You need to come up with four idead in order to get the loan. Take a NOTEPAD (1/1) and a PEN (1/2) from the box on the table in the middle and in your inventory combine them (1/3). Leave the bank on the south. Walk to the right to find a police station. Use your notepad on the station to get an idea about a police series (1/4). But there’s no hero. Walk further to the right to find a restaurant. It looks like a castle with a king in front.

Talk to the man and ask for a table. Since you have made any reservations, you can’t enter. Use the notepad on the castle to think of a game about a kingdom (1/5) and use the notepad on the man behind the desk to add the hero to the story (1/6). Walk further to the right to find a store for janitorial supplies.

The outside of the building doesn’t give much inspiration so use the door to go inside. Talk to the man behind the counter and then use your notepad on him for your next superhero (1/7). Look at the stuff at the ceiling and use your notepad on it to enter the space idea into your book (1/8). Leave the store and walk to the right.

Look at the outside of the bar to get an idea about a sleazy pub (1/9). But what kind of hero should fin in there. Use the door to enter the pub and talk to the man at the bar. Not really a hero but who cares. Use the notepad on him to make a note (1/10). Leave the bar. You’re one hero short.

Walk all the way to the left and enter the bank again. Give the notepad to the banker (1/11) and tell him you’re one hero short. But then…

Use your notepad on the police officer (1/12) and give the notepad to the banker again (1/13). Your loan is secured and 4 brilliant games on its way.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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