These are three separate games:

Drunk Punk Allen

You need to get drunk. Your first port of call would of course be Scid’s bar so go NORTH. Once inside, TALK TO BARTENDER to realize that you can’t have a drink without paying off your debts first. Walk WEST to enter the small room and find a chicken with a gun. LOOK AT CHICKEN to see that not only the gun is loaded. TALK TO CHICKEN. It’s not the friendliest of types. TAKE $500 and go EAST to sneak out the room.

GIVE $500 TO BARTENDER. That’s your debt paid and a drink bought. USE BOOZE to reach your goal.

The Chicken’s plan

Since you’ve heard the chicken, it’s time to stop him.  Walk EAST into the alley and TALK TO BUM. Today he’s a successful businessman. LOOK AT BOX to find a cell phone. TALK TO BUM again to borrow the phone. Walk EAST to leave the alley, go NORTH into Scid’s and WEST into the small room.


The chicken is still there but very busy so doesn’t notice you. LOOK AT PAPERS all over the floor to find one with an interesting phone number. USE CELLPHONE to call mum and she’ll tell you she will help you to stop her son’s evil plans. One problem: she’s in jail.

Walk EAST to leave the office, SOUTH to leave Scid’s and in the street walk WEST to return to the alley. You saw the secret entrance to jail there before. Walk NORTH to enter jail and find the chicken’s mum and a cop. TALK TO MOM to tell her of your plan and then TALK TO COP to distract him. But he recognizes you and puts you in jail. Chicken’s mom got out though and saves the world.

Escape from prison

Now that you’re in jail you need to get out (again). LOOK AT COP. Although he’s asleep, you can see a ring with keys hanging from his pocket. TAKE BROOM and USE BROOM WITH KEYS to get the keys.  USE KEYS to unlock the cell door and LOOK AT DESK. There’s a crayon on it that you’ll take.

USE CRAYON to draw a picture of yourself on the wall. Now no one will notice that you’re gone. Walk NORTH to leave jail.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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