You’re standing in front of the institute that you work for.

You’re carrying a steel key and a pager. EXAMINE PAGER to find out it’s out of batteries.  Go E. There’s a thermal stick on the floor. GET STICK. Walk further E. At the red sign READ SIGN. Not much help. Go NE to find pills and a note. READ NOTE and then TAKE PILL. EXAMINE PILL and READ PILL to find out that it’s Vitax.

Go back to where you started: SW, W, W. Go N to enter the building and UNLOCK DOOR to enter your office. Your attention is drawn to the blotter. GET BLOTTER (15/15), EXAMINE BLOTTER, SMELL BLOTTER and READ BLOTTER. Leave the room W.

Go N and N again then DOWN the stairs into the basement. Walk S into the corridor and turn W into the Dispensary. There’s a brochure here. READ BROCHURE. It’s about the Vitax. So now you know what it’s for. Walk E and E once more to meet an old lady. TALK TO LADY to learn about her disease. Hmm… what have we learned from that brochure? GIVE PILL TO LADY. She’ll tell you about the intern who left a paper. GET EMAIL from the floor and READ EMAIL. Ah… might that Bruce be the same Bru… from the blotter?


Walk W into the corridor and SW to the janitor. TALK TO JANITOR to learn that he’s missing a key. Go NE and N into the basement. Go UP the stairs and S to where your daughter is. TALK TO DAUGHTER but she’s not saying much. TALK TO DAUGHTER ABOUT BRUCE and she’ll blush and run off, dropping a cabinet key (30/45). GET CUPBOARD KEY from the floor. Turn back to the janitor: N and DOWN the stairs into the basement. S to the corridor and SW to the janitor.

GIVE CUPBOARD KEY TO JANITOR (45/90) and he’ll reward you by dropping batteries to the floor. GET BATTERIES and REPLACE BATTERIES (30/120) to operate your pager again. You can just see the message that you need to replace Dr. Hammett with a lecture. Leave the janitor NE and N into the basement. Go UP the stairs and S to the middle corridor. Walk W into the room where a patient is waiting for his treatment.

TALK TO PATIENT and he’ll tell you about Dr. Rice. TELL PATIENT ABOUT RICE (50/170) to make up a story that she’s not available but that you can treat him with students during a lecture. Walk E and E again into the auditorium and find the patient and the students eagerly waiting. GET MICROPHONE from the chair and LECTURE STUDENTS (25/195). After the lecture one of the students asks if you can fix the operating robot.

Leave the auditorium W and go S. Then E into the Biochemical department. Go N to  a room with some beds but where no one has been for a long time. There are some gloves. GET GLOVES. Walk S and W to return to the main corridor. Go S and S again to reach the entrance and then go W to reach the stairs. Go UP and E into the computerized Tomography. There’s a CDROM on the floor so GET CDROM. EXAMINE CDROM to learn that it’s used by computers to operate.

Whilst you’re here, go NE to visit the toilet. It’s full of graffiti so READ GRAFFITI. At least a signature was left: h.g. Take a closer look at the toilets: EXAMINE TOILET to find someone flushed recently and left something floating in the pan. WEAR GLOVES (we’re hygienic) and SEARCH TOILET (100/295) to dislodge the device. Looking around afterwards you’ll find a timer on the floor so GET TIMER.

To learn more about the device EXAMINE TIMER but it still doesn’t make much sense. Leave the toilet SW and W back to the stairs. DOWN to the lower floor and S into a mysterious room. There’s a novel so GET NOVELEXAMINE NOVEL and then READ NOVEL. Then W into the dining room and S into the lounge. There’s a couple sitting here.

TALK TO MAN to get a boring story about the Department. TALK TO WOMAN to realize she’s your sixth wife. Then she asks about your daughter. Since you have the novel, you can tell her a romantic, sad story: TELL WOMAN ABOUT DAUGHTER (50/345). The woman will leave, then TALK TO MAN (20/365) again. He’ll leave as well, leaving his violin behind. GET VIOLIN and leave the room N.

