Zondra has a problem with HAL3000 and asks you to repair it. But first you have to get into your ship. Walk to the south when you’re outside the bar. Look at the vehicles. The hoverspeeder at the bottom is open (2/2). Use the hoverspeeder to get the FUSE out (5/7). Walk to the left. There are a lot of Spacepods parked. Look at the bottom right one and find this one open as well (2/9). Use the pod to find a talisman which looks like a MAGNET ON A ROPE (3/12). Walk to the north, then to the right.

When looking at the gutter you see something shiny behind the grid (2/14). Use the magnet on a rope to get the BATTERY out (5/19). Walk to the north and see a SandPeople man at work. Look at the top of the massive wheels of the truck (2/21). There’s a SCREWDRIVER. You can’t reach it. Walk to the left and enter the bar.

To the right of the stage is a gambling machine. When you look at it, you can see a HOOK lying behind it (3/24). Leave the bar again in the lower left corner. Standing in front of your ship, take the charged battery from your inventory and use it on your keys (5/29). They are now charged. Use your ship to enter it.

The system is down and one of the fuses need replacement. Under the chair on the left is a ROPE. Pick it up (2/31). On the right side of the ship, above the red exit button is your COMMUNICATOR. Take it as well. (3/34). Push the red button to exit the ship again.


In your inventory use the hook on the rope (3/37) and walk to the right. Use the combination to get the SCREWDRIVER from the huge wheel (3/40). Walk back to the left and enter your ship again. Open the service panel on the right side below the screen with the screwdriver (7/47) and find a NEEDLE as well. Use the fuse from your inventory on the panel to replace it (5/52) and systems are back online again. Use the bridge in front of the ship to navigate to another planet.

Select planet Estros, home of the Latex Babes. Once you’ve arrived (5/57) walk to the left and talk to Zondra. She’ll instruct you where to find HAL3000 and give you REBREATHER DROPS to breathe under water (3/60). Next to the big empty oxygen tanks is a smaller one. Take the OXYGEN TANK that’s still full (3/63). Walk to the left to find a submarine and use it to go underwater (5/68). Swim to the right until you reach a cave. Try to enter but find it to dark. Swim to the left back to the submarine and use it to surface again. Walk to the right and talk to Zondra and ask about a flashlight. She’ll refer you to the Galaxy Galleria.

Walk further to the right and use the tunnel to enter your ship again. Fly to the white planet on the right (3/71). Talk to the green promotional girl in the front (1/72) and walk to the right. Walk past the Monolith Burger, past the Bigg and Tall shop and enter the Radio Shock. You order a FLASHLIGHT for underwater (6/78) and leave again. Walk to the right twice and you’re at the exit again. Exit the shop and fly to Estros again.

Walk to the left twice and use the submarine to dive again. Swim to the right and since you have a flashlight, you can enter the cave now (3/81). Use HAL3000 to get the shock of your life. Exit the cave in the north, swim back to the left and use the submarine to surface again. Walk to the right and talk to Zondra about the security of HAL3000. She’s no help here. Let’s see if a shop can help.

Walk to the right and enter your ship again. Fly back to the Galaxy Galleria. Once inside, walk to the left and enter the shop: The Simple Crap Software. Talk to the man behind the counter and ask about HAL3000. He knows about the Crackmate but doesn’t have one. The guy in the Small & Tall might have one (3/84).

Leave the shop and walk to the left twice and enter the Small & Tall. Talk to the man in black in the back (3/87). He has one, you can use it if you can get a bottle of special oil from the Monolith. Leave the shop and walk to the left to the Monolith Burger. In front is a plastic CARD on the floor (1/88). Pick it up and enter the restaurant. Ask for the manager. Of course you need the other guy (2/90).

Leave the restaurant and walk to the left. Use the useless card from your inventory on the selfemptying bins  near the exit (1/91) and leave the mall. Select the big M on the left (5/96). Talk to the big man in the middle (6/102). Ask for the bottle of oil. You can have one if you get cargo from another planet to him. Leave the Monolith and fly to Planet X, the blue one above the M. For some reason a force shield is stopping you.

Go back to Gallaxy Galleria and walk to the left twice. Enter the Radio Shock and buy a RANGE EXTENDER. The software is sold separately, but he can’t upgrade it for you (4/106). Walk to the right and enter the software shop. Ask if he can help with the programming part. He can’t.

Walk to the right and leave the mall again. On the map select the planet on the middle top: Magmetheus. Enter the bar and talk to the barman. He knows how to program it (5/111). Leave the bar and use your ship again to select the mysterious planet above the M. This time you can beam down. You’ll meet the other man, the cargo is being transferred to your ship and after he takes off, his ship explodes. Now you have to take the cargo back (17/128).

