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You’re trying to avoid your maths lessons.

On the floor in front of you is a ball of yarn. EXAMINE YARN to see that it’s completely entangled into the carpet. No use for it then. Walk EAST to the other side of the fireplace and find a clock on the mantlepiece. EXAMINE CLOCK to realize it’s showing the wrong time. TURN CLOCK to adjust the time and standing in front of the fireplace you can now see a mirror.

EXAMINE MIRROR to see that everything is out of focus. TOUCH MIRROR to find yourself sitting down with an umbrella next to you. EXAMINE UMBRELLA to notice the bulge in there. OPEN UMBRELLA (10/10) and then EXAMINE UMBRELLA to see what’s inside. There’s a small key and a dagger.

EXAMINE DAGGER and EXAMINE KEY, then TAKE DAGGER and TAKE KEY. Walk SOUTH into the garden and find an instrument case. EXAMINE CASE to see the type of instrument it might hold. Then try to OPEN CASE. You can’t because it’s locked. UNLOCK CASE WITH KEY, as you have the silver key. Now EXAMINE CASE (10/20) again to notice the sword inside. TAKE SWORD and EXAMINE SWORD. It almost looks like the Excalibur.

Walk WEST to enter the denser forest (10/30). There’s an ancient umbrolly so TAKE UMBROLLY and EXAMINE UMBROLLY. It’s broken but still useful. Walk WEST once more into denser forest (12/42). Suddenly you notice the Froobious Bandersnatch. EXAMINE BANDERSNATCH. It’s not very friendly. KILL BANDERSNATCH WITH DAGGER.

The Bandersnatch dissolves in smoke. TAKE DAGGER again. Walk EAST three times, back past the garden into a thick forest. A fearsome Jabberwock is on this spot. EXAMINE JABBERWOCK, as if it’s going to help you. KILL JABBERWOCK WITH SWORD and since you dropped the sword, GET SWORD. The Jabberwock has also gone up in smoke.

Walk SOUTH to join a tea party (5/47). A table filled with goodies and some animals drinking tea. EXAMINE TEA and EXAMINE TEAPOT.  Well made. EXAMINE JAM and TAKE JAM. It’s very sticky. EXAMINE MOUSE to notice it’s not wet but when you TAKE MOUSE it slips from your hands. EXAMINE HATTER to realize he’s indeed mad.

Walk EAST to see who else is at the party (30/77): a silver spoon and some tarts. EXAMINE SPOON and then GET SPOON. The tarts look alright so EXAMINE TARTS and then TAKE TARTS. Walk SOUTH to reach the beach. More animals greet you here (10/87).

EXAMINE HAMMER, then TAKE HAMMER. You can talk to the animals but they will remain silent. EXAMINE WALRUS and EXAMINE PENGUIN to notice that they are dressed alike. Walk SOUTH to follow the sandy beach and you’ll find an oyster shell and a carpenter here. EXAMINE CARPENTER to realize he’s busy. Better not bother him then.

EXAMINE SHELL and OPEN SHELL WITH SPOON (30/117). EXAMINE SHELL again to see you made is sad but you can also see a pearl. EXAMINE PEARL and TAKE PEARL. Walk SOUTH to join a croquet game (10/127). A game is in play and a ball waiting to be hit. You might want to join the game?  HIT BALL WITH UMBROLLY then the ball vanishes. TAKE UMBROLLY and EXAMINE MALLET. Be sure to TAKE MALLET.

Walk WEST into a shady grove. The queen is apparently upset about something but she doesn’t want to talk to you. EXAMINE QUEEN.  She wants you to do something but it’s not clear what. Don’t do anything yet! Walk further WEST and meet the Red King.

The king is taking a nap and it’s best not to wake him. There’s a lunch pail next to the king. EXAMINE PAIL (why bother) and OPEN PAIL WITH HAMMER (20/147). Then LOOK to see a book and a brass ring. EXAMINE BOOK and TAKE BOOK. Now EXAMINE RING to see it looks like a keyring but without keys. TAKE RING.

Follow the path NORTH to the brook crossing (30/177) and find a scepter on the ground. EXAMINE SCEPTER, then READ SCEPTER. Finally TAKE SCEPTER and walk SOUTH and EAST back to the queen. Now you can EXAMINE BROOCH  and then TURN BROOCH. You’ve got yourself in jail now! (20/197)

In the corner is Mad Hatter’s hat. EXAMINE HAT to see the note. TAKE HAT and READ NOTE that’s in the hat. It’s from the queen. She forgives you for taking the brooch. There’s also a bottle on the floor. EXAMINE BOTTLE, then TAKE BOTTLE and READ BOTTLE to see what it says on the label.

Walk SOUTH to leave jail (pretty secure, huh?) and reach a forest clearing (20/217). There’s also a Cheshire cat here, who as soon as you enter, rushes off but leaves his smile behind. EXAMINE SMILE. It’s a lovely one. TAKE SMILE and walk EAST.

You’re in a hallway and there’s a well-lit room SOUTH (5/222). There’s a vase. EXAMINE VASE to discover the red flower inside. EXAMINE FLOWER. It’s a rose. TAKE FLOWER. On the south side is a door. EXAMINE DOOR to realize it’s closed.

TURN SCEPTER to open the door and find yourself in the Coronation Room (50/272). You’re just in time for your coronation and it’s impolite to refuse so TAKE ROBE and TAKE CROWN. Walk SOUTH to acknowledge the White Queen. In the corner is also a knave. EXAMINE KNAVE to learn he’s grumpy.

To leave the room, PULL RING to open the door and walk into your garden. Walking towards the east will continue endlessly so walk WEST to be reunited with your mum and dad.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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