! Climb D to the street and N to the gate. Go E and E again into the city, then N and N to find the statue of justice. X STATUE to see that there’s a sword. USE ROPE WITH STATUE to be able to climb it and then in the top of the statue GET SWORD. Once you climb D again, you’ll be taken to prison!

You can see the keys but the guard won’t let you have them. GIVE APPLE TO GUARD and then WAIT. The guard will finally fall asleep. GET KEYS and USE KEYS WITH LOCK. Leave the prison S to end below the statue of justice. Walk S, S and S once more to find a mean Minotaur. ATTACK MINOTAUR to slay it and a ring will drop from it. GET RING to get your third item.

Walk N then W, W and W once more. You’ll end up at the cliffs. Now follow the words of the scroll: THROW SHIP followed by THROW RING and finally THROW CASK. A large ship will appear and dock near the cliff. Enter the ship by climbing D the cliff. Walk E, E and E again to reach the aft of the ship. You can also see a map here. GET MAP to pick it up.

Walk W 5 times to reach the for’ard passage. Go S and you’ll find a smart helmet. GET HELMET and return N. Go E and climb U where you’ll find the wheel. WEAR HELMET and navigate by USE MAP WITH WHEEL. You’ll end up on a beach.

Walk N to more beach and then E to find a dagger. GET DAGGER and return W, S and S. There’s even more beach here. And a bottle. GET BOTTLE and X BOTTLE to find some mist inside. Walk N to return to your starting point, then  E to get to a bridge with a goat tied to a twine and a troll next to it. The troll won’t let you pass. USE DAGGER WITH TWINE to cut it, release the goat and let the goat kick the troll into the ravine.

Continue your quest E and then climb D on the liana. GET GOATSKULL and climb U again. Follow your path E to reach the entrance of the temple. The shrine door won’t open. OPEN BOTTLE to release the genie. TALK TO GENIE and ask 1: Is there anything I can do for you? If you want the genie to help you, you need to give it a part of a dead animal so GIVE GOATSKULL TO GENIE. As a return in favor the genie transports you to inside the shrine.

Go E and reach the innermost sanctum. There’s a pendulum here so GET PENDULUM. Have a closer look at it: X PENDULUM. You see a vision of Queen Jade and end up in front of the castle. There’s a large drawbridge in front. GET HAMMER and USE HAMMER WITH GONG. The drawbridge will be lowered. Continue E into the castle.

Walk N to find a bored cook. TALK TO COOK ask ask if you can have the key. You can if you bring him some foodstuff. Go E to find a bookcase. X BOOKCASE and discover a secret door. OPEN DOOR and you can continue E. There’s a diamond of the floor. GET DIAMOND and walk W and W back to the cook. You can’t eat a diamond so go S and S again.

There’s a mischievous leprechaun here. TALK TO LEPRECHAUN to learn that he has lockpicks that he will trade: 1: Ask if you can have the lockpicks. But he’ll swap it for the jewel. GIVE DIAMOND TO LEPRECHAUN and he’ll give you the lockpicks in return. Walk further E to find another door but it’s locked. Walk E again and in this antechamber you’ll find some herbs. GET HERBS and walk W and W again, then N and N again to return to the cook in the kitchen.

GIVE HERBS TO COOK and you get a red key. Walk S and S again, then E to return to the door. USE KEY WITH DOOR to unlock it and then OPEN DOOR. A path south appears.  Go S to enter the Stores of Magic. GET ROD to pick up the cancellation rod. Walk N to leave the room and E to return to the antechamber. Go N to reach Iqthaqua’s skeleton crew. But since you’ve got the rod, you can go E to reach a stairwell.

You can go up and down. If you go D you’ll find Princess Jade but she’s held by a sturdy lock. USE LOCKPICKS WITH LOCK to try to free her but when you do, Iqthaqua enters the room. He’s strong and you can’t just attack him so distract him with USE PENDULUM WITH IQTHAQUA. He’ll weaken and then you can ATTACK IQTHAQUA.

