[Note: This game has 8 different directions. ]

You can only go DOWN.

You only have one way to go so DOWN and DOWN again. DOWN once more and you’ll find yourself in jail. There’s a cage with a key inside.


CALL SPACERABBIT and he’ll show you a passage to the east. Walk EAST and find a door blocked by a huge branch. MOVE BRANCH to find out that the door has a bell. RING BELL to have the space rabbit answer the door. He wants you to follow him NORTH. Once the error appears, go DOWN to finish the game.



UNLOCK KEYHOLE WITH NEEDLE to unlock a new direction and now you can go NORTH. Walk EAST further into the street of Reality and go NORTH into the Yahtzeebrand General store.

GET RADIO and GET PC-GAME to take the stuff that’s in here. You never know when it might come in handy. Walk SOUTH to return to the street, then WEST and NORTHWEST to reach Scid’s. Behind the bar is a red alien so TALK TO RED ALIEN and learn his name, Briskl, that the air smells bad and that George isn’t here. Briskl is a bit of an electronics freak so GIVE RADIO TO RED ALIEN. In return you’ll get 200 Reality Dollars.

On the bar is a sign. LOOK AT SIGN to learn a shop transforming spell: keine blöden witze mehr. Walk SOUTH to return to the street and EAST to walk down the street. Go NORTH to enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store and since you have a shop transforming spell, type KEINE BLÖDEN WITZE MEHR.

[Note: the interpreter really wants the umlaut so when you need to type the ö, hold down the ALT-key and type 148 on your numeric pad, or, if you want to type in capitals, ALT-153.]

The shop will open it’s back door and you can go NORTH into the back room. There’s a trapdoor key so GET TRAPDOORKEY and walk SOUTH to enter the shop again. Walk SOUTH again to leave the shop and in the street walk EAST to reach the woods and then NORTHWEST to find a lake. There’s dead fish in there but anyway, DIVE into the lake and find a bomb.

Walk NORTH to get to a church and NORTH again to go inside. LOOK TABLE to find a gasmask underneath that you will take with you. Walk SOUTH twice to leave the church and return to the lake and walk SOUTHEAST to return to the woods. TALK TO MIKA and she’ll complain about the air. GIVE GASMASK TO MIKA and she’ll give you a lighter in return. Since you’re in the woods SEARCH TREE to find some chicken food.

Go  WEST twice to reach Scid’s. Walk NORTHWEST to go inside and  UNLOCK TRAPDOOR. You’ll now be able to go DOWN.

In the little room there’s a spell. GET NICE AIR SPELL and SWITCH ON TV to see a warning message from HAL9000.


In the room BREAK WALL to punch a hole and walk EAST to get to the room next to it. This wall you can’t break that easily so LIGHT BOMB to create another hole in the wall. You can now walk NORTH.

TALK TO MONTY and he’ll give you a spell and let you go NORTH. Another creature in the underworld appears. TALK TO FACE and it’ll tell you to go NORTHEAST. Another monster is here. USE LIGHTER and you’re told to go NORTHWEST. Again another monster. USE SPELL to get rid of this one and defeat them all.


Go UP to return to Scid’s and SOUTH to leave the bar. Walk WEST into the alley and find the bum here. TALK TO BUM to learn that you need 239 Reality Dollar. You don’t have that much.

Walk EAST to get in front of Scid’s and there’s the SpaceRabbit. TALK TO SPACERABBIT to learn that it wants something fun to do so GIVE PC-GAME TO SPACERABBIT. The rabbit will tell you about three people needed for the space ship. Walk EAST  then NORTHEAST to stand in front of a restaurant. Walk NORTH to enter the restaurant. Chicken is here. TALK TO CHICKEN to learn he has a key. FEED CHICKEN and you’ll get the key in return.

Go SOUTH to leave the restaurant and SOUTHWEST to return to the street in front of Yahtzeebrand. Walk EAST to reach Mika in the woods and walk NORTHWEST  to get back to the pond. Walk NORTH to find the church and NORTH again to go inside. There’s a table but you can also see a door. UNLOCK DOOR with the key you got from the chicken and go NORTH to enter the church’s backroom.

Since there’s a very bad smell, USE NICE-AIR-SPELL to clear the air and you’ll find 40 Reality Dollars in the coffin. Walk SOUTH three times to return to the pond and then SOUTHEAST to find Mika again. Walk WEST three times to enter the alley where you can BUY BUM.  Walk EAST and ASK SPACERABBIT ABOUT BUM. The rabbit will take you on an adventure.

