You’re on the beach. Enter the first building you see. It’s the pub.

The Barnacle:

Talk to Captain Rehab at the corner of the bar. Try to convince him you’re a pirate. He doesn’t buy it. Talk to Friday behind the bar. Tell him about the spoonbeaks and ask for the menu. Not that you can afford it but still…. Take the MAP from the counter. Look at the map. Not many places to go yet. Let’s try Market Street first.

Market Street:


The first shop is Bjorn & Olafssen. Enter the shop. Talk to the men and ask for the spoonbeaks. Learn about the Baron and his operation. Ask for the stuff they’re selling and get to know what you might need later on. That’s all for now. Let’s move to the next shop: The Store Of Babylon. Enter and talk to Mme Letherette. Ask what’s available in her shop and ask for the spoonbeaks. Also question about the Baron. He’s signing his book. Talk to the Baron. Ask about his book.

On the desk is an INK QUILL. Try to get it. You must take it, the moment the Baron is busy reading to you from his book. To the right of Mme Letherette is the bargain bin. Take for free. Wow. Then there’s always something useful. Take a look at it and pick the BOOK about talking to birds. Then leave the shop.

At Bjorn & Olafsson there was a bird. Let’s try the book. Go next door. Use the book on Coot and talk to it. Ask the bird about Captain Bloodbeard. Leave the store and walk down the street to the right. The baroness is standing in the street. Talk to her. Ask what she’s looking for and learn that she’s looking for clothes. Look on the map. Let’s go to the Toll Booth.

Toll Booth:

Talk to Blind Jimmy. Ask about spoonbeaks and learn about the other island. But since you don’t have a pass he can’t let you through. And the baron is the only one with a pass. So we must get his. Look at the box behind Jimmy. Ask what’s inside and ask for the HEAVY ROCK. You can take it. Back to Market Street.

Market Street:

Go to The Store Of Babylon and talk to the baron. You won’t get his pass and it’s in his tower. But he won’t say where that is. Leave the shop and walk down the street to the baroness. Ask her where she lives and she give the directions to their tower. Use the map and go to the tower.

Widebeard Tower:

Look around. Look at the tombstones and look at the grave. Look through the window. You can see a saf and a fishtank. The safe is difficult to crack so you’ll need help of an experienced thief. But where do we find one? In the pub of course. So let’s visit The Barnacle again.

The Barnacle:

Talk to Captain Rehab. He can teach how to steal but only to real pirates. So you have to prove that you’re a pirate: show the pirates guild tattoo and recite the pirates oath. Talk to Friday. He knows more about the tattoo and the oath. Leave the bar and look outside on the wall. There’s the graffiti with piraglyphics. You can’t make much of that. Let’s go and buy a tottoo. Look at the map and go to Market Street.

Market Street:

Enter Bjorn & Olafsson. They sell tattoo’s. And you can take free samples. Look at the tattoo stand. Now what did Friday say about the tattoo? It’s the skull and crossbones TATTOO on the top right. Take it. Talk to the bird and ask about piraglyphics. Bloodbeard knows it and John M. Franklin. But he took it with him into his grave. And that name. We’ve seen it before. Leave the shop and select Widebeard Tower on the map.

Widebeard Tower:

Look at the grave on the left. J.M. Franklin. If he took it with him, it must be still there. Use the spade on the grave to dig him up. You find a BOOK. Look at the book. There’s something written inside. Badly written. Use the map to go back to Market Street.

Market Street:

Go back to Bjorn & Olafssen and show the book you dug up to Coot. So it must be right what it says. But very confusing. Let’s see if we can make something of it together with the graffiti. Back to The Barnacle.

The Barnacle:

Look at the graffiti on the wall outside. How to decipher such text? Fairly easy: you swap letters. Make sure that the ‘buttons’ read the text you’ve found in the book. So A becomes Q, B becomes U, C becomes I etc. When you follow the note, you’ll end up with a readable pirates oath! Go inside and talk to Captain Rehab. Recite the oath. Yep. Now for the tattoo. Show the tattoo to Friday and let him confirm it’s the right one. Then talk to Captain Rehab again. He’ll give you an assistant: a CAT BURGLAR. And he offers you a drink. Order the CATS GUTS from Friday. Let’s see if we can hack a safe: on to Widebeards Tower.

Widebeard Tower:

Look at the window again. The cat will come out and … wait for the fish tank. Much more interesting than a safe. How to divert the attention? Use the ink on the fishtank. The water becomes black, the fish invisible for the cat and she’ll do her job on the safe. There you have your pass. Now back to the toll booth.

