Your campaign manager, Dr. Death came in the posession of nude pictures of Mika Huy. You’d certainly like to see them but he won’t show them and is blackmailing you. First he’d like a beer. Good thing the bar is next door so go through the door on the right and talk to George behind the bar.

Aks him for a beer. Since you’re behind with the payment and you don’t have any money at all, you don’t get the beer. Ask for a water instead. Take the WATER from the bar. Talk to Mika at the table and she insists on buying you a beer. In the end you just agree and you can take the BEER from the table.

Because she didn’t have any money, she gave her camera as colateral to George. Talk to George again about the camera. You can borrow it if you leave something behind of equal or greater value. Go through the door on the left and give the beer to Death. You bring up the subject of pictures again.

You can see one picture. But when Death mentions there are others you want to see them all. Therefore you have to find the number Death is thinking of between 1 and 10.000. You might as well stop guessing because it’s taking too long.

Use the drawer of your desk to take the bottle of AFTERSHAVE out. Use the doormat to find a KEY underneath. Use the window and talk to the bum. He has telepathic gifts and knows which number Death was thinking of. But at the moment he tries to reveal the number he’s hit by a falling asteroid and is someone completely different. There goes your chance of the right number.

Use the window to go back inside and use the door to go to the bar. Mary is there. Now she’s telepathic as well. But when you ask her about the number she won’t tell you because she’s affraid of Death. She also has a mallet. Now if you could use the mallet on the bum… Talk to Mary and ask her about the mallet.

Mary isn’t getting a drink from George. So she’ll be leaving soon to play again unless you can get her a drink. Now there’s a problem because George won’t give you any as well. Use the aftershave from the inventory on the empty bottle in your inventory and use the glass of water on the bottle as well. Now it looks, tastes and smells like gin. Give the bottle to Mary and you can pick up the MALLET.

Use the door on the left, use the window again and use the mallet on the bum. The first hit changes personality but not the one you wanted so hit him again. There you go! That’s the number Death was thinking of.

Use the window to go back inside again and talk to Death. Tell him the number you heard from the bum. You can see a few other pictures. But then if you want to see them all, you need to go the center of Jupiter and get the teeth.

Walk to the right and enter the bar again. Listen to the conversation between Guido and Geoff. When they’re done, talk to Guido. He took the pictures and as soon as he’s done with Geoff he’ll go to Death and ask  them back. First he’s trying to calm down Geoff but can’t succees. He asks you to try. Talk to Geoff.

He wants you to blow up Greg Nihilist at the Yahtzeebrand store. But since you’re mayor you can’t do that. Maybe you know someone who can. Take the granade. But Geoff insists you find someone first before taking the grenade. Walk back to the office on the left and talk to Death. Discuss the case Geoff. That reminded Death and he’ll be on the job and right back.

As soon as he returns he’ll ask for a weapon since he left his scythe at home. Enter the bar again and take the GRENADE. Tell Geoff you’ve got the man. Go back to the office and give the grenade to Death. He’ll take care of the rest and will be right back again. As soon as he returns, walk back to the bar again.

Talk to Geoff and tell him about the death of Greg. But he wants proof. He can’t walk over there. As soon as he’s seen proof, he’ll go home and then Guido can go after the photographs.

Give the key to George as collateral and you can take the CAMERA. Walk to the office and give the camera to Death so he can make a picture. Talk to Death and talk about the picture of Greg.  He’s back before you know it with a PHOTO.

Go back to the bar and give the camera to George. You get your KEY back. Give the photo to Geoff and he’ll leave. Guido will visit Death and ask for the photo’s.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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