You need to stop that heat source coming from earth.

In your bedroom, pick up the PILLOW in the middle. The vase next to the bed has some flowers and a FLOWER BRANCH. Pick it up and walk south to leave the room. In the main hall, walk to the portal room on the left. Talk to Morgus and he’ll tell you what to do. Look at the  stained glass window. It’s very thin. Leave the portal room on the right and enter the study on the left, next to the portal room.

On the table is an EMPTY JAR. Take it. There’s also a bottle with SLEEP POWDER on it that might become useful. There’s a thick layer of ice in the window on the left. Use your icy touch with the thick ice to remove it. Then open the window.

On the tubular machine, use the first gray button to raise the siphon on the left and point it towards the window. Push the red button to set the air pressure to ‘high’ and push the lever on the right side. You’ll hear glass breaking. Walk south back to the main hall and return to the portal room on the left. The floor is covered with glass shards.


Pick up up the pieces of BROKEN GLASS. There are also wisps flying around. You can’t just catch them. Talk to Morgus about how to catch them. He’ll tell you about the dead parts and Succubus. In your inventory put the flower branch into the empty jar and use the jar on the WISPS to catch them. Exit on the right to the main hall and walk north into the gardens.

Talk to Aine on the left. She can help you to get to earth. But then Sylda will warn you. Talk to Sylda and she’ll tell you  that you need something cold, something soft, something that make the most fierce act like a baby, and a .. rainbow.On the right side in the garden are large sheets of ice. Looking at them you’ll discover that the one on the right of the tree has scratches on it and will never produce icelings. Push the sheet to make it fall into shards. Pick up a SHARD of ice.

In your inventory use the shard with the pillow to rip it. Then open the pillow to take a FEATHER out. Give the feather, the wisps, the sleep powder and the shards of glass to Sylda to show her that you have all you need. Talk to Aine again and she’ll teleport you to the realm below.

Use your icy touch with the wall of snow to create a portal. Use the portal to go through and reach the village. You can’t leave the shadow until you’ve got a proper disguise. Use the shard of ice with the large tent to create a hole in it. Use the hole at the side of the tent to go through and change your clothes. Step into the street. You need to divert their attention for a while.

Use the sleep powder with the Northern wind to make the people asleep. Walk across the square to the lighted area next to the tent on the upper right. There’s the heat generating source. Use your icy touch with the generator to shut it off. But now you have to create an alternative for the Christmas tree. Use the colorful glass from your inventory with the Northern wind to blow them all over the tree. Use the jar with wisps on the glass shards in the tree and they’ll stick on. Walk south to return home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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