Go DOWN four times and you’ll reach Briskl Technologies. Briskl is standing outside. Walk NORTH to enter the shop and find a large box inside. LOOK BIG BOX to see several items. GET SAW followed by GET BALL. Then GET SWORD and finally GET MAGNIFYING GLASS.

Walk NORTH to enter the bathroom. There’s some soap so GET SOAP. There’s a window so LOOK WINDOW but you’re too small to see. ASK HEVLOP ABOUT WINDOW and he’ll tell you about the forest outside.


Whilst in the bathroom, DIVE TOILET and go DOWN to be flushed into the sea. Once in the ocean, swim UP and from here you can only go NORTHEAST. There’s a sign so READ SIGN to see a message about the bum. Go NORTH to find another sign. READ SIGN again and this time it’s about the direction you should follow. Travel NORTHWEST and you’ll meet a freaky alien girl. TALK TO ALIEN GIRL and then ASK ALIEN GIRL ABOUT BUM. The girl will tell you where to find the bum so travel NORTH.

TALK TO BUM to tell him where he belongs and who bought him. Go DOWN five times to learn that the bum is not the bum and you like it too much on the beach to continue your adventure.


Walk SOUTH twice to return to the front of Briskl Technology shop. TALK TO BRISKL and he’ll tell you about the dreamworld and the password needed. ASK BRISKL ABOUT FOREST  and he’ll give you directions on how to get there. Since there’s a shiny small thing in the grass, WATCH GLASS to magnify the green mouse. LUBRICATE SOAP to let the mouse stumble and you’re able to pick it up.

Walk SOUTHWEST to enter the forest on the moon. Walk NORTH twice to traverse through the forest, then EAST to encounter an alien. TALK TO ALIEN to learn it wants to play. GIVE BALL TO ALIEN and it’ll tell you it wants an animal too. GIVE MOUSE TO ALIEN and you’ll get a password.

Walk EAST and in front of the trees SAY BADJOKE. The tree will show you how to teleport to the dreamworld but then you need to destroy the tree first. SAW TREE and you can go DOWN into the dreamworld.

The bum is here so TALK TO BUM. He wants to stay here. SEARCH CLOUDS to find some dogshit. What? In the clouds? Walk NORTHEAST to reach the gate of Ron. Walk NORTH into the all new alley and EAST to enter the hotel. You can now see three doors. Walk NORTHWEST to enter Knoffels room. Very little furniture except a TV. You can watch if you want.

Walk SOUTH to leave the room and in the hallway go NORTHEAST. You’ll find Mika in the woods. TALK TO MIKA and then walk NORTHWEST. There’s the pond again. DIVE to get a golden key this time. Follow the path NORTH to the church and NORTH again to go inside.

UNLOCK DOOR and walk NORTH. There are a few tables here and when you SEARCH TABLE then you’ll find a note. LOOK NOTE to find a phone number for Briskl. Walk EAST and TALK TO PUNK ALLEN. He wants you to make him vomit so DROP DOGSHIT and you’ll receive 5 Reality Dollars. Walk EAST to the school and NORTH to go inside.

To the WEST is an office. There’s a rosebox so LOOK ROSEBOX to notice you need to insert money. INSERT 5 REALITY-DOLLAR and you’ll get a rose in return. LOOK to return to the room again.


SEARCH CARPET to reveal a trapdoor underneath. Walk DOWN into a dark room and NORTH to encounter a big spider. Hevlop is killed,  now you need to kill the spider. ATTACK BIG SPIDER to attack it with your sword. Then LOOK AT HEVLOP to see your friend.


Walk NORTH, then SOUTH to leave the school and WEST twice to return to the church. SOUTH three times to the pond and SOUTHEAST back to Mika. GIVE ROSE TO MIKA and she’ll ask for her camera in her room. Walk SOUTH back to the apartments and go NORTH into Mika’s room.


SEARCH BATHROOM to find the camera. Walk south again to leave the room and walk NORTHEAST back to Mika. GIVE CAMERA TO MIKA followed by DOWN to end the game.


On the wall is a picture. MOVE PICTURE to reveal a phone behind it. Since you’ve got Briskl’s phone number on the note, CALL BRISKL. Move DOWN four times to end in Briskl’s room together with Ilfy. TALK TO ILFY and you’ll learn about Dreamland.

GO DREAMWORLD then SOUTH to enter the new environment. Walking WEST you’ll find Tom. TALK TO TOM and notice that maybe he’s trying to hide something. Walk NORTHWEST and find the bum again. TALK TO BUM and he’ll tell you about the lost coin. Walk SOUTHEAST and ASK TOM ABOUT COIN.

