11:00 AM

Walk up and knock on the door. A heavyset man named Trunks McCullogh will answer. Tell him you are with the US Census Bureau and that you are conducting the 2009 Census. He will let you in the house. Go and Look at the newspaper on the coffee table. It contains an article on the robbery. Talk to Trunks and ask him about it, if you want.

Go through the doorway to the north and you will find yourself in an Office. Look at the books on the computer desk and you will see one without dust on it. Take it. Then, Interact with the computer. You will see a login screen, but Stanley will not know the login at this time. Leave the room.

In the Living Room, ask Trunks about his computer login, and he will tell you to sod off. Go west through the other half of the Living Room and continue west through the open doorway. Take the other open doorway to the north and you will find yourself in the Kitchen.

Introduce yourself to the woman standing there, and you will learn that she is Trunks’ wife, Sassy Mae. Ask her about the computer login. She will not cooperate at first, but keep pestering her until she gives you both the login and the password. If you don’t remember them, they will be automatically recorded in your journal, so don’t worry.

***TIP: The login will always be TRUNKS_MCCULLOGH, but the password is a variable which is randomized at the beginning of each new game. The only way to learn the password is to ask Sassy Mae about it. Both the login and password are case sensitive, so be sure to type them exactly as they appear in your journal.***

Go to the closed door on the right side of the screen and try to open it, and you will learn it is locked. You can ask Sassy Mae about it, but she will not know where the key is. Trunks will not tell you either if you ask him.

Go back to the Office and get on the computer. Enter the login and password you received from Sassy Mae. When you reach the main menu, highlight “Email” and press the Enter button (not the one on your keyboard; the one on the screen). Read through all of the emails and you will learn a few things about Trunks. Go to the previous menu, then select “Documents”.

Make sure to open and read “Travel Reservations.doc”, as it will open up dialogue topics for later. You can also read an original story written by Trunks, and check out his profile picture for a site called Print a copy if you want.

This is all you need the computer for for the moment. Return to the main screen. Change the password if you feel like it. Then, log off of the computer.

Back in the office, grab the printout of the Profile Pic (if you printed it; it’s not necessary for completion of the game if that’s all you care about) from the Printer, and head back into the Living Room.

SAVE YOUR GAME HERE. Then, if you printed the profile pic, take it and show it to Trunks for a funny ending. Then, restart your game from the save and continue.

Head West to the other side of the living room. THis time, head up the stairs to the North. Open the first door on the left and you will find a closet. Take a look at the briefcase inside. You will not be able to open it at this time, but it is good to remember that it is there.

Continue to the left and open the door at the end of the hall. You will find yourself inside a child’s bedroom. Talk to the fat kid standing by the desk, and you will learn that this unfortunately named boy is Trunks and Sassy Mae’s son, Stinky Pete McCullogh.

Ask Pete about the basement. Tell him you need to get down there, and when he wants to know why he should tell you, inform him that you are a Federal agent. This will cause him to hesitate, but he will demand credentials. You will then remember that you forgot your ID badge at the office, and lament it. Oh, well; forget about it for now.

On top of Stinky Pete’s desk will be a stack of papers. Interact with them to read Pete’s essay on The Great Gatsby and learn that Pete did not much care for the book. Talk to him, and question him about his grievances with F. Scott Fitzgerald. Point out the fact that the essay mentions grave desecration. At this point, Pete will begin to behave quite suspiciously. If you read the travel itinerary on the computer downstairs, there should be a question about Rockville available. Ask Pete about this, and he will begin to get quite fidgety. Now you know some thing’s up.

***TIP: On Pete’s desk is a laptop. If you Interact with it, you can change the music playing in the room via Pete’s music playlist (with the exception of one track, which needs a password). You can also play a minigame called Bob Marley’s Rasta Blasta. If you are able to beat Stinky Pete’s high score, Pete will give you an mp3 player that will enable you to change the music that plays as you walk around the house. Acquisition of the mp3 does not count towards completion of the game; it is just for fun. NOTE: SEE APPENDIX SECTION ON MP3 PLAYER FOR HELP WITH THE MP3 PLAYER. SEE SECTION ON BOB MARLEY’S RASTA BLASTA FOR TIPS ON THE MINIGAME.***

Open up your inventory and select your cell phone. Try using it on yourself, and you will learn that the battery is dead. Leave the room.

