The sandmen in your sleep summon you to kill someone.

In the middle of the room is a BOTTLE. Pick it up. Use the bottle on the nightstand to smash it. To the right of the window are some HOT AIR BALLOONS. Take one. On the fish above the door is still the STRING WITH HOOK. Take it. Walk into the bathroom on the left and open the cabinet above the sink.

Inside the cabinet you can find a CONDOM, a box with DENTAL FLOSS and a can with SLEEPING GAS. Time to commit a murder! Use the door on the right and leave the room. Go up the stairs to the room of your neighbour. His door is closed.

Look through the keyhole to see the door locked from the inside with a little hook. In your inventory use the string with hook on the condom and use the combination on the door to slide it under. But not completely.

Use the hot air balloon on the condom/hook combination to rise on the other side of the door, making the hook on your balloon remove the hook from the door. You’re inside now. Walk to the left to enter the bedroom.

Use the can with sleeping gas on your neigbour to make sure he doesn’t wake up. Use the broken bottle with the dental floss and tie one end to the middle drawer of the cabinet. Use the other end on the lamp above your neighbour and let the candle do it’s work. Now report back to the sandmen.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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