You’re stranded and need food and water.

Walk to the north to get to the beach and walk to the left twice. There’s a SHELL on the beach. Pick it up (1/1) and walk to the right twice and to the south twice. You’re at the base of a crater. Pick up a ROCK just above the path. It’s a grey one. Pick up another ROCK from the same place. This time it’s brown. Pick up a third ROCK to see it has a sharp edge. Walk to the left to reach palm trees. Use the shell on the lake to get fresh WATER (1/2).

Use the grey rock with the coconut in the tree (1/3). Pick up the grey ROCK and throw it at the coconut again (2/5). Pick up the grey ROCK again and throw it a final time at the coconut (1/6). This time it will fall out of the tree and you can pick up the COCONUT (1/7). Use the rock with the sharp edge on the coconut to crack it open (1/8).

Walk to the south twice, then to the left. There’s a huge stone head. Talk to the head and he’ll ask you to do a favor. You have to bring a message to the seven heads on the other side. The message consists of seven notes. Walk to the right twice and find the seven stone heads. Each head will produce a note. Number the heads from 1 to 7 from left to right and click on the heads in the order:  1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 6 and 7. The message is now delivered (1/9). Walk to the left twice and talk to the head again.

The head will thank you and ask another favor. This time you have to kill the bird. Walk to the right twice. Use the water from the inventory on yourself to prevent dehydration (1/10). Then walk behind the statues between heads 6 and 7 (counted from the left) untill you reach the right location and throw the brown rock at the bird . Pick up the FEATHER (1/11) the bird dropped and walk to the left twice to visit the stone head again.

You must prove that you killed the bird so give the feather to the head. But now you have to get off this island. Walk to the right and to the south. Take the HEMP three times and walk to the left. Take a palm trunk lying down and it will be taken to the beach. Repeat this with the other two trunks. Use the shell with the WATER again and use the shell on yourself to drink it. Then fill the shell again with WATER but this time don’t drink it. Use the first half of coconut from your inventory on yourself (1/12), don’t eat the second one!

Walk to the south twice, then to the north to reach the beach. Walk to the left twice to find your palm trunks. Use the hemp with the trunk (1/13) and do the same with the second piece of hemp (1/14).  Do it one more time with the final piece of hemp (1/15) and the raft is finished. But now you need some rope. Walk to the right twice, then to the south twice to reach the base of the crater again. Take the HEMP three times again.

Walk to the south, then to the north and left twice to return to the raft. Use the first piece of hemp you picked up with the raft to create a rope (1/16). Pick up the ROPE (1/17) and walk to the right. Walk back to the left again so the shark re-appears. Walk onto the raft and then use the rope with the shark. This is your ticket out of here.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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