If you obtained the optional mp3 (see above tip), you will see a tiny, generic looking person (who looks suspiciously like the main character from Space Quest) suddenly appear. Follow where he walks, and he will lead you to the first door to the right of the staircase. Go through the door and you will find yourself face to face with the ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who will tell you that his grave has been desecrated. He will then tell you that he has given you Chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby on audiobook, and then disappear. Return to Pete’s room and use the mp3 player on Pete’s laptop to load the new track into the computer. You can now listen to The Great Gatsby being read by a Macintosh text-to-speech voice as you play the game. Additional chapters hidden as Easter eggs throughout the house are now available, and can be added to the mp3 player in the manner described above once discovered.

***TIP: If you don’t feel like beating Rasta Blasta now, you can do it at any point in the game you like. If Pete has already left the room when you beat the game, he will return and give you the mp3 player.***

***TIP: The audio version of The Great Gatsby included in this game is probably a bit different from the version you read in high school.***

Go back through the door you just came out of (or, if you didn’t get the mp3, head right until you come to the first door to the right of the staircase) and you will find yourself in the Bathroom. Make a note of the grandfather clock standing there; you will be needing it for something later. If you want, you can close the door and use the toilet.

Back in the hallway, to the right of the bathroom door, you will see a cabinet. Look at it and try to open it, and you will see that it is locked. Keep heading to the right and you will see a chest of drawers with books on top and another door.

Examine the books on top of the chest of drawers and you will see that there is a book missing. Search through all the drawers of the chest and you will find a screwdriver and a cell phone battery. Now, go through the door to the left.

You will find yourself in Trunks and Sassy Mae’s bedroom. You will find a key underneath the rug and a blonde wig in the wardrobe to the right. Take both of them. Leave the room.

Use the cell phone battery in your cell phone and you will now be able to use the phone to call your secretary, Nancy, back at the office. Give her a call right now by using the phone on yourself.

After some light banter, a dialogue screen should open up. Ask Nancy about the location of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s grave and the suspicious activity in Rockville, MD. Then, tell her you left your ID badge at the office and have her email a copy of it to Trunks’ email.

Head back to the left where the locked cabinet is. Use the screwdriver on it to open it. Examine the tools you find inside the cabinet. Hmmm…the plot thickens.

Go back downstairs to the office. Log on to the computer again and check Trunks’ email. There should be a message from Nancy Harrison. Open it up and hit the print button to print a copy of your Federal Investigator badge. Log off the computer and grab the printout from the printer tray.

Head back upstairs to Stinky Pete’s room. Show Pete your Federal ID badge, and then talk to him. Select the “Cards on the table” option. Accuse him of desecrating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s grave, and he will confess and give you the key to the basement.

12:00 PM

Time to check out the basement. Head back downstairs to the kitchen. Note that Sassy Mae is no longer in the room. In your inventory should be a key with the letter ‘B’ on it. Use it on the basement door to unlock it. Open the door and head downstairs.

In the basement will be an assortment of bric-a-brac. On top of one of the cardboard boxes is a small black box. Use the key you got from under the rug upstairs on it, and you will get a USB flash drive. Now, Interact with the refrigerator to move it a little, and you will see an opening behind it. Move it the rest of the way and go through the opening.

You will find yourself in a secret room with a weird Pentagram drawn on the floor. Examine the diagram, then open the drawer of the desk to get a lighter. Grab the Occult Encyclopaedia volume from on top of the desk as well. Note that it is the volume missing from the books upstairs. Read it and you will gain some clues as to what Trunks and his son were up to in Rockville.

Go back upstairs to the Office. You will see Trunks pawing around on the ground as if he has lost something. Talk to him and find out that he has lost his contacts, and that he is almost completely blind without them. Laugh heartily at his misfortune.

Unfortunately, as long as he is in the room, you won’t be able to access the computer. Therefore, you will need to find a way to get rid of Trunks before you can find out what’s on the USB drive. However, you can forget about that for the moment.

Go upstairs to the Master Bedroom. Sassy Mae will be standing in the middle of the room. Ask her about the USB drive. Also, ask her if Trunks is nearsighted. Make a note of what she says; it is a clue for something you will have to do later. Then, ask her to follow you downstairs.

Lead Sassy Mae downstairs to the secret room in the basement. She will tell you about a certain word in a certain book that is the password for the USB drive. Don’t worry if you don’t catch which word; the page and word number will be recorded in your journal.

If you haven’t already, go upstairs and get the book “Life is a Cabernet” from amongst the books on the computer desk. Open it up and have a look at the word Sassy mentioned. Make a note of it.