Use the crystal on yourself to beam back to your ship (4/132). Select the yellow M and talk to the big man in the middle (8/140). You’ll give the cargo and the unlocking key and get a bottle of oil in return.  Use your ship again and fly back to the Galleria. Walk to the left three times and enter the Small & Tall shop. Talk to the clerk. You’ll get the Crackmate (5/145). Walk to the right twice and enter the software shop. Ask for the WLAN extender. Select the bucks from your inventory and give them to the shopkeeper to pay him. You’ll get the software DISC (5/150).

Use the disc on the Crackmate to install the software (2/152). Leave the shop and walk to the right. Leave the mall and fly back to Estros.

Walk to the left twice and use the submarine to dive. Swim to the right and enter the cave. Use the Crackmate on HAL3000. The machine is rebooted and will function as normal. You find a DIAMOND RING, a KEY and an ATM CARD next to it (15/167). Leave the cave and swim to the left to the submarine. Everything will be automated from here and before you know, you’re almost married (10/177). You should have left the ring alone.

Standing in front of the chapel, you look at the streetlight. There’s a CABLE coming out of the light (3/180). In your inventory use the needle on the communicator to open the back (5/185) and use the cable on the communicator to boost the signal (8/193). Use the communicator on yourself to ask A3D to beam you up. Go inside the chapel to keep Zondra busy (7/200). When Zondra has left, leave the chapel.

You’re expected inside the chapel again so enter. Wait long enough and then step forward to Zondra (3/203). A3D will beam you up and you’re on your way home…

Something’s going wrong with the engines. You need to do some emergency repairs. Use the screen on the right to see an overview (1/204). Use the box with the red exit switch to see the Sublight Drive main power cell.

Under the chair on the left is a little CHEST that the 2 guys from Andromeda left behind (4/208). Look in your inventory to learn about the chest and it’s an emergency repair kit. Look at the main power cell again and use the screwdriver to pry the panel open (3/211) and then use the repair kit on the cell (5/216).

You can hear commercials coming from Starbase so you must be near. You ask fro clearance to land so you can repair your ship.

The captain has other plans with you and they will repair your ship if you will join their force and search for the spy. You must do a test first. Just click the question marks and the answers will be entered. Then click OK. You are now part of the cadetts (10/226).

Walk to the north twice and use the hallway to the left of the conference room. You’re on the map again and select the StarConBar on the left. Once you’re beamed up, walk to the left and talk to the Security Officer (2/228).

He’ll give you a new assignment to see if you can be trusted. He gives you the LOCKER KEY to his locker and you must get the contents. Go to the platform on the right and use it to beam yourself back to your ship. Select the academy on the map, top right.

At the academy, walk to the north and use the locker key on the locker to the right of the conference room. There’s the DATADISC he requested (7/235). Walk to the south and use the corridor to your ship. On the map select the bar and once beamed down, give the datadisc and the key to the security officer (5/240). You get the rest of your assignment.

You have to go to the drydock and search for the doctor. He can tell you more. You’ll get a clearance NOTE and use the platform to beam yourself back to your ship. Select the drydock on the lower right on the map. You’ll be checked by the security officer and you’ll get a PASS for deck 5 and landing bay 2.  The rest, including the Goliath is off limits (7/247).

Use the blue door on your left and select Deck 5. You’ll see a mechanic ‘repairing’ a door mechanism. To his right are wires coming out of a wall. Take a piece of WIRE (4/251). Use the blue door on the left where you can find the lab. The keycard works (3/254).

Look around the lab. On the right side are shelves and when you take a closer look, you’ll find MATCHES (2/256). Looking at the other items on the shelf reveal a misplaced guest. Talk to the doctor and he thinks you’re his new assistant (7/263). He needs a scanning device. You’ll get a new PASS to reach deck 2.

Leave the lab, enter the elevator and select Deck 2. There are crew quarters  on the left and the Medical Center is on the right. Use the door on the right and enter the medical center. There’s a nurse at work but we won’t disturb her. Just above the medical computer the nurse is working on is the First Aid Locker. Open it and take the contents: a SCANNING DEVICE and a FIRST AID KIT including pokemon holodoc (9/274).

Leave the medical unit, use the elevator to go to deck 5 and go through the door on the left. Give the scanner to the doctor (4/278). You should now go to the doctor on Deck 3. Leave the room and use the elevator to go to Deck 3. Talk to Dr. Marshall there. He needs help with his liquids. So first get the three ingredients, then talk further (2/280). Go through the door in the north, left of the big surveilance screen. There are several monitoring cells here. Enter cell #7. On the bed is a CRYSTAL for liquids. Take it (3/283). Leave the cell again, go back into the lab and exit the lab on the south.