 Part 2:

You are dropped in the nest of a huge rok. In the nest is also a cloak. GET CLOAK and climb D out of the nest. You can now see the giant rok but don’t fear, it won’t harm you. Climb D again into the cold to a raft. WEAR CLOAK to get some warmth and travel W. Then go south to find an oar. GET OAR and return N and E. USE OAR WITH RAFT to be able to navigate and go S and S again. You’ve reached a sheet of ice.

Go W and climb D. In the cavern climb D again and on the forgotten stairway D once more until you reach a cave. You can also see a dagger. GET DAGGER and go S to a narrow ledge. Climb D the ledge and to the E into Grafenvolk Wood. From there E again and U the stone steps. GET BUCKET that’s left behind here. Go D and W back to the wood. Then further W to the eaves and  U onto the ledge. Go N and N again to a boiling geyser. USE BUCKET WITH GEYSER to fill it with warm water and go S. In the cave go S again and on the ledge climb D. In the eaves go N and in the dale W to the rok’s lair. There’s an egg and since you’ve filled your bucket with water you can USE EGG WITH BUCKET.

Go E to the dale.  Travel E through a weedy lake and E to the bottom of a cliff. There’s a flute on the ground. GET FLUTE.  Return W through the lake and N to some moorland. Go W to the south of a waterfall and also some vicious rats. USE FLUTE WITH RATS to scare them off. Travel further W to meet Mephit. TALK TO MEPHIT and on his question if you’re the egg man, tell him 1: Err… yes. Then offer him 1: Here’s the egg. You give him the egg and in return you’ll get a statuette.

Return E and E back to the moorland and S to the lake. Walk E to the bottom of the cliff and S to the other side of the lake. Then W to find a strange hut. Go W again to enter the store room of the hut and find some chocolate. GET CHOCOLATE. Leave E and go enter the smashed up living room. Since there’s a ring on the floor GET RING and go W to find Swilbosh.

TALK TO SWILBOSH and introduce yourself: 1: “Hi, I’m Aarbron, who are you?”. He’ll reply and tell you about his collection. Tell him 1: “I have a statuette” and he’ll swap it for a portion of oxtail soup. Go E back to the living room and N out of the hut. Then E to the lake and N to the bottom of the cliff. Go W and W again to the dale and S to the eaves. Then U onto the ledge and N into the cave. Go U onto the stairway and U into the cavern. Then U once more to the entrance of a dark cave. Walk E to the raft and use the raft to go N. Below you there seems to be a ruined fort.

WEAR RING to get it’s magical warmth and go D into the sea. GET POTION from the fort and return U back to the raft. Continue the journey N. Walk E to find a group of oxen. GIVE SOUP TO OXEN and as thanks in return you get a lyre. X LYRE to realize there’s a string missing.

go W to the raft and S and S to the sheet of ice. Then W to the dark cave. Climb D, D, and D once more to the mysterious cave and N to the  geyser. Go N again to find a familiar spot: the troll bridge. It’s the same troll, the same twine and the same goat so the same trick should do it: USE DAGGER WITH TWINE. Again the goat kicks the troll who drops a coin. GET COIN and S back to the geyser. Then S to the cave,  S and D to the eaves. Go E to the woods and E to the stone steps. Climb U the stone steps.

It’s too shear to climb but you need to get up that ledge. DRINK POTION and FLY up the ledge to encounter a weevil woman. GIVE CHOCOLATE TO WOMAN and in return you’ll get a piece of string. USE STRING WITH LYRE to fix the instrument. Climb D the ledge and D the steps.

Standing with the plaque USE LYRE until the guard wants you to stop. Tell him 1: “Let me into the tower”. He’ll let you into the tower but takes your lyre. Go E into the black tower. You can see a coin slot so USE COIN WITH SLOT. A hidden door opens to the E. Inside the tower of the damned climb U to find the evil Marr. Make sure you wear the magical ring before you ATTACK MARR otherwise you won’t survive.

 Part 3:

Walk N into the monastery and turn E. There are holy writings and to be able to communicate with the monks you need to READ WRITINGS. Walk W and W again to meet an underling. TALK TO UNDERLING and he’ll tell you about the book he’s trying to find. Walk E and N to the courtyard, then N again to the library. SEARCH until you find a librum. (Keep SEARCHing..) You automatically pick up everything you find and you may wish to drop everything you’ve found except the librum.

