You spaceship crashed and you need to find your way back.

Go north and take the GREEN KEYCARD from the left. Then go to the lower right. You’ll reach a colour portal. Go to the right to see a lot of black holes. From the hole in the lower middle you can take a YELLOW KEYCARD, from the upper right hole you can take a BLUE KEYCARD.

Go back to the left and use the green keycard on the colour portal. In return you’ll get a RED KEYCARD. Go to the north and use the blue keycard on the black door on the right. The door turns yellow. Use the yellow keycard on the door and you’ll enter some kind of maze.

Follow the path until you reach the red door. Use the red keycard on this door and follow the path to the left. When you reach the left side of the screen, follow the path to the north which seems a dead end at first. Just walk there to reach the second floor. Walk to the left to reach the security office.

Walk to the right and use the black door to create a balance in doors. Use the black space twice to find a CROWBAR. Use the doors to the toilet and visit the ladies first. Use the crowbar on the cover of the cistern to find a BLACK KEYCARD inside. Leave the toilet and use the black keycard on the slot of the lower left cabinet. This will give you a normal KEY.

Use the crowbar on the mens room on the left and use the grating in front of the door on the right to pull a lever and colour the door red. A keyhole becomes visible. Use the key on the keyhole to find the alien who can tell you everything about the Green Meteor.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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