You need to collect 13 stars.

You’re in a field in front of a castle. DIG to get your first star (1). GO WEST into the forest of Enchantment and CAST FIRE spell AT TREE to create ashes. LOOK ASHES to find another star (2) in there. GO EAST to return to the moat and ENTER MOAT.

There’s a moat monster here but if you keep quiet, it’ll stay asleep. HOLD BREATH and SWIM DOWN. There’s a soggy towel so TAKE TOWEL and SWIM DOWN further. SWIM EAST to reach a pool of dirty water. From here you can GO UP to be able to BREATHE again. You’re now in a kitchen.

Although not really visible, a kitchen always has cabinets (?!) so  OPEN CABINET to receive the Spell of Bliss. TAKE CRATE and you’re only option is to GO SOUTH into the courtyard. We’ll make our base here at the fountain so DROP STAR and DROP STAR. Since you don’t need the Wicked Queens Spell, DROP QUEENS.

GO SOUTH into a completely empty room. Suspicious! EXAMINE WALL to see the small cracks and niches and when you PULL WEST, you’ll find yourself in a vacant room with two spells. TAKE METHUSELAH and TAKE UNRAVEL. You can only GO EAST back into the plain room. GO WEST into the plain room and GO NORTH back to the fountain. DROP METHUSELAH, you don’t need it yet and GO EAST into the ballroom.

There’s a chandelier and a tied end of a rope. When you LOOK CEILING you can see a inaccessible loft area as well.

[Note: save your game here. The next action might sometimes be fatal at first go.]

CAST UNRAVEL on the rope and quickly GO WEST to the courtyard. The chandelier should hold up long enough for you to leave. GO SOUTH into the plain room and PUSH SOUTH (we hadn’t used that wall yet). In the store room you’ll find a star and a *stairway condemned* sign.  TAKE STAR (3) and GO DOWN the stairs.

There are rats here! CAST LYCANTHROPE to turn yourself into a wolfman and let the rats scuttle back into a hole. ENTER HOLE to get under the stairs and TAKE STAR (4). You’re only way out is ENTER HOLE again and if you wait too long, you’ll be back to human form again and stuck under the stairs.

WALK UP the stairs to return to the upper floor. GO NORTH into the plain room and GO NORTH again to the courtyard. DROP STAR and DROP STAR and GO WEST to the drawbridge. There’s an old lever and when you PULL LEVER, the drawbridge will lower but the lever will snap off as well. DROP WOOD since there’s absolutely no use for it.

ENTER DRAWBRIDGE to leave the castle and ENTER MOAT. The monster is still asleep so again you can HOLD BREATH and SWIM DOWN. In the thick murky fluid SWIM DOWN again and it seems as if nothing happens. SWIM DOWN several times more until you see the moat bottom. LOOK BOTTOM to find another star (5). Since you don’t have enough air to swim back up again, CAST BLISS and you’ll end up in  the  field next to the drawbridge.

[Note: The Bliss spell lasts 30 moves. We want to use it in 3 cases so there’s not much room for playing the tourist. Once we’re back from the loft we can relax again…]

GO DRAWBRIDGE and GO EAST to the entryway. GO EAST again to the courtyard and GO SOUTH into the plain room. PUSH EAST to reveal the door, CAST SEED to unlock the door and GO DOOR to access the stone staircase. GO DOWN into the damp cavern with the lava stream. ENTER LAVA (don’t worry) and WRING TOWEL. from soggy to damp.  If it isn’t dry straight away, DROP TOWEL and we’ll pick it up later.  GO SOUTH into the grotto.

TAKE STAR (6) and TAKE DIZZY Dean spell. Leave the grotto with GO NORTH. If you’ve dropped the towel TAKE TOWEL and GO NORTH to the bottom of the stairwell. GO UP the stairs and GO UP again into the dusty room. GO WEST into the plain room and GO NORTH to the courtyard.

