Playing as Courtland:

After waking up, you don’t remember anything.

Use the panel next to the door on the left to open the door and blow the panel. Use the panel again to take a piece of the WIRE. Walk to the left into the main corridor. Behind you, under the vent is a maintenance box but it’s locked. Use the wire on the box to fiddle with the lock and open it. Inside you’ll find a toolbox. Pick up the TOOLBOX and use the box on yourself to have a look inside.

There’s a SCREWDRIVER, a pair of WIRECUTTERS and a VOLTAGE METER. Walk to the right to return to your sleeping chamber and look at the back of the console. There’s a little panel. Take a closer look at the panel and use the screwdriver on it to open it. Inside you’ll find the POWER SUPPLY. Take it out.

Walk left to the corridor and south to the generator room. There are big screens. Looking at the one on the right, you see nothing. On the console underneath is a panel on the side. Take a close look at it and use the screwdriver to open it. You’ll find a component missing from it. Use the power supply from your sleeping chamber and put it in. Leave the console and look at the screen on the right again.

The screen shows you information about the ship.  On the left is maintenance temp set to +5. Click it to reduce it to zero. The nGrowth is showing zero. Click that to turn it to 5.  Just to the right of it, a small square tells you the door is locked. Click it to unlock the door. Leave the panel and look at the panel on the side again. Take the CPU from the console and leave the panel. Now look at the big screen on the left. There are five different colors shown and the green one, showing D:  is standing out. Leave the screen and walk north.

Use the door north to enter the supply room. Because you’ve set nGrowth to 5, there’s a TOMATO plant. Take it and leave the room on the south side. In the main hall, look at the grate in front of the ventilation duct. Use the screwdriver on the grate to remove it and because you’ve set the maintenance temp to zero, you can crawl through the duct to the right.

There are five droids of which several certainly not operational. Seems like sleeping chambers for droids. On the right is a duct with wires. Look at them and use the wire cutter from your inventory on the wires. You’ll cut the green one and you can see the droid from station D: come to life. But it still doesn’t operate. Use the CPU you took from the console on the droid to let him speak and tell you who you are. A lot of details become clear now.

When you tell the droid about the breach in the hull the droid suggests to take him there. Since you can’t go there, the droid will go alone after you’ve locked yourself in a secure room.

Playing as the Droid:

Walk to the left to enter the docking bay and use the space pod to travel into space. Just outside the pod there’s this bright red anomaly that caused the breach. Navigate the pod over there and as soon as a red blob emerges from the breach, pick up the red BLOB. Navigate to the right to see the mothership again and sail to the left towards the bright green light to go inside.

When parked, walk to the lower right of the screen to return to the hall and when you walk towards the ventilation shaft in the middle, you’ll be joined by Courtland. You’ll tell him evertything about the thing you brought with you.

Playing as Courtland:

The droid tells you to touch the red power source but be careful. When you do you’ll be contaminated and die. Instead throw the tomato onto the red stuff to cause an explosion and kill the droid. You’ll escape into the generator room. On the floor is the CPU so pick it up. Look at the side of the monitor on the right to take a closer look at the panel. Put the CPU back in place and leave the panel to take a look at the screen on the right.

The main computer is back in action and headquarters is reachable again. The message they have for you isn’t pleasant but you start making plans for your survival and for the future.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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