[Note: I played the .bas (DOS) version downloaded from here. It says the game is published by IPCO. It doesn’t mention that the original is by Hugh Lampert published in CLOAD Magazine in 1980. Furthermore, this version crashed at certain points in the game (Line 1820 and line 2450 have errors in them). You can download the IPCO version I fixed here (I left the typos in there) and the original CLOAD Magazine version I restored here.]

You are on a busy street in front of a large buildings.

To get inside the building we need to hide our identity so DROP BADGE and GO BUILDING to enter the lobby. LOOK DOORS to find a button next to it and PRESS BUTTON to open the doors. GO DOORS to enter a small room. There’s a key here so TAKE KEY. Ignore the buttoned panel for now.

GO NORTH to leave the room and GO EAST into the dingy ante room. Since you have the key you can OPEN DOOR and GO DOOR into the company’s presidents office. TAKE WEIGHT from the desk and OPEN DRAWER. Since it ‘s stuck you need to BREAK DRAWER with the weight. When you LOOK what fell out, you can TAKE BATTERY and TAKE NOTEBOOK. To see what it says, READ NOTEBOOK and find the cryptic text in it. You don’t need the weight anymore so DROP WEIGHT and because you know what’s in the notebook you can DROP NOTEBOOK.


To leave you can only GO WEST and GO WEST again to leave the ante-room. GO DOORS back into the small room and PRESS TWO to make the room move. GO NORTH into a small hallway with a coffee machine. GO WEST into the security office and TAKE TELEVISION. When you LOOK MONITORS you’ll notice the large pit with the hook on the other side.

GO EAST to return to the hallway and GO SOUTH into the cafeteria. OPEN CLOSET and GO CLOSET to see the cleaning equipment. TAKE BAG and TAKE GLOVES. To leave the closet GO EAST and GO NORTH to leave the cafeteria. GO EAST into the room with buttons (elevator?).

PRESS ONE to go one floor down and GO NORTH to leave the elevator. GO WEST to the visitors room with the video recorder. DROP TELEVISION and  INSERT BATTERY. When asked into what, reply with RECORDER. Now all is working you can CONNECT TELEVISION to the recorder.

DROP BAG and DROP GLOVES. You don’t need the key anymore so DROP KEY. Return to the lobby with GO EAST and GO DOORS into the elevator. PRESS TWO and GO NORTH into the hallway. GO SOUTH into the cafeteria and say BOND-007 (remember the notebook?). This will open a trapdoor and you’ll fly through a chute into a basement.

TAKE ROPE and GO EAST to the entrance of a secret complex. GO EAST to the bank of monitors and LOOK MONITORS to see the case on a pedestal. GO WEST back to the entrance and GO SOUTH to the ledge of the pit you saw earlier on the monitors. THROW ROPE and when asked to what, answer HOOK. The rope is now snagged to the hook.

GO ROPE to cross the pit and GO EAST into a long corridor. SO SOUTH to a narrow crossing in the corridor and GO WEST into the lab. TAKE BOX that’s here and GO EAST to leave the lab. GO NORTH into the corridor and GO EAST again into a large room with a painting. TAKE PAINTING to notice something falls from the frame. LOOK to see a capsule and then TAKE CAPSULE.

GO SOUTH into an interrogation room. GO SOUTH into the office of the Chief of Chaos and GO WEST into a small bathroom. TAKE BLADE and GO EAST to leave again. GO SOUTH to the end of the complex and TAKE CARD to get the ID card.  GO WEST into the Chaos control room.

[Note: Here’s where it can go wrong. The game will crash with a Syntax error in 1820. …………………You will need to start again though. Furthermore, there are two buttons: one on the wall, one on the box. If you PUSH BUTTON, you’ll push the one on the box and are teleported without having pushed the button on the wall, which you need to do to silence the alarm you’ll find later on.]

DROP BOX  so you don’t push the wrong button. At the large button on the wall PUSH BUTTON. Now TAKE BOX and PUSH BUTTON on the box. You’ll be teleported to the front of the building. GO BUILDING and GO WEST into the visitors room. DROP PAINTING and CUT BAG. You can now TAKE TAPE and INSERT TAPE. When asked into what, answer RECORDER. To see what’s on the tape, PLAY RECORDER.

[Note: When you want to PLAY RECORDER, the ‘original’ game crashes again…. Change line 2450 from PRINTNA$;”,” to  PRINT NA$;”,”]

You will get a message. Note the number that is mentioned [1 8 0 3 3  in my case], you’ll need it later. TAKE GLOVES and from here GO EAST into the lobby where the sculpture is. OPEN SCULPTURE and when you LOOK again you’ll find a quarter and a blank card. DROP BOX and  TAKE QUARTER and GO DOORS. Go to the third floor with PRESS THREE and GO NORTH.  Since you’ve got the ID Card, the guard won’t bother you.

GO SOUTH into a side corridor and GO EAST into the power generator room. Be careful here: WEAR GLOVES before you PULL LEVER to prevent from being electrocuted and GO WEST into the corridor. GO NORTH back to the guard and GO WEST back to the elevator. PUSH TWO for the second floor.

GO NORTH to the small hallway with the coffee machine. INSERT QUARTER and when asked into what, answer MACHINE. Out pops a cup of coffee. TAKE CUP and GO EAST back into the elevator. PRESS ONE to get to the ground floor.  GO NORTH to the lobby and the statue. DROP GLOVES and TAKE CARD. To save inventory space, DROP CAPSULE into the coffee. Now you can TAKE BOX.

GO DOORS into the elevator and PRESS THREE for the third floor. The guard is still alert but since you have the coffee, he will happily go to sleep. You now have a bit of time to work undisturbed. INSERT CARD to open the door and when asked into what, answer SLIT.

The wall will open and when you LOOK you’ll see an electronic lock. OPEN LOCK and when asked for the combination, enter the numbers you’ve seen in the video, separated by spaces, in my case 1 8 0 3 3. The door opens and you can GO DOOR into the metal hallway.

GO EAST into the plain room and GO NORTH into the sound proof cubicle. The glass case on the pedestal is here, the one you saw earlier on the monitor. The guard is waking up as well. CUT CASE to get the contents from it and the door will slam shut behind you. You now have a large ruby in your possession. There are no exits in this room but since you have the box you can PUSH BUTTON to be teleported to the front of the building.  You did it!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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