After the call from your brother and the visit to his place, talk to him.

The police will be after you shortly after he dies. Use the middle drawer of the cabinet to find a FILE. Take the UMBRELLA from the stand next to the wall and search your brother to find a KEY. Use the key on the window to unlock it and use the file with the umbrella to sharpen it. Use the sharpened umbrella on the window to open it.

Use the window to step outside. Use the umbrella on the vertical METAL STRIP on the wall that already has a crack in it and it will snap off. Use the thin metal strip on the KEY that’s one level above you. Use the key to unlock the gate in front of the ladder and you can go downstairs where… the police is waiting for you.

When you’re asked for your name during the interrogation, it doesn’t matter what you answer, the officer won’t listen. When you’re waiting for the chief of police, look around the room. Look at the bookshelf and talk to the officer. Ask for a book and he’ll be hit by the shelf.


Take the VOICE RECORDER next to the officer and yse the officer to find his ID CARD. Walk to the south to leave the cell. Walk to the right and see the police officer watching football. Use the recorder on her to record her voice. Walk to the left twice and find a scary dog garding the exit. Use the voice recorder on the dog and he’ll be gone. Use the door on the left to go outside.

Pick up the MAGAZINE from the floor and walk to the right back into the station. Walk further to the right and talk tro the man in the observation room. Ask him for help and he’ll tell you he knows the password of the computer. Give him the magazine and you’ll get the password.  Use the ID card with the computer to reprogram the card and when asked for the password enter “promotion”.

Walk further to the right and use the ID card on the panel next to the door on the right. You can now browse the storage room. Use the box with ‘murderur’ on it to find your CAR KEYS and a PHOTO behind the box. Use the door on the left to leave the storage room and walk to the left two times and use the door to leave the station.

Use the keys on the blue car to drive to the address on the photo. Once there, use the  lid of the dumpster to close it and reveal the window behind it. Look at the window to realise it’s a thin one. Talk to the bum and ask for something sharp. He’ll give you a TOE NAIL. Use the photo on the slimey SUBSTANCE on the side of the dumpster and use the shavings of the umbrella with the sticky photo to create a STICKY POWDER. Use the sticky powder on the bum and he’ll be distracted for a while so you can take the HAMMER from his trolley.

Use the toe nail on the window to cut the plastic and use the hammer on the window to remove the boards. Use the window to enter the hall.  You’ll see the man hooked up to a machine but he’ll die soon after he sees you. Walk back to the right and take the REPORT from the desk. Use the blue books on the right to find a DISC in there. You have enough evidence and will drive to the home for elderly.

You have to get past the guard. Look at the trash next to the desk to realise he’s drinking a lot of coffee and energy drink to stay awake. Talk to the guard and tell him about the history of China. Such a boring story must get him to sleep. As soon as he dozes off you can use the elevator on the right.

Upstairs use the hammer on James to kill him and get past him. So he killed your brother. Once inside the lab you’ll see the discussion between Mclusky and Norris. As soon as you can tell him about their loss of memory. Talk to them and they want proof. Give the report to Norris and Mclusky will confess everything. He’ll start the computer. Use the disc on the slot of the computer to reprogram it and Mclusky will be killed and  all brain changes will be reversed. Norris is normal again and so is your dad.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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