[Note: Directions in this game are a bit buggy. When you can go a direction at one time, it might be that you get a message of ‘that direction is sealed off’ the next. When you see a direction in this WT, keep using that direction until you reach the new location.]

[Note2: Once you’ve scared off the leopard and save the game, you can’t get to that part of the game anymore. Loading a saved game will also bring back the leopard although you don’t have the means anymore to scare him off. So make sure you don’t have to return to the cave after saving.]

You need to rescue Dr. Livingston and some valuable items.

In your bedroom, OPEN CLOSET to see what’s inside. GET KNAPSACK and OPEN KNAPSACK to notice something drops on the floor. LOOK to see there’s book of matches. Don’t get them yet. OPEN KNAPSACK again and LOOK again to see what dropped out. This time it’s a ring with keys. GET KEYS.

GET BOOTS to put the boots on your feet and GET BOOK to pick it up. OPEN BOOK to see it falls open at an underlined passage. ENTER BED to climb in the bed and READ PASSAGE. The passage is about nodding off to sleep and drifting thoughts.

DRIFT  and you find yourself in a row boat on a big lake. There’s also a mouse. GET MOUSE. It will get lost in the folds of your knapsack. As you can only go EAST, head that way and you’re now on the eastern shoreline. Go EAST again to a grassy plain. Walk SOUTH to the start of a trail.

Walk SOUTH to reach a north/south trail and walk EAST to the foot of a cliff. When you try to climb UP, a leopard will be blocking your way. Since you’re carrying the mouse, DROP MOUSE to scare the leopard and the path is cleared. DROP KNAPSACK since you don’t need it anymore.

Go UP once more and you’ll reach the mouth of a cave with a trail leading downwards. There’s also a sparkling diamond. GET DIAMOND and walk EAST to enter a tunnel. Walk  further EAST to reach an immense cavern. There’s also a dagger here. GET DAGGER. Walk UP. You are now lost inside a PET computer.

There’s a programmers toolkit so GET TOOLKIT. There’s a very obscure place to go here: the ROM. (Type HELP and you get a hint, insiders joke for people who have knowledge about the Commodore PET computer). GO ROM and you’ll be inside an obsolete set of ROM’s. There’s a chest here. UNLOCK CHEST (you took the keys with you, right?) , OPEN CHEST and LOOK. There’s King Salomon’s Gold. GET GOLD. You don’t need the keys anymore so DROP KEYS.

Walk EAST (only option) and go WEST. You’re in a pit now. Climb UP and find yourself in a Ujiji village. Go WEST from here to reach the plains. Go NORTH to a grassy plain and a sign. Walk EAST to look behind a hut and find some nuts. GET NUTS and walk WEST back to the plains. Walk NORTH twice, through a field of corn, into a valley. From here go EAST to reach a trading post.

TRADE NUTS and in return you’ll get a silver chain. GET CHAIN and walk WEST back into the valley. Walk UP to the mouth of the cave and then WEST to the east/west passage. Walk WEST again to find some beans. Leave them for now, your hands are full.

Walk WEST and NORTH to the start of the trail. Now EAST to a grassy plain and a pile of wood. DROP TOOLKITDROP DIAMOND, DROP GOLD, DROP CHAIN and DROP DAGGER.  Walk SOUTH three times to the beans.  GET BEANS and go EAST where the trail widens to a nearby village. Go EAST again to find some friendly natives who want to trade.

TRADE BEANS and in return you’ll get a trinket. In your inventory you can see that it’s a golden nose ring. Walk SOUTH behind the witch doctor’s hut and GET STUFF. Return NORTH three times to the trail with grass. WEST to the north/south trail and NORTH to the start of the trail. Walk EAST to the grassy plain with the pile of wood and some of your belongings.

DROP ring (Yes!! Buggy as hell, ‘ring’ is lowercase), GET WOOD and there’s a deadly spider crawling out but since you have the smelly stuff, you won’t get hurt. GET TOOLKIT and when you have both, BUILD CAGE. You now have a nice, strong cage. You can now DROP TOOLKIT and DROP STUFF.

GET CAGE and walk SOUTH to the start of the trail. Then SOUTH again to the north/south trail and SOUTH, EAST and SOUTH to reach the edge of the jungle.

Walk SOUTH to enter the jungle and find a wild dog. Leave it be, it doesn’t harm you. Walk WEST to find a large body of quicksand. To get to the other side JUMP QUICKSAND and on the question whether to jump 30ft, just answer ‘y‘ (case sensitive).

At the other end of the quicksand you see some sugar cane. GET CANE and walk EAST. You’ve just found the doctor. It sounds harsh but leave him for now, you’ve got more to rescue. Walk EAST twice more and you should be able to find an albino lion. CATCH LION. It’s now in the cage. GET LION and go WEST twice and NORTH twice, then WEST again to reach the north/south trail.

Walk NORTH to the start of the trail. On the side is a tree. Climb UP and find a viper in it. By now, your cane is transformed into a flute and you can CHARM VIPER. Now harmless you can GET VIPER and DROP FLUTE. Then climb DOWN the tree again.

Go SOUTH twice, EAST then SOUTH twice again. You’ve now encountered the wild dog again. FREE VIPER and it’ll disappear together with the dog. There’s something in the grass now. LOOK to see it’s a sapphire. GET SAPPHIRE. Now finally for the doctor.

Walk WEST and JUMP QUICKSAND. Answer ‘y‘ and walk EAST. There’s the doctor. GET LIVINGSTON and when asked a question, answer with ‘I presume‘ (case sensitive!). Walk NORTH to the edge of the jungle, then EAST to a grassy plain. Walk NORTH and WEST to reach a trail north. NORTH twice, then WEST to the start of the north/south trail.  NORTH once more and EAST to the location where you stored all your stuff.

GET CHAIN. Your hands are full now. Walk WEST twice to get to the boat and DRIFT to your bedroom. DROP CHAIN, DROP LIVINGSTON, DROP SAPPHIRE and DROP LION.

For the final passage, GET BOOK, GO BED and DRIFT to Africa. Go EAST twice and GET DIAMOND. GET DAGGER, GET ring (!?!) and GET GOLD. Travel WEST twice to the boat and DRIFT back to the bedroom. DROP GOLD, DROP DIAMOND, DROP DAGGER and DROP ring (!?!) .

You did it!

Note: These are all the treasures in the game. I’ve no clue on how to get the score of 325.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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