There’s something going on but not quite clear what.

Talk to the barkeep and ask for a drink. He can’t give it to you but when you keep asking him, he can give you a cup. Take the  CUP from the bar. Talk to your sidekick about the last adventure and then leave the bar. Outside walk to the right to enter the hut there. It’s empty.

Walk back to the hut on the left and when you go inside, the bartender has exploded. Talk to your sidekick and he can tell you what happened. He can give you a CARD he took from the attackers. This needs to be investigated. Leave the bar on the south and see the footprints in front of the door. Look at the prints and then use the footprints to enter the desert.

The desert is like a kind of maze. Walk to the left, then to the right. Go back to the left again to find a lake. Use the cup on the lake to take some WATER and walk to the left again.  Go south to find a cave. Enter the cave to learn what’s inside.


Take some SAND from next to the footprints and walk to the left. Go back to the right and then to the south to reach the cave again. Walk inside, this time with more success.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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