Walk E and N, then E, N and N again. Walk W into the Robotic Bypass Department. You’re now greeted by a snarling Pit-bull. To get rid of the nasty dog, PLAY VIOLIN and the dog will run off (60/425). There’s a memo that looks blank but when you HEAT MEMO  with the thermal stick the invisible ink will become visible. So there’s a plan against White.

Walk SW to find the operating robot and the student. There’s also an unconscious patient. TALK TO STUDENT ABOUT XOXO (15/440) to learn more and receive an instruction manual. READ INSTRUCTIONS to see what’s needed. TALK TO STUDENT ABOUT PATIENT (10/450). Now to restore the robot.

TALK TO XOXO to wake him up and GIVE CDROM TO XOXO (40/490). When the robot is ready to proceed SHOW PATIENT TO XOXO (50/540). After the operation, the student tells you about the operation upstairs. She then tells her name. Henrietta Grahame… H.G…. ASK STUDENT ABOUT GRAFFITI (30/570) and she’ll tell you about her brother Hugo. She’ll also tell you about the plan to bomb the director’s office. You need to stop those villains.

Go NE and E thenN. Go N and then NE and find a mask. GET MASK. Go SW to return to the corridor and go S. WEAR MASK. Walk NW to find Dr. Bruce Darby but because you’re wearing your mask, he doesn’t recognize you. TALK TO BRUCE (40/610) He talks about his love life and then disappears, leaving a report behind. GET REPORT and READ REPORT to see that you’re perfectly healthy. At least that’s what these results of the organ biopsy say. Leave the room. Go SE  then N. Go NW to visit Dr. White (5/615).

TALK TO WHITE ABOUT REPORT (15/630) and he’ll tell you everything about Dr. Rice. After the conversation you’re back in the corridor. Go S and SE to find a syringe. GET SYRINGE and go NW to return to the hall. Then UP the stairs. There’s a scrap of paper and a rose. READ SCRAP to read a text and then GET ROSE to pick up the flower. But no matter what: don’t smell the rose! You won’t survive! Walk S and E to find Dr. Hugo Grahame waiting. TALK TO HUGO ABOUT RICE (70/700)and you’ll also tell about his sister. TALK TO HUGO ABOUT GRAFFITI and he’ll tell you how he can stop the villains. SHOW TIMER TO HUGO (50/750) to show him your findings then GIVE TIMER TO HUGO (50/800).

Hugo rushes off, telling you about Mr. 666, the leader trying to perform an operation. He gives you a sharp scalpel as well. Walk W and NE to find some stuff that’ll help you with the operation. GET VIAL, followed by GET BANDAGE. Finally there’s some glue so GET GLUE. Return to the corridor SW.

[Note: If you’re not sure how to operate, go S and W and READ TEXTBOOK. Return E and N. ]

Go W and find a tray of instruments. GET TRAY to take them along. Walk N into the operating theatre to be stopped by the leader calling himself Secret Man 666. You’ve read and heard a few things about him. GIVE ROSE TO 666 (30/830) and he’ll smell it and faint. Now that he’s out of the way, you need to save the teenager by operating on him. STERILIZE TRAY (50/880) to make sure everything is hygienic. INJECT TEENAGER (20/900) to sedate the teenager with the  contents of the vial.

 PUT MASK ON TEENAGER (20/920) to give him some extra oxygen and then OPERATE TEENAGER (100/1020) to start the lifesaving procedure. Afterwards you have a conversation with Dr. White, Dr. Graheme and Dr. Hammett. He’s the one who gives you a torn fragment. It appears to be the missing corner of the email. GLUE FRAGMENT TO EMAIL and the letter is complete. READ COMPLETE LETTER to discover what Dr. Rice was up to. Time to confront her.

Walk S and E, then S and S again to reach her office. TALK TO RICE ABOUT BRUCE (50/1070) to end it all.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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