***TIP: The word which serves as the password is also randomized at the beginning of each new game. The only way to find out what the password is is to get the information from Sassy Mae.***

Go back upstairs to the Master Bedroom. Sassy Mae will be standing there again, this time facing away from you. Close the door.

Now, as you should well be aware, the best way to deal with a formidable female adversary is to seduce her. Approach Sassy Mae and use the Interact mode on her. Enjoy the romantic interlude.

1:00 PM

When you awaken, you will be standing in the Master Bedroom. Sassy Mae will be asleep on the bed. You will see her clothes lying on the rug. Pick them up. If you have not yet picked up the blonde wig in the wardrobe then do so now.

Go next door to the bathroom. Go inside and close the door. Then, use either the blonde wig or the clothes on yourself to change into your new disguise. Stanley does not make an especially convincing woman, but it will be enough to fool nearsighted Trunks.

Head downstairs to the Office and talk to Trunks. Ask him if he has found his contacts yet, then suggest that he look in the basement. When he brings up the Census Guy (you), say: “Yeah, about that census guy…”

This will be enough to convince Trunks to head down to the basement, but the ruse will only buy you a little bit of time. You will need to arrange a more permanent solution if you want to be able to look at what’s on the flash drive.

Follow Trunks to the Kitchen. After a short dialogue, he will go down to the basement to…you a thrashing. As soon as he is gone, use the basement key to lock the door again. Do this quickly as there is a time limit; if you are not fast enough Trunks will see that there is no one in the basement and come back upstairs. Fortunately, if this happens, all you have to do is repeat the trick to get him back downstairs.

Once Trunks is locked in, Stanley will go back to the bathroom on his own and change back into his man-clothes. Once you are free to move again, go back to the Office and use the USB on the computer, then log on to the computer again.

At the main menu screen, there should now be a new item at the top called “External USB”. Select it. It will prompt you for a password, so enter the one that you found in the book. Note that once again the password is case sensitive.

Open the option at the top of the new menu called “Journal.doc”. Read through it to learn the intracacies of Trunks’ diabolical plot. Then, open up the file called “diagram.jpg” and print a copy of it. Log off of the computer.

Sassy Mae will enter the room and tell you that the stolen overalls as well as the rib bone from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s skeleton are hidden in a safe behind the clock in the bathroom. Head upstairs to the bathroom. Don’t forget to take the diagram that you printed on your way out; you are going to need it later.

In the bathroom, examine the face of the grandfather clock (the face, not the clock itself). Use the Interact mode on the closeup of the face to reveal a puzzle. The puzzle is randomized each game, so unfortunately there is no set solution that can be given in a walkthrough; however, the puzzle is not immensely difficult and you shouldn’t have any serious difficulty solving it.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you will recover both the overalls and the rib bone. Then, Sassy Mae will appear in the doorway and hit you in the face with a shovel.

4:00 PM

You awaken several hours later in a daze. Sassy Mae has locked you in the basement, and has taken both your cell phone and the key to the basement door. Trunks is also still down there with you. Since there is nothing else to do, go talk to him.

Via a rather long dialog, Trunks will reveal the remaining details of his scheme. Go through all the options in the dialog, and when there aren’t any more, end the conversation. Sassy Mae will appear at the top of the stairs, and the two of them will usher you into the secret room.

Sassy Mae will inform you that you will be conducting the ritual. Assuming you have been keeping up with the story, I shouldn’t need to waste space here by explaining the details. Sassy Mae will then murder Trunks as a sacrifice, and instruct you to perform the ritual. If you have not yet taken the lighter from the desk drawer, do so now.

Place the rib bone and the overalls in the center of the diagram on the floor. Then, examine the diagram to get a closer view. An icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen (where your journal usually is) will bring up the diagram you printed earlier.

The image is fairly self explanatory. Using the lighter, light the candles at each point of the pentagram in the order of the numbers shown on the picture. When each candle is lit, you will be given a dialog prompt. Say the word which corresponds to the point you are lighting. The order of the points is as follows: Left, right, lower left, top, lower right. The incantation, in order, reads “Lac mihi adipem equum gallus.” The phrase is in bad Latin, and you can look up a translation using Google Translate if you want. It’s pretty funny.

Anyway, if you lit the candles in the correct order and said the correct words, the room will shake and the resurrected zombie corpse of F. Scott Fitzgerald should materialize in the center of the pentagram. If you did it wrong, you will be sucked into the void and will have to do the ritual again.

