After you’ve heard the news about the kidnapping, you run onto the street.

Walk further to the left onto Nicole’s driveway.  Look around in the garden and use the left side of the house to enter. You’ll be in the bedroom straight away. Examine the room. Below the open window on the right you can see claw marks. Look at them again to get a better look (5/5). Then you’ll hear a cry.

Walk to the south to leave the room and the house and walk to the left to enter the back yard. You’re at the edge of the Pine Barrens. Walk north and find a TEADY BEAR (5/10) next to the path. Take it and you’ll hear the cry again. Walk further north to encounter a strange creature.

Next to the fallen tree is a SMALL BRANCH. Pick it up (5/15) and throw it at the creature to scare it away (5/20). Under the fallen tree you can see someting whimpering. Give the teady bear to the little girl and she’ll come out of her hideout (5/25).  Show the police badge to the girl and tell her you’re a policeman. She’ll now follow you home (5/30).

Walk to the right, then south twice to deliver the girl to the police sergeant. Talk to the sergeant and tell him what happened. He’ll tell you about the Jersey Devil (3/33) and ask him all about it. Walk to the right and enter Charles’ house. Charles will tell you about Maybell Bailey who should know more about it. Talk more to Nicole and Charles to learn about Maybell and the Jersey Devil.

Take some ASHES from the fireplace (2/35) and take the CANDY BOWL from the table (5/40). Leave the house on the left and use your car. Inside use the screen of the navigation system and select Maybell’s house. Talk to Maybell about everything to find out about the Jersey devil, the man around her house and the library (7/47). Walk to the left to enter your car again and drive to the library.

Look around outside and use the trashcan to find a BOTTLE with water (5/52) . Use the library to go inside. Talk to the librarian with the black trousers. Ask about the Jersey Devil and she’ll redirect you to Larry Lowe standing in the other isle. Talk to Larry. Tell him what happened and ask about the devil. He’ll tell you what he knows about Leeds Point (5/57). Ask Larry about the strange man and he’ll tell all about him. Keep asking to learn about the books the man borrowed.

Talk to the librarian in the other isle again and ask about the strange man’s books. She’ll tell the name of the man but needs her notebook she misplaced. She can’t give you the books. Not even your badge of begging helps. Look around the library to find her NOTEBOOK behind Larry on the shelf. Pick it up (5/62) and the librarian will snatch it from your hands, leaving a piece of PAPER with some information.

Look at the paper in your inventory and find the scratching unreadable. Use the ashes from the fireplace with the bottle of water (10/72). Use the bottle with brown water on yourself to shake it (5/77)  and pour the liquid into the candy bowl (5/82). You now have a thick piece of CHALK. Use the chalk on the piece of paper (5/87). Look at the paper to read the password.

Use the computer and enter the password Lamplight (casesensitive). When asked for the last query, enter Tennok as string and you’ll get a list of his books. It’s JR30495 and DM40569. Leave the computer (15/102) and use the first isle on the left to find the BOOK about Demons (5/107).  Use the isle behind the librarian to find the BOOK about the Jersey Devil (5/112). Use the book about the demon on yourself to read the content and learn about the Demon Stone (5/117).  Use the book about the Jersey Devil on yourself to learn more about it (5/122).

Leave the library on the right and use the car. Drive back to Charles’ house and walk to the left to Nicoles’ driveway. Sergeant Stitcher will inform you of another kidnapping. Talk to him about Larry, Leeds Point and the second kidnapping. He’ll send you to Maybell again (5/127).

Walk to the right and use your car. Drive to Maybell and talk to her about Leeds House and the second kidnapping. She’ll give you directions (5/132). Walk to the left and use the car to drive to Leeds House. Walk to the right to read a graveyard. On the stone in the middle you can find an IRON REBAR (5/137). Pick it up and walk to the north until you reach Leeds House. Enter the house by walking through the door. Use the iron rebar on the next door to force it open (5/142). Use the dooropening to enter a cave.

Walk to the lower left part of the cave and walk to the left to meet the devil and the second kidnapped baby. The devil will leave. Use the iron bar on the cage to free the child (13/155) and when you walk further to the left you can witness a seance. The devil will leave to get the child and return when he notices the kid is gone. Use the iron bar on the right most glowing stone (10/165) and you’ll disturb everything.Tell the hooded man who you are and he’ll send the Jersey Devil at you.

Use the metal rebar on the Jersey Devil’s necklace as soon as he approaches you (10/175).  Then use the Jersey Devil to snatch the necklace from him and break the spell. The hooded man is now powerless. You saved the community.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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