Chapter 1: A stunning start of stratigical solutions.

The princess has been kidnapped and you need to rescue her. Walk to the left to go into the town center and walk south twice to reach the crossroads. Walk north to see the bridge but the bridge is out. Next to the bridge is a NOTE. Take it and read it. So you should see the  wizard on Blackhometh Isle.

Walk south twice to reach a house and go inside. When you enter, a piece of PAPER will fall. Pick it up to replace it with the note and look at this paper. So the family fortune must be around here somewhere. Use the painting next to the stairs to find the safe behind it. Now you only need the three digit code to open it.

Walk up the stairs and look at the book lying on the table. It’s about your family. Browse to the next page to see a piece missing. That looks very much like the piece above the safe. And there are three digits on this page. Close the book and walk to the right to leave the room. Use the painting again to see the safe and use the correct numbers (246) on the keypad to unlock the safe. Use the start button to take the COINS.


Walk to the north to leave the house and walk to the right to reach the crossroads again. Go to the upper left and north under the gate. Enter the pub in front of you.  Talk to the waiter to order a meal and a few moments later you’re outside with a CORK, some PEPPER and a BOWL.

Walk into the alley right of the tavern to reach the harbor. Talk to the sailor and you’ll catch the boat to Blackhometh Isle. But along the bumpy ride water will pour into the boat. Use the cork on the boat to eventually reach the island. Walk to the north to find the tower of the wizard. Use the door to enter and find him sleeping. Use the pepper on the wizard to wake him up and tell him about the bridge.

Now that the bridge is repaired, walk over it and it will break down again. Walk to the south to reach the crossroads and walk to the upper left into town. Walk north under the gate and straight into the tavern. Once inside, walk to the left into the cellar. Use the open barrel in front of the shelves to see inside and you’ll fall in.

Chapter 2: A terrible tumble down a tubular tunnel.

After your slide through the chute you end up at the master of riddles. Talk to him and he’ll show you the way out after you’ve answered the riddle. The answer should be the torch so take the TORCH from the wall and give it to the rat. The bookcase will slide open and you can walk through there to the exit of the tunnel.

Chapter 3: A warbling warp in a winding whoosh.

You’re trapped in a book and you need to end the story to be able to leave. Use the door to leave the house and walk to the south to reach a crossroad. Walk to the left and talk to the chicken. It’s missing its nest of birds. Enter the house on the right and talk to the cat. It’s a tradesman and wants something to trade.

Use clock to set it to one and get the MOUSE out of it. Give the mouse to the cat and you’ll get the BIRDS in return. Leave the house on the left and take the WOODCHIPS left of the stump and use them on the termites to the right of the house. A trail of woodchips will then lead the termites to the stump, revealing an axe. Pick up the AXE.

Enter the church and talk to the owl. Use the torch on the owl setting him on fire. Under him was the NEST. Pick it up and leave the curch on the right. Give the nest to the chicken and the chicken will give you a BASKET. Walk to the right twice and use the door of the house to enter.

Inside is a wolf. You know the story so use the axe on the wolf. You save Red and Grandmother. Give the basket to Red and the story is now finished. You can keep the MAGIC BOOK.

Chapter 4: A final fanaly of a finished fiasco.

You’re in the castle. All you need is to find the princess. Walk to the right to enter the tunnels which is guarded by a wolf. In your inventory use the torch on the paper to burn it and use the burning paper on the wolf. He’ll run off. Walk through the passage to the left to find the princess.

But as you’re about to leave, Zebulon will hold you. When he’s ready to attack you, use the magic book from your inventory on Zebulon and he’ll be trapped inside. It’s time to go home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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