The zombie turns out to be a bit more than Sassy Mae was expecting, and immediately turns on her and kills her. Then, it will turn its attention to Stanley, who flees the room. As soon as you are able to move freely again, immediately move the refrigerator back to where it was originally, so that the zombie is trapped in the secret room. Be sure to do this quickly, as there is a time limit.

Now the zombie is trapped, but it is far from being a permanent solution to the problem. Your cell phone, as well as the basement key, are still on Sassy Mae’s person. You will need to find a way to get them back, and trap the zombie in the process. Go back upstairs to the kitchen.

As soon as you are out of the basement, Stinky Pete will return and offer to help as recompense for his part in his parents’ plot.

5:00 PM

Go upstairs to the chest of drawers where you found the screwdriver and the cell phone battery. Interact with the row of books on top to find Volume 8 of the encyclopedia. Open it and read the text to learn that there is no actual way to control a zombie; however, it is possible to distract them using a form of bait.

Go back downstairs and talk to Stinky Pete. Ask him about the Nectar of Anubis, and he will tell you that there is a vial of it upstairs in the briefcase. He will also give you the combination. As I’m sure you have guessed, the combination is randomly generated and the only way to learn it is to ask Stinky Pete. If you don’t catch it, it will be in your journal. While you are in the kitchen, open the refrigerator and take the piece of meat that is in there. Close the refrigerator.

Go to the upstairs closet, open the briefcase, and get the Nectar of Anubis. In your inventory screen, use the Nectar on the piece of meat you found to sprinkle it liberally. Then, go downstairs to the dining room, and open the door on the left side of the screen, the one that leads outside to the patio.

On the patio, there is a propane grill. Use the meat on the grill to cook up a nice tasty bit of zombie bait. Then, go back to the kitchen and open the door to the basement. It is probably a good idea to save your game at this point, because the next part is a little difficult.

In the basement, use the Interact mode to move the refrigerator again. Stanley will explain his plan once more to Pete, then move the fridge a little. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SAVED YOUR GAME, SAVE IT NOW. This is the point of no return. Move the fridge all the way out of the way to begin your task.

The zombie will enter the room, and run past Stinky Pete, who heads into the secret room. This part is a little tricky, and you will probably have to do it a few times before you get it right; that’s why you should have saved your game by now. Your objective is to basically just keep the zombie occupied by making it chase you around until Stinky Pete finds the key and the cell phone. However, if the zombie catches you, you will die.

The best way to do this is to use the arrow keys rather than the mouse to move around. If you have ever played any of the old Sierra games, the keyboard functionality is the same in this game. Pressing a directional key once will cause Stanley to start walking in that direction. Press the key again to stop, or press a different key to change directions. Once the zombie begins walking, it will generally walk to whatever point you were standing at when it began walking, so the trick is to move when it is moving and try to keep from colliding with it. Don’t try to go into the secret room or to leave the basement, as this will only cost you time and most likely trap you.

When Stinky Pete finds the key and the phone, he will yell out. At this point, open your inventory and select the zombie bait. Then, use the bait on the opening to the secret room, and Stanley will toss the meat inside. The zombie will follow. Once it is inside the secret room, move the refrigerator back in place. Again, be sure to do this quickly as there is a time limit. Head upstairs to the kitchen, then use the key to once again lock the basement door. Then, sit back, relax and watch the cut scene; your work is finished. Roll credits.



Control in this game is simple, and is loosely based on a really old game for the Macintosh called Crystal Quest, which I would be really surprised if anyone remembers.

The object of the game is to collect Space Ganja while avoiding the evil Spaceships of Babylon, whose aim is to bring you down with bad vibes. You may not believe me, but I honestly swear that I was not high at any point during the creation of this game.

You move the spaceship using the mouse, and fire your lazars by pressing the mouse button. When the space ganja floats by, move the ship over it to pick it up. Collect ten units of ganja to progress to the next level.

There are three different types of Babylon ships. Red ships, which are slow moving and relatively simple to kill, can still become a pain if you let the screen get too full of them. Blue ships move slightly faster, and white ships move quite fast. All these types of ships will appear at the top of the screen and attempt to dive bomb you. If you collide with one, you will lose ten points of health. Try to stay near the bottom of the screen and shoot them before they draw a horizontal parallel with you; they are much easier to kill this way.

If your only objective is to beat Pete’s high score, a good strategy is to stay at a low level and pick off a lot of enemy ships, rather than trying to advance through the levels quickly. You get a level bonus of 100 points for every enemy you kill at the end of the level, so this is a good way to rack up a lot of points before the game starts getting difficult.

