After the scream you rush next door to find a man stabbed with a dagger. Use the body to feel his pulse. He’s really dead. Use the body again to take the dagger or at least look at it. It’s an antique one. Use the body again to search it and take the BUSINESS CARD out. You now know his name and profession. Walk to the south to leave the room and walk to the right to enter the reception.

Talk to the receptionist and ask about the hotel and the man. You’ll only find out that the bar is through the door behind you. Let’s go there.

Talk to the man behind the bar. Ask him about John and he can’t tell you much, except for the glasses,  but refers you to the man at the table. Go to the man and talk to him as well. You’ll learn the victim was killed with his own knife. Enough for today.

Outside your room go back in again and open the drawers. In the middle one you find your WALLET. Leave the room and walk to the left. In the reception walk left again. The shop is open. A familiar face behind the counter. Talk to the man and learn that the receptionist likes chocolates. Let’s buy a box of CHOCOLATES. Use your wallet on the salesman to pay for it.

Walk to the right and give the chocolates to Terri. Ask her again about Room 102 and now you’ll get answers. You’ll learn about the paper shredder in the basement. Ask if you can look there and she’ll bring you to the basement. Use the shredder to check it out and while reading the letter that wasn’t completely shredded, a visitor comes in. The story unfolds but you also have a surprise…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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