Look at the game credits (20/20) 

Your room:

Look around. There’s a pile of rubbish. Take the RUBBISH (1/21) and look at the pile of rubbish. You keep the BOOK, MAGAZINE and PHONE. Look at the book. It’s not interesting. Open the book. It’s got a note inside.  Look at the note (1/22). Take Homer from the bed (2/24) and look at the poster above your bed (1/25). Look through the window (1/26). Look at your phone. It’s got a message. You must go to the lab immediately.

The Lab:

Open the door. You’ve got to tell the password first. It’s Bullseye. Talk to the computer addict. Keep talking to him (5/31). Talk to Pache-Q about your name (1/32). Ask about picking up girls (5/37). Ask about the condom on the table (5/42). Talk to Pashe-Q again and receive a RESIZE GUN, a K-00.5-R40 WATCH, NASH CAR MANUALS, NASH CAR REMOTE and a GUN. Look at the manuals. It has a magazine inside. Try to take the condom (1/43) but you’re not allowed. Talk to Salador several times (2/45). Give the magazine to the computer addict. Use the red button on the keyboard to open the garage door. Talk to Pache-Q again and you mission starts.

United Kingdom:

Use the phonebooth. Take the MAP. Use the bell on the left door to open the door to the hotel and enter. Use the bell inside to see the servant. When asked for your name, state one not being George Bush. The third time, when you get a lot of servants at once (10/55), you can name George Bush and you get your KEY. Leave for the stairs.

In your room look at the TV. Use the TV (10/65). Open the drawer from the closet and take the POSTER. Look at the poster, it has a voucher for a free pizza. If you want another poster in your room: click on CHEAT and type versuperposter.  Leave the room and use the bell in the reception again. Ask for the complaint book (5/70). Tell her you’ll go somewhere else.

If you’d like to use the door with no-entry sign: click on CHEAT and type quieromarcha

Leave the hotel and enter the cyber cafe. Look around. Talk to Lord Williams and ask him if he’s Dr. Jekyl (10/80). Ask him about his sideburns (10/90). Ask him about the vodka. He’s not drinking it but wants sugar. Talk to the ear-man and ask him about his car (10/100) and what he’s using for removing earwax (10/110). Ask him the sugar, tell him there are cockroaches in it and he’ll leave. Take the SUGAR from his table. Talk to Lord Williams again and give him the sugar. You’ll get the VODKA. Use the spitoon at the corner of the bar (10/120). Leave the bar.

Go to the next part of the main street, to the left of the phone booth. Talk to James Bond. He’s your contact but only willing to give information for his favourite drink. If you want him to tell you a joke, use CHEAT and type chiste.

Leave this part of the street, walk back to the mainstreet and exit on the right side where you’ll find the Cyber Pizza. Look at the trashcan outside. There’s a CD in it (5/125). If you want to see another poster, click on CHEAT and type superculito. Open the door and enter Cyber Pizza.  Look at the computer (1/126). Look at the sign on the left, above the phone (1/127). Look at the sign on the other side (1/128). Use the resize gun from your inventory on the pizzaposter in your inventory. You now have a real voucher. Talk to the pizza-man. Talk about all the items on the menu. Ask him about the computer (10/138). Then order the Pirate menu and pay with the voucher. You’ll get a PIZZA-SLICE and a mini MARTONI. Use the resize gun on the bottle of Martoni in your inventory. Use the Martoni on the glass of Vodka. Now leave the CyberPizza and go back to James Bond.

Talk to James. Give him the Martoni-Vodka and you’ll get PHOTO‘s. Look at them. Look at the bikini (5/143) and look at the breasts (5/148). There’s an address on the pictures as well. Use the map on the pictures and you’ll have the address. Use the remote control of your car to enter the car. Look at the steering wheel (5/153). Use button 1 on the radio (10/163). Use the address you took from the map in the thing inserter and you’ll be taken there.

Blue Moon Bar: 

If you want to walk around as a ghost: click CHEAT and type fantasma. Look at the condom machine (5/168). Use the machine again and receive a CONDOM (10/178). Talk to the doorman and threaten to break his face (10/188). Threaten him some more with a …. sweet (10/198). Look at the car on the corner. Trying to open it will give you a TICKET. Use the ticket on the doorman and you’re in!

Look at the Full Monty Boys (5/203). Talk to the barman and try to order a drink (10/213). He won’t help you. Ask any of the dancers for a drink and they’ll start a fight. Use your gun to freeze them. Talk to the barman again and all of a sudden he has the time for your photo’s.


Use the car-magazine on the thing-inserter to heat up the car. Now you can drive to the mansion. Use the intercom four times (10/223). Use the K-00.5-R40 with the gate to open it. Look at the great mansion (10/233). Try the door. It doesn’t work. Go to the rear of the mansion. Walk towards the tennis lawn and you’ll get shot. Talk to Mar Jane and Harry. Tell them your name and talk about the PS2 (10/243). Talk about how well the James’s go together (10/253). Talk about the windscreens (10/263).  Give the photo’s back to James Bond and you’ll all go inside.

