You’re about to go on a very secret mission but have to find some weapons first.

Leave the room on the lower right and in the hall is a notepad next to the phone with a pen on a string. Use the notepad to only keep the STRING. Walk to the right and outside use Fido’s bowl to take a few BISCUITS out. Also take the BARBEQUE FORK. Walk further to the right and decide to go to the park.

Next to the trash is a CORK. Pick it up. On the other side of the path are a few STICKS for you to take. Walk to the north and talk to Roger. Ask him for his broom but you can’t have it. Use the cork on the fountain and Roger will go knock out. Take his BROOM. Walk to the right and use the broom with the sharpener there.

Give the bicuits to Fifi and she’ll follow you. Walk to the left and south to leave the park and walk to the south again to return home. Put Fifi with Fido in the kennel and they will kick out the TEDDY since they need all the space. Pick up the toy and walk to the left into the house.


Walk to the left to enter Katie’s room. Ask her for some candy and you can have some if you return her teddy. Give her the pink doll and you’ll get some CANDY. Katie will leave to clean the doll. Take the HAIRBAND from the nightstand and walk to the left to leave the room. Use the door to enter your own room.

Time to make some weapons. Use the string with the stick to make a sword. Use the hairband with the barbeque fork to make a sling and use the candy with it as ammo. Give the sling, the sword and the speer to Eddie and the slaying can begin.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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