You should have heard the chandelier fall by now so GO EAST into the ballroom. CLIMB CHANDELIER to find a star and broken glass.  CAST LIGHT spell onto the chandelier to let it rise to the ceiling and you’ll be able to reach the loft. As soon as you ENTER LOFT, the chandelier crashes down.

TAKE POTION and THROW CRATE. It crashes down as well. Now that you’re stuck in the loft we can only JUMP down. If done correct, the bliss spell is still active and will break your fall. CLIMB CHANDELIER and TAKE STAR (7). To get down, GO BALLROOM and CLIMB CRATE. The smash made a hole in it.

ENTER HOLE to go inside and find a piece of metal. TAKE METAL and LOOK METAL to see it has a sharp hook. ENTER HOLE again to get out of the crate. JUMP off the box back into the ballroom. GO WEST back to the courtyard and DROP STAR, then DROP STAR again and DROP STAR once more. GO SOUTH to the plain room once more.

PUSH EAST to reveal the dusty room. TAKE DUST and GO WEST to return to the plain room. DRINK POTION and PUSH DOWN to drop through the floor. You’re in the dragon’s lair! But since you drank the potion you’re invisible. TAKE STAR (8) and EXAMINE DRAGON. This will result in another star (9).

The potion doesn’t last forever so we need to get on. THROW DUST and the dragon will sneeze and move backwards revealing a hole.  ENTER HOLE into the wizards workshop and TAKE STAR (10). Also TAKE FIREFLY spell. GO WEST to return to the dragon and GO UP to leave the lair. From the plain room  GO NORTH to the courtyard.

LOOK BATTLEMENT. There’s a tin can up there but how to get it down? TAKE BRICK and CAST DIZZY to set everything spinning. THROW BRICK and when asked at what, answer AT CAN. If you didn’t hit it, GO WEST to the drawbridge and GO DRAWBRIDGE to either TAKE BRICK and try again or TAKE CAN.

[Note: if you don’t succeed after three time, the dizzy spell wears off and you can’t hit the can anymore. It’s easier to save just before you throw the first time. That way you can restore the game after a miss. This saves you from going back and forth and makes sure the dizzy spell stays active.]

Now that you have the can, OPEN CAN and when asked how, answer WITH METAL. Now when you LOOK CAN you’ll find another star (11). GO EAST to the entryway and GO EAST again to the courtyard. No need to drop the stars (you need to pick them up later anyway) but you don’t need the can and metal anymore so DROP CAN and DROP METAL. You don’t need the towel yet so DROP TOWEL.

TAKE PERMEABILITY and TAKE STAR * 3 three times so you should be carrying three spells and seven stars. GO WEST to the entryway and GO DRAWBRIDGE. From here GO WEST into the field and GO WEST once more into the enchanted forest. CAST PERMEABILITY to teleport to a very dark location. CAST FIREFLY to see you’re inside a tree where it’s very dark. with a sign that says “drop stars here”. So we’ll do just that: DROP STAR seven times to get rid of the stars: DROP STAR

All you have left is the yoho spell. CAST YOHO and it’ll take you back to the field in front of the castle. GO DRAWBRIDGE and GO EAST to the entryway. GO EAST once more to the courtyard. Take the remaining stars (four) TAKE STAR * 4.

For the final two stars TAKE TOWEL and TAKE METHUSELAH. Now it gets exciting! ENTER FOUNTAIN. As soon as you do you’ll start feeling weird. TAKE STAR (12) and  CAST METHUSELAH as counter spell to gain you some time. CLIMB CENTERPIECE. You’ll now see a dark air shaft and a water outlet. DRY yourself off and ENTER SHAFT to find yourself in a dungeon cell. There’s another star here so TAKE STAR (13).

To leave the dungeon CAST YOHO and you’ll return to the hollow tree. DROP STAR * 6 six times and ask for the SCORE.



Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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