You get a MAP from Harry so you can move around the house. Look at the picture in the middle of Spencer (10/273). Walk to the right and look at the flowers. Try to take one (5/278). Use the K-00.5-R40 with the sofa (10/288). Try to take the picture in the middle. Harry will kick you out and you’re back at the tennis court. Look at the turkey (5/293). Take your PINEAPPLE JUICE from the table. Use the resize gun on the juice. Look at the map in the inventory and select the cleaning room on the left.

Cleaning room:
Look at the washing machine. Open the washing machine and look again. Take the PANTY from it (20/313). Use the crumpled CD  with the iron to make it usable again (20/333).
Talk to the cook. Tell him you want Italian food (10/343). Talk about everything else until he leaves. Take the KNIFE. Use the knife with grill (5/348) Use knife with oven (5/353)  Open the fridge and you’ll take the MILK. Look at the note on the fridge. Take the NOTE from the fridge and read it. It has a recipe on it. Walk to the other side of the kitchen and look at the books. Take a BOOK so you can find the ingredients. Use the knife on the dishwasher (10/363)
Living room:
Use the ironed CD in the stereo (20/383).
Music Room:
Look at Levis (5/388) and look at Chus (5/393). Use the dancefloor (10/403).
Game Room:
Open the closet and take the ROD. Take the MEDIEVAL DEVICE from the boxing ring (10/433).
Look at the screen. Open the screen (10/443). Use your rod with the fishtank to get a FISH. Use the bath (10/453).
Cooks Room:
Take the cheese from the desk.
Walk to the right and use the computer (20/473). Open the door to Lefty’s and you’re back in the library.
Gardeners Room:
Ask about marihuana (10/483). Talk about the turkey and the gardener will leave. You can take the CARROT and the TOMATO now.
Take the BUTTER.
Guest Room:
Harry’s Room:
Open the drawer and take the HERBS out. Read the note (10/503)
Mar’s Room:
Open the closet door. Try again (30/533)
Look at the magician. Look at the hat. Take the HAT. Look at the hat again. Now there’s a RABBIT.
Use Slip on Homer (15/548). Open the Microwave. Use the milk with the microwave and use the cheese with the microwave. Use the Tomato, Butter, Rabbit, Herb, Carrot, Fish, Pineapple Juice and Pizza Slice on the future meal on the oven.

If you want tp walk around with Mar nude: click CHEAT and type nudejane 

Harry: Look at food in the kitchen (10/558), Use the stereo in the living room (5/563), Talk to James about jokes (10/573), and again about small-fry (5/578)

Mar: Look at food in the kitchen (10/588), Look at Grill (5/593)  Look at Microwave (5/563) Take a turkey feather from the rear of the house, Use the feather on the mailbox in front of the house to get a NOTE. Read the note.

James: Talk to Mar about dress(5/603), Give Homer with panties to Mar.

Harry: Look in the washing machine to find your keys.


Harry: Walk to the left in the back you can see grafiti on the wall. Read it until you get a web address (20/623). Enter the school in the front. Talk to the caretaker (5/628). Go up the stairs and walk to the classroom on the far right. Enter the room and take the keys from the desk. Look at the noticeboard (10/638). Leave the room and go back outside again. Give the key to James.

Mar: Walk to the left and talk to JK. Ask for information (5/643). Give Homer to JK and you get all the answers to the language test. Enter the school and talk to the caretaker (5/648). Go upstairs and enter the ladies toilet. Look in the mirror (5/653). Open the left toilet door to discover Pache-Q (15/668). Open the right toilet door three time. (20/688). Look at the hatch on the floor. Leave the toilet, go downstairs and to the playground.

James: Walk to the left and talk to JK about playing truant (2/690) Ask for something and receive an INDIAN ARROW. Ask for information about the math teacher (3/693).  Walk back to the front to the school entry. Talk to the caretaker and talk about being the killer (10/703). Tell him a joke and ask about cameras (5/708). Go up the stairs. Open the classroom door on the left (20/728) . Use the medieval device on Alvirito (20/748). Use the indian dart on Alvarito (20/768). Use the knife on Alvarito (20/788).  Talk to the teacher until you’re sent off. Take the POSTER from the wall (10/798). Enter the next door on the right (20/818). Keep talking to the teacher until you get 2 points deduction for you test tomorrow (5/823). Then keep talking until you are sent off. Go downstairs and give the poster to the caretaker. You can now take the golden KEY (30/853).

Use the key on the door of the principle on the right. Look at the strange picture (10/863). Use the resize gun on the key in your inventory and open the drawer with it. Take the DIETARY out (20/883). Leave the school and give the dietary to JK (10/893). Use the key on the gym door and open the door.

Use the K-00.5-R40 on the rope. You’re free. Get the HOCKEY STICK. Leave the gym and give the hockeystick to Mar.

Mar: Go inside and upstairs to the toilet. Use the hockeystick on the hatch.

Answers to the quiz:
– Hourglass, turnover (5/898)
– Sugar in milk, women (5/903)
– Bigger country, Russia (5/908)
– Sea near Barcelona, Mediterrenean (5/913)
– Father of Bart Simpson, Homer (10/923)
– Ranma’s father turned into a, Panda (10/933)
– Authors, Oriol Rosello & Mar Peris (20/953)
– Job of Lewinski, Whitehouse intern (20/973)
– Lacosaweb online, 28 november 1999 (40/1013)
– Comic name, J&J (80/1093)
Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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