Toll Booth:

Show the pass to Jimmy. No doubt it’s real. He has no choice but to let you pass. He opens the barrier and you can go to Saul Island.

Saul Island:

To the left of the heacy gate is a window. Look at it. Talk to it. There is someone. But he wants you to go. Talk again, we’re stubborn. Ah, there’s a leprechaun. Talk to him an dlearn about the people, why they are there, what they are doing and where the spoonbeaks are. So you need to go to the mine. Keep walking to the left until you see a flying monkey. Talk to the monkey several times until you find out he’s in trance. Then we’ll enter without asking. Walk trough the door with the mystic signs over it. Something is stopping you. Go back to the big heavy gate.

Talk to the leprechaun again. Theycan help break the spell of the monkey but then they need their spirit back first. And for that they need another flag instead of the death one. You’ll get a BLUEPRINT and TWO DAALDERS. See to get a flag with that. Oh well, we’ve done stranger things. Let’s go back to The Barnacle.

The Barnacle:

Now that we’ve got money, we can spend one daalder to get into the gallery. Put one daalder in the donation box and you can enter. Look at everything in the gallery. Below the picture of Bloodbeard is a box with free POSTCARDs. Take one. Look at the skeleton. It has a MOUSTACHE. Take that one as well. Leave the gallery to visit Widebeards Tower.

Widebeard Tower:

The rope is gone. It’s later in the day (remember the sun rising?) so the fair is open. Go up the stairs. Meet the Ladies of the Dignified Ladies Association of Meeth. Look at the ladies and look at Hortence. Talk to Hortence. Learn all about the association and the rocket. Now we could use that clover for our flag. Maybe our burglar? Use the cat on Hortence but no, no guts….. Hé! Use the cats guts on the cat. Then let the cat have another go at Hortence and her dog. You’ve got yourself a luck CLOVER. Go downstairs again. There’s an envelope on the ground. Pick up the ENVELOPE and read it in your inventory. Angelo not coming… We’d better tell that to Hortence. Up the stairs again. Talk to Hortence and learn about the prize Angelo would get. Learn what he looks like. Use the moustache from the inventory to disguise yourself and talk to Hortence again. When it’s time to fly, notice the pipe beneath the two dignified ladies. That gice you an idea: take the pipe. It’s not coming off with your bare hands but you have a rock. Use the rock on the pipe to get it loose. Might as well try that again. There’s your pipe. Now use the part on the wall to talk. The ladies think you’re in the rocket. The rocket blasts off and when it explodes, you can come back up. You’ve made it! Now your reward. It the VOUCHER. Then remove the mustache and head over to Market Street.

Market Street:

Enter the Store Of Babylon. Talk to Mme Leatherette and ask for flags. She doesn’t have them at the moment and suggests the underwear of the baroness. Now that’s an idea! Leave the store. Walk to the right and talk to the baroness. Learn about her undies and when she’ll swap them. We’ve got to find her some new underwear. Back to the Store Of Babylon. Talk to Mme Leatherette again and ask for underwear. You’ll get to see a nice collection. Get the Saucy Sue and give the voucher to Mme Leatherette. You can pick up your underwear. Leave the shop and go back to the baroness. Give her the underwear. She won’t accept it from a pirate. Maybe from an Italian? It worked before, why not now? Use the moustache again and give the underwear to the baroness. There’s your pink flag. Take the UNDERTHINGS from the clothes rail. Now only for a rainbow.

Talk to the man from the Hook-a-Duck. When he listed all the prizes, there’s one that’s interesting: the rainbow-scarf. So we need to hook seven ducks. Use one daalder to start the game. Get the hook and use the hook from the inventory. Try to hook-a-duck. Hé! That’s not fair! It’s Hook-a-Duck, not Duck-a-Hook! Threaten to report him and you get your daalder back. Time for another plan of action. Enter Bjorn & Olafssen. They told you they’d trade a i-Hook for a unique souvenir. Let’s give them the postcard of Bloodbeard. They need to see authenticity. Ok, use the quill on the postcard and you’ve got a signed postcard. Give the signed postcard in trade for the iHOOK. Back to Hook-a-Duck and another try with our daalder.

Just after you’ve picked up your hook, use the iHook from the the inventory on the hook from the game so it’s magnetic. Now use the hook on the ducks to get 7. If you don’t, don’t worry, you can allways trade your prize and have another go. As soon as you have the SCARF, leave the game. Now we need to make a flag. Use the scarf on the underthings. Use the clover on the underthings. Just like the blueprint! Back to the leprechaun.