Get to about level 4 or 5, and then avoid the ganja when it comes by, and focus on killing enemies instead. This is about the point in the game where the number of enemies which appear on the screen is abundant enough to make it possible to kill a lot of them in a short period of time, without being overwhelmed by them. Once you feel you’ve killed enough of them, start collecting ganja to pass the level, and collect your bonus once you do.

Exit the minigame at any time by pressing the esc key. Press spacebar to pause.


The mp3 player is simple enough to use once you get the hang of it. You obtain the mp3 player by playing Rasta Blasta on Stinky Pete’s computer. If you are able to beat Pete’s high score on the game, he gives you the mp3 as a gift.

To use it, go into your inventory window, choose the ‘Look’ mode, and click on the mp3. It will bring up the mp3 player screen. Pressing the play/pause button will toggle between the game’s default soundtrack and the mp3 player soundtrack. Press it once and the game’s default music will be overridden by the mp3. Press it again and the music will stop, and the game’s default soundtrack will start up again once you change rooms. Change tracks by pressing the forward and backward arrow buttons.

Additional bonus music is available as easter eggs hidden throughout the game. Whenever a new song becomes available, the game will inform you via an onscreen message. The track is then added to the playlist on Stinky Pete’s computer upstairs. To add the new music to your mp3 player, simply go upstairs to Pete’s room, open your inventory screen, choose the ‘Select’ mode, and select the mp3 icon. The mouse cursor will change to the mp3 icon. Then, click on Pete’s laptop. If any music is on the laptop that is not yet on the mp3, you will get an onscreen message stating that X new songs have been added. You will now be able to access the new songs via the mp3 and listen to them anywhere in the game.


This game, because of the sophomoric nature of its creator’s sense of humor, not only allows you to use the toilet, it starts giving you bonuses if you use it enough times. However, because Stanley is not a machine, he will only be able to use the toilet once every ten minutes or so. If you wish to speed up this process, you can go downstairs to the Kitchen, where you will see an apple sitting on the counter. Picking it up will add it to your inventory; from there, you can use it on yourself to eat it. Eating one apple will lower the duration of time you will have to wait to use the toilet again by about two minutes. You can repeat this process as many times as you like; however, you are only able to carry one apple in your inventory at a time.

The rewards are as follows:

Poop in the toilet 3 times and you will be given the password to the locked track on Stinky Pete’s computer (‘Elegy for Industry’ by noted rapper MC Thaddeus Gunderstank). Once the track is unlocked you will also be able to put it on your mp3 player, if you have one.

After 6 poops, the song ‘Amsterdam’ by Lordz of the Fly will be added to Stinky Pete’s computer.

After 9 poops, you get ‘Fortune Cookie’ by Diarrhea Dan.

Finally, after 12 poops, you receive Chapter 9 of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Gatsby Chapter Locations

The Gatsby Chapters only become available after Stanley acquires the mp3 player and is given chapter 4 by the ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald. As the chapters are discovered, they are added to the playlist on Stinky Pete’s laptop. To add them to your mp3 player, you need to go to Pete’s room, select the mp3 player in your inventory, and use it on the laptop to add any yet unadded tracks to it. The same goes for other music which is added to the playlist throughout the game, such as the bonus tracks which are awarded for using the toilet.

Chapter 1: The bookshelf in the study. Interact with it to receive the chapter.

Chapter 2: The chandelier in the dining room. Interact with it to receive the chapter.

Chapter 3: The file cabinet in the secret room in the basement. Interact with it to receive the chapter.

Chapter 4: Given by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ghost immediately after receiving the mp3 player. When you leave Stinky Pete’s room immediately after getting the mp3, a tiny person will appear and walk down the hall. Follow it to the bathroom door, and go inside. Fitzgerald’s ghost will give you Chapter 4 of the Great Gatsby. It is also after this point that all of the other chapters become available.

Chapter 5: Under the bed in the master bedroom. Interact with the bed to receive the chapter.

Chapter 6: On the USB flash drive. Select the gatsby6.mp3 option and press the enter button to receive the chapter.

Chapter 7: In the clock safe with the rib bone and overalls. Awarded after solving the puzzle.

Chapter 8: Briefcase in the upstairs closet. When you open the briefcase to get the Nectar of Anubis, you also get the Gatsby chapter.

Chapter 9: Available as the final reward for pooping in the toilet. You must poop in the toilet a total of 12 times before being awarded the final chapter.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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