Tom doesn’t have the coin but instead he gives you an axe. Walk EAST to where you entered Dreamworld and CUT GRASS to find the coin. Return WEST and NORTHWEST back to the bum and GIVE JUKEBOX-COIN TO BUM.


Go DOWN and enter the alley where the jukebox is located.  SEARCH JUKEBOX to find the bum’s sword. Walk NORTHEAST to find the entrance of the hospital and walk NORTHWEST to reach jail. There’s only a window so BREAK WINDOW and go NORTH to enter jail. Inside there’s a cactus.

SEARCH CACTUS to find a lighter and then go NORTH to leave jail again. Walk SOUTHEAST to return to the entrance of the hospital and walk NORTH to enter. Inside the lobby there are plants. DIG PLANT to reveal a key. Walk WEST to find a cabinet. UNLOCK CABINET and find a shovel inside. Return outside by walking EAST and SOUTH. From here walk SOUTHWEST to the jukebox and EAST to the graveyard.

DIG GRAVE to reveal a secret passage and walk DOWN to enter the passage. Inside the secret way you’ll find a sign and a torch. READ SIGN to see what the alien did. Walk WEST to meet the monster who poisoned the earth. Time to kill it. ATTACK MONSTER to hit it with your sword, then BURN MONSTER to kill it. LOOK MONSTER to see the result of your action. You’ve saved RON.


Walk EAST to find the sea. In the distance you can see an island so FLY ISLAND to go there, followed by UP. Now you’ve reached Paradise-on-the-Norm. You can only move NORTH and from here go NORTH again to enter Scid’s bar. TALK TO BARTENDER but he’s busy right now.


Walk EAST to enter the Yahtzeebrand store and TALK TO CLERK. He’ll tell you about the Maze if you can get him the key. Walk EAST again and find the golden maze key. GET GOLDEN MAZEKEY and return WEST to the clerk. GIVE GOLDEN MAZEKEY TO CLERK and he’ll show you to go NORTH. Welcome to the very dark maze.

To traverse through the maze, walk EAST, DOWN, WEST four times, SOUTH and EAST. You’ll now meet a bushman. TALK TO BUSHMAN who will warn you to evacuate Reality. Walk DOWN twice to end the game.


Walk NORTH to enter the toilet and SOUTH again. ASK BARTENDER ABOUT TOILET and he’ll tell you about the secret spell. Walk NORTH and say WAYMOVE. This will reveal a way UP. Walk SOUTH twice and EAST into the alley. DIG SNOW to find some money. Walk WEST and NORTH to see the bartender again, this time in the snow. TALK TO BARTENDER and he’ll tell you about the secret escape route, if you can bring him some marmalade.

EAST is the clerk. ASK CLERK ABOUT MARMALADE and you’ll learn that the marmalade is frozen now. You know a place that’s not so cold so walk WEST back to the bartender then NORTH into the toilet. Go DOWN to return to the warmer paradise. Now SOUTH and EAST to the clerk. ASK CLERK ABOUT MARMALADE and he’ll tell you to just buy it, so BUY MARMALADE.

Walk WEST and NORTH into the toilet, then UP to the colder world. Walk SOUTH to the bartender and GIVE MARMALADE TO BARTENDER. He’ll tell you about the secret stairs in the alley.  Walk SOUTH and EAST to reach the alley and go UP the stairs twice. You’ll find a black man and when you TALK TO BLACK MAN he’ll give you a pair of sunglasses.

Go DOWN the stairs twice to reach the snow and walk WEST to the welcome sign. Go NORTH twice into the toilet and go DOWN to the warmer paradise. Walk SOUTH and EAST to the Yahtzeebrand store. SHOW SUNGLASSES TO CLERK and he’ll tell you about the firm. He’d like to have the sunglasses. GIVE SUNGLASSES TO CLERK and he’ll give you 1 Reality-Dollar in return.

Walk WEST, NORTH and UP to return to the snowy paradise. Walk SOUTH twice and EAST into the alley. Walk UP the stairs twice to return to the black man and ASK BLACK MAN ABOUT UNDERNEATH SUN. He says he can take you there but wants to get paid for it.

GIVE REALITY-DOLLAR TO BLACK MAN and he’ll give you directions. Go DOWN twice to go outside again, walk WEST and NORTH twice into the toilet. Walk DOWN, then SOUTH twice and EAST into the alley. From here you can go NORTHWEST as directed by the black man.

Walk NORTH into the building. Go DOWN to end the game but to realize you can’t rescue Reality.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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