Look around the room and examine everything very closely. Don’t stand in front of the open window or the sniper will shoot you. So we must first cover the window on the right. There are blinds hanging but you can’t reach it. We need something to pull these down. Look at the boards on the left window. There’s one that differs from the others. It’s the top one. Try to take the top one. You won’t succeed at first but if you keep trying several times (about 8!) you’ll be able to get the BOARD off the window. Use this board to shut the blind of the other window. You can now walk around the room without being shot.

Look at the guitar case. Use the case. There’s your GUN. Use the case again to get your BULLETS. Use the bullets on the gun so you have a loaded weapon.

Look at the toolbox. It’s locked. We need something to pick that lock. Look at  Mrs. Halloway. Look at her hair. There’s a pin in it. Take the PIN out and use the pin on the toolbox. This will give you a HAMMER. Use the hammer on the lower board of the left window. You’ll now have a little opening to see through. Use the gun on the window. You’ll automatically go into ‘sniper-view’. Look around. No sniper to be found. Use the X-key to get back into the room.

Use the hammer on the left wall. Construction workers left if half open so you make a hole in the wall to get into the closet of the neighbours. They have a CAMERA in the closet. Take it and use the camera on the left window. You make a picture. Look at the picture and see where the flash reflected the lens of the sniper. Use your gun on the window again and aim for the position you saw on the picture. It’s a different position each time so you might need to use the W, S, A and D keys to scroll to the right building. Now shoot.
Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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