Saul Island:

Give the flag to the leperchaun. They’ll help you with the monkey. To do that, they produced an…. orange. Pick up the orange. The monkey is allergic to oranges so use the orange on the monkey. Hm… pick up the orange again. On the left side of the furnace is a pipe attached. Use the heavy rock to take the pipe off and stop the machine. Now there’s steam coming out oif the remainder. Use the orange on that pipe and you’ve got a steam cannon. Right into the mouth of the monkey. That broke the spell and you can enter the mine.

The Mine:

The spoonbeaks are here! Walk over to the left and you’ll get caught. Baron Widebeard will show up and asks you for a good reason not to kill you. Now there are way too many reasons but he’ll only listen to one: tell him that you can help him, with information about pirates. Tell him about the secrets, the secret code. Het wants to know about piraglyphics because there’s something greater than gold hidden in the mines. But it’s written in code. So give him the book so he can figure it out.

While he’s puzzeling, you can pick up the LOOSE STONES next to you. Look at the crank on your left. It seems to be for a power generator. Try to turn it. Widebeard won’t let you. Some distraction then. Use the pebbles on the bell hanging next to him. As soon as the pebble hits the bell, use the crank. You might have to try a few times to get the engine going. Use the control panel behind you to lower some gear. Push the round buttons. Only the magnet will work. Now Widebeards nickmname is Ironfoot so if we can manage to get the magnet above him, we can lift him by his feet…. But how to get the magnet there? The lever has four positions. Numbered from 1 to 4 from top to bottom, you should get there with the sequence 2, 3, 1, 1, 1, 3, 2 and 1. There’s Widebeard hanging upside down. The leprechauns will take care of him and you…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

17 Replies to “Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! – Walkthrough (Alasdair Beckett/2007)

  1. Hi. Thanks for a brilliant game. The references to songs by “Blind Jimmy” were hilarious! Loved the Leprechauns and their interactions with Nelly – very funny. Have been introduced to this game by my son (I am 59 by the way) I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it and look forward to the next episode in Nellys adventures. Thanks again

  2. Could someone post the full letter replacement list? From this page i understand the following, but it is no good:


  3. Hi Alasdair .. Really enjoyed Nelly, reminds me of the Guybush Threepwood and Monkey Island day :).. Have done anything else?

  4. You need to use the round buttons to move the magnet, the lever is only to activate the magnet itself. But to move the magnet you need to make sure Widebeard is distracted.

  5. um…can I ask something? well,how are you suppose to move the giant magnet close enough to the Baron anyways? I tried the lever but I think the magnet is too lazy to move (or something),so please,can anyone help me in this?

  6. Paul, I think I know what your problem is. You can’t see what the characters say, correct?
    If this is so then what is happeneing is your game is running to fast. If you look real closely do you see words flash upon the screen? You should just barely be able to catch a glimpse of them before they disappear. The reason for this is a dual core or anything higher.
    The only way to fix this is:
    1. to access the Task Manager
    2. and then go to processes.
    3. Find the game under processes should be called “Nelly Cootalat.exe” or something simliar.
    4. right-click on nelly cootalot.exe and select “set affinity”
    5. select only one of the cpu’s so only one has a check mark in it. It doesn’t matter which on you select, just make sure both arn’t selected.
    6. Select ok
    7. exit task manager
    8. now the game should run properly. if it does not restart it and it should run good.

    The reason this happens is that the game is getting twice the processing power it normally gets. With only one processor powering it it should slow down enough for reasonable gameplay. Don’t know if anyone else had this problem. And I sure hope this is your problem Paul. Good luck.

  7. How to hook ducks? When I try to play Hook a Duck with iHook, Nelly just says “I can’t reach them with it!” What’s the wrong? Is it just me?

  8. Hi Paul,

    I made Nelly Cootalot and I hope you enjoy it. However, like many freeware games and several classic adventures, Nelly Cootalot does not have voice acting. I would strongly recommend you read the voices aloud yourself in a succession of hilarious accents. It is a lot of fun.

    All the best,

    – Alasdair

  9. hi great game i got windows xp home edition. ive just started playing nelly cootalot. but was wondering start of game i hear the waves on the beach but when nelly talks or the pirate or any 1 in the game u see their lips move but no speech is this right or is it me. or is that how the game has been made can u e mail me back thx.

  10. I got it eventually, I had to click on the broken pipe and select Talk.
    Now I’m just getting stuck on the getting 7 ducks part, it’s kind of hard (even with the magnetic hook).

  11. so messed up, when i use the rock on the pipe 2 times, it just breaks the pipe! there’s no way to get a pipe anywhere!!
    what the heck, sucks that i can’t finish the game!!

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