You must get the antidote against the poison.

Talk to the creepy dead guy and ask about the island and where to get the antidote. Pull the long reachable BRANCH which will break off and drop the fruit. Pick up the FRUIT and walk to the right. Talk to the healer and she can only talk to you if you can get rid of the bird first.

Walk south and find a pile of human remains on the beach. Pick up the human remains to take just one BONE. On the palm tree is a deadly warning note pinned down with a knife. Take the KNIFE so you can take the NOTE. Look at the note in your inventory.

Near the shoreline is a small ROCK. Pick it up and walk along the beach to the right. There’s a shiny object near the water and when you look at it you can see it’s a scrap of METAL. Pick it up and walk to the left twice to reach an old cottage. On the floor there’s a laser sensor thingy. Use the piece of metal with the laser to deflect it. On the crumbly wall is a leafy plant. Pick up the plant to take some funny LEAVES. Use your knife on the HAMMOCK to cut it down and take it.


Walk to the right and then north to return to the healer and parrot. Give the fruit to the parrot to lure it to the open space and then use the hammock on the parrot to catch it. Now that the PARROT is harmless, pick it up and give the parrot to the healer. Open the door of the hut to follow her inside. Talk to the healer to learn how to get rid of the poison. She’ll give you a number of items to fetch. Give the funny leaves to the healer so she can make some tea.

Take the CUP from the bed and use the cup with the hot COFFEE on the stove.  On top of the pot on the floor is a metal shining thingie that appears to be a BUTTERKNIFE when you pick it up.  Open the red door to go outside and walk to the north. Use the crappy rock from your inventory on the snake’s den under the tree. Then use the stick with the snake to chase it back to its den where you can kill it. Pick up the dead SNAKE and then walk to the right, then to the south.

On the beach is a turtle. He needs to pee so give the coffee to the turtle only to realize you need to make it thicker. Walk to the left to reach the house and use your butterknife on the big goofy lock on the first door. Once the LOCK is removed, open the door to go inside and find a box of oatmeal CEREAL inside.

Use the cereal with the coffee, walk to the right and give the cup with cereal to the turtle. Watch the turtle walk away and follow it to the right. When the turtle is finished, use the cup with the turtle PISS. Walk to the left, the north and open the door of the hut to go inside.

Give the snake and the piss to the healer and she’ll make the anti-venom.

Part 2:

You got the PASS to the no-head tribe. Walk south and open the door of the hut to go inside again.  Pick up the BOX at the end of the bed and open the box in your inventory to find the DYNOMITE inside. Open the door and outside walk to the south. On the beach talk to the undead guy. He’s trying to sell you a vacation but ends up giving you a LIGHTER.

Walk to the right twice to meet a nice dog. Give the bone to the dog to keep him calm and talk to his owner. Walk north to the right of the hut and find the shed. A huge boulder is keeping the door. Push the rock and open the door to get the can of red PAINT.

Walk to the right, back to the man on the ladder and give him the can of paint. He wants you to open it as well. Use the butterknife with the can of paint and give the opened can to the man. While he’s away, try to take the ladder. He won’t let you. Follow the man north to the shed and while he’s inside looking, use the useless stick from your inventory with the door holding rock to move it in front of the door. The man is now trapped inside.

Walk to the right and try to take the ladder again. Apparantly the rock wasn’t enough. Follow the man north again and this time use the dynomite with the large rocks in the back. Use the lighter with the explosives to make sure the man won’t get out of the shed again.

Take the LADDER and walk to the left. Then north up the hill and find the headless man warning you. Put the ladder over the small chasm and walk across to the other side.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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