Walk S and S again, then W to the underling. GIVE LIBRUM TO UNDERLING. Reply to him 1: ‘Yes, I’m on a gallant quest’. He then tells you of a document in the lower library. Go E, N and N again to the library and then D to the lower part. SEARCH until you find a parchment. Climb U again, go S and S and W to the underling. GIVE PARCHMENT TO UNDERLING. You can keep it but you’ll get a letter to give to the abbot.

Walk E and N, then W into the hall of Necessity. GET WINE from the table and leave E. Go N and N again to find a priest guarding the entrance to the abbot. GIVE WINE TO PRIEST and he’ll fall asleep. Visit the abbot N. GIVE LETTER TO ABBOT and he’ll give you your next instructions. Together with some silver, you’ll travel to the city of Waterdeep.

From the boulder, walk E and N toward a guard post. There’s a merchants pass. GET PASS and walk S and S again, then E into Straight Street. Go S and E to reach Black Magic Square. There’s also a candle here. GET CANDLE. Return W and N to Straight Street and W to Executioner’s Square. From there N to the West Gate and E to Silver Street.

Go D into the sewer and N to a hag’s lair. GET HAIR from the hag and return S. Go S further into the sewers and E to reach a maze of sewers. You don’t have to go in though, you can just TAKE HAMMER that’s here. Go W and W again to notice that you can go U here as well. When you do you’ll end up in the palace gardens where you can TAKE FLOWER.

Climb D back into the sewers and go E and N. Climb U to leave the smelly sewers. Walk N and E to the Way of the Tiger and N and E again to reach Jeweller’s corner. There’s a necklace on the floor so GET NECKLACE. Return to silver street by walking W, S, W and S. From there walk E and E again where you’ll find a merchant.

In order to sell some goods, it’s good to have the merchant’s pass. GIVE CANDLE TO MERCHANT and he’ll give you 1 gold coin. GIVE HAIR TO MERCHANT which he will buy from you for 10 gold pieces. Finally GIVE NECKLACE TO MERCHANT which will gain you 14 gold pieces. You’ve earned 25 gold pieces now.

Walk W, S and E to reach the blacksmith. TALK TO BLACKSMITH to learn that he can make you a silver hammer if you provide the silver, the hammer and pay 25 gold coins. Coincidently you have all..  Tell him 1: ‘Here’s 25 gold’ and he’ll provide you with a blessed silver hammer after a while.

Walk W and N, then W, W, and W once more to return to the boulder. USE FLOWER WITH BOULDER to rub the petals onto the boulder and USE EYE WITH BOULDER to put the object on there as well. Then USE HAMMER WITH BOULDER to smash the eye into pieces. It’s now completely destroyed.

Walk E and E again, then N into City Wall Street. Travel E, N and finally W to reach the Archcleric. GIVE LETTER TO ARCHCLERIC and he’ll tell you to travel to Wayreth Forest.  You’ll end up in an all too familiar spot.  You don’t have a dagger this time so USE SWORD WITH TWINE and the goat will clear the bridge.

NOTE: Next you have to navigate through the woods. It’s best to save the game here so if you get lost you can return to this place.

Go E into the woods. From here it can get very confusing because each time you LOOK at a location, the directions you can go in change. First you need to find a key, then you need to reach the door of the tower. The solution is quite simple. To get the key go E E and S. So in the first location you keep looking until you can travel east, in the next you do the same, in the third you keep looking until you can go south. From here GET KEY. Travel N and N the same way you did the previous time. When from there you go E and E you should see a door.

OPEN DOOR and you can go E into the tower. Go D one level first to find a wand. GET WAND and climb U to the entrance. One level U you’ll find a trapdoor that’s closed. USE WAND WITH TRAPDOOR and it’ll unlock the next level. Climb further U where you’ll see a strange machine. You can’t do anything with the machine yet so climb U to the next level and GET STAFF. Then go one level D back to the machine. USE STAFF WITH MACHINE to create a lever and then USE LEVER.

Through the machine you reach Maletoth and Queen Jade. Finally. Fortunately for you Maletoth is weakened to such a degree that you can ATTACK MALETOTH WITH SWORD. You’ve defeated him and rescued Queen Jade.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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