Select Deck 2 and outside the elevator go to the medical center on the right. To the left of the nurse is a small yellow drawer, under a red one. Use the drawer to give the file to the nurse and get the BOTTLE with strange fluid out. There’s also a POSTER (7/290). Close the drawer again (1/291). You now have two liquids. In the inventory use the bottle with red liquid on the green crystal (10/301). Now where on earth (eehh… in space) can you get more liquids. Aha! The bar!

Leave the medical room and use the elevator to go to Landing Bay 2. Use the hatch on the left to go to your spaceship and select the bar on the left side on the map. Walk to the waitress bot in the back and talk to her. Ask her for a drink and you’ll get a GLASS (3/304). Use this one with the previous mixed parts and your mixture is ready (7/311). Use the transporter platform to enter your ship again and fly back to the academy.

Use the blue door and select Desk 3 in the elevator. Talk to the scientist to give him his … drink? (3/314). Your next assignment is to find a tracking device to get the coordinates to get to the Goliath. Therefore you get a master keycard to access all decks (except the engineering). So we need to scan the ship looking for parts that could make a tracking device. Let’s start at Deck 2.

Leave the lab on the south and select Deck 2 in the elevator.  Don’t use the doors here, although you can have a look around there, but walk to the left in the corridor (4/318). Inside the room you have a terminal on your left. This one can be be used (2/320). When the menu appears, for most options access is denied, but you can use the entertainment menu. This will result in a code that can be used for the lockers (2/322). Use the exit menu option and walk to the table. Each table has a locker and when you use the locker (3/325), you can take a BATTERY with subatomic power (4/329).

Leave the room, use the elevator and select Landing Bay 1. Several ships docked here and  some are being serviced. Walk all the way to the right and in the lower, dark part is a lot of debris. Use the drbris to find something usefull: a BROKEN TRACKING DEVICE (8/337). Now we need to construct something that works.

Use the cable you found earlier on the tracking device (5/342) . Then use the battery from the locker on the device to have a working TRACKING DEVICE (10/352). Walk back to the left and go inside again. In the elevator select Deck 4. On the north wall is a computer to fix the coordinates of the Goliath. Use your created device on the computer to get the correct coordinates. Use the teleporter disc in the middle of the room to get beamed to the Goliath (7/359). Now there’s no way back.

Use the door to get into the elevator shaft. This ship isn’t finished yet so the elevator isn’t working. Use the door between the black holes to get to the Main Bridge. Next to you is a janitor cart. In it you find a KNIFE and a MAGAZINE (12/371). Look at the magazine in your inventory. There’s a letter in it. Use the magazine on yourself to get the letter out (5/376). Lookat the magazine again to see the ladies (2/378)

Walk to the right to have a good look outside. Look at the console in the middle between the chairs. It’s all taped. Use the knife on the console to get the TAPE off (6/384). Use the console to switch something on inside the ship and … to break off the SWITCH (3/387). Walk back to the left before more breaks down and use the door of the elevator to get back into the shaft again. Use the door behind the top black hole that’s leading to the engineering department.

One door on the left and one on the right. Look at the one on the left and you can look through a window (1/388). You can’t enter this room. Use the door on the right. It doesn’t have a switch or handle. You have a switch but it’s broken. Use the tape from your inventory on the switch in your inventory to fix it again (2/390). Use that repaired switch on the door (2/392). Push the switch to open the door.

There’s a man inside acting very suspicious. Use the statuspanel with the yellow ship on it to .. push the wrong man and almost electrocute him (3/395). At least he’s harmless for now. Use the first aid kit with the pokemon Holodoc on the man to stabilize him. Then security reports. You can ask them to contact Captain Quirk (14/409). You’ll be beamed to the academy and praised for your work. You can become a student. Have a good look at the simulator and use it to start your career…  (6/415).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

5 Replies to “Space Quest IV.5: Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home – Walkthrough (Peter Engel/2008)

  1. In the updated version of the game, using the crystal on Planet X will transport you to a cave in SQ7. Look at the rock in the middle of the screen, and uncover the projector. Get the projector and move left into the cavern. Place the projector on the pedestal and turn it on. Touch the projector light and the Milky Way projection to return to the Aluminum Mallard.

  2. I’ve applied the tape to the broken switch in my inventory, but whenever I try to click the modified switch on the door that won’t open, it still gives me something to the effect of “You can’t do that, really.” or “No, that can’t possibley work.”

  3. E-mail me if the link still works. According to the walkthrough, I’m almost finished, but I can’t get the last door open. I have the tape and the switch, but I can’t attach the switch to the door. It still says “You can’t do that. Really.” What else did I miss?

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