You’re informed by the mayor that dynamite and shoes have been stolen.

You must investigate but first visit the job center. Walk all the way to the right and enter the agency. You’re removed from the system for not showing up at all those interviews but get one last chance. Better make it this time. Look at the sign on the right about the magnets. You’ll get a free MAGNET from the manager. It’s a special magnet.

Leave the job center on the south and walk back to the left. Outside is a guard. Talk to the man to discover what he has heard. Use the magnet on the guard to search for lead items. Use the magnet on the ground in front of  him  to discover a hidden passage. But you can never open the trapdoor with your bare hands.

Enter the general store on the left to see everthing upside down. Talk to the shop owner to learn more about the robbery. And there’s a huge shoehorn that you could use to open the trapdoor. Use it and the shopkeeper will tell you more about the shoehorn. If only you could reach it. Wait.. titanium…


Leave the general store and use the plane on the left. On the map fly to the south to your own house. Use the magnet on Algy, your titanium pet dog. Leave your house and fly back to the city in the north.  Enter the general store and use the magnet on the SHOEHORN. Now you’ve got it! Leave the shop and use the shoehorn on the trapdoor on the right to go underground.

Look around. There’s neutronium ore on the ground. Use the magnet on the neutronium ore to load it. Use the door of the house behind the tunnel exit to enter the hideout of Fred Astaire. You can overhear their plans. Use the barrel in front of you to take a stick of DYNAMITE out. The lever on the right that normally controls the chandelier doesn’t work so use the chandelier to climb into the mechanism.

The base of the chandelier seems pretty rusted so use the shoehorn on the base of teh chandelier to hit it and drop it on the vilains below. Fred gets away though in his spaceship. You follow him quickly in your plane. When flying below him, use the magnet on the dynamite and since you’ve charged the magnet with neutronium it will stick to the propellor of Fred’s spaceship.The spaceship still gets away though. Back to headquarters where Dr. Spectro isn’t happy.

You’d better go to the job center. Leave your house and fly to the city north. Walk all the way to the right and you’re captured by Dr. Spectro. You end up in jail where you find a key. Use the key to discover it’s not a real key but Gumby. Talk to the creature and learn he’s affraid. He wants to stay in jail and play with you. So you need to reassure him. Ask him what he wants to do. You can pick so suggest to tell a story.

Let the story go about a scientist who found a cure for mummies. And the cure was: Gumby. Gumby now wants to get out of jail. Take Gumby from your inventory and use Gumby on the door to leave the cell. However, outside are two guards. They are starving. Whne you have to fight them RPG style, choose items and select Gumby. But Gumby won’t help. The next attack, choose  skills and bake a souffle. For ingredients use Gumby. The guards eat the cake and run off to the toilet.You can now get to Spectro.

Again Fred attacks with his machine. You have no items to fight him with so you need to talk you way out of this one. Ask him one thing and ask him why he dances all the time. Ask to see a dance but he refuses. Ask him again, just for a fan and he’ll give in. When he asks you which dance you want to see, pick Swinging in the rain. He wasn’t in that one.  Gene Kelly comes up again and now Fred has to prove he’s better. But that doesn’t work out too well for him.

Since Dr. Spectro was thinking about a career change already, he sees his chance and stops the crime. You fly back to the job center to go to the interview… as promised.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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