A trumpet fell from the sky and your dog is making sure you’re aware.

Take all the white petals from the tree where the woodpecker is working to receive your FLOWER TOKEN.  Walk back into your house, climb up the stairs and take the blue BOOK from the nightstand. Read the book to learn about the monks and their fight against evil. But all didn’t work out that way. Use your bed and dream of flying a spaceship. If only you had one.

Climb further up the stairs and use the lever to turn the telescope and watch the telescope on all four sides of the building to learn about the universe and what’s around you. Climb down the stairs twice and leave the house.

Walk to the left to the next screen to find a large mushroom. Standing next to it, use your trumpet on the mushroom to see its potential. Walk down the screen on the left and find a mechanic on the left. Talk to him and he’ll build you a spaceship but you need some parts.  Walk back to the left and use the trumpet on the plastic bottle to see what you can do with it. Might be useful but you’ll need a knife for that.

Did you notice that deer in the meantime? It’s jumping around. Climb up the little steps against the rock face to get to the top and hide in the cave. Once the deer is standing in front of you climb on its back to receive the DEER TOKEN.

Climb down the steps and walk to the right back to the mushroom. From there walk back to the right, house and there even further to the right to reach a bridge. Walk to the top to reach the control panel and use it. No matter which you position the levers and push the button, you won’t be able to lower it enough. But there is a solution! Number positions on the left from 1 to 3  from top to bottom and positions on the right from 1 to 5 from top to bottom. Put the lever on the right in position 4 and the lever on the left in position number 3. Now push the button and see the beam hit the post on the other side. Put the lever on the left back to 1 and push the button and put it in position 3 again and push the button. Repeat this process until the structure collapses and you’ll be able to cross the cavern.

In front of the cavern on the left there are two ‘loose’ rocks and there’s one on the right just above the tunnel entrance. Move them all three to receive the ROCK TOKEN. Walk to the right and leave the screen to find a green area. There’s a grumpy man looking for something but unable to find it. Walk to the right and climb to the top. Use your trumpet on the tree and you’ll grow some virtual mushrooms. Pull them all out and they’ll turn into real mushrooms.

Now that’s what the man was after. And he’ll start cutting the mushrooms with… a knife!. Use your trumpet on the mushrooms again and pull up the virtual mushrooms once more to get the MUSHROOM TOKEN. Walk over to the man and talk to him. You can get the knife if you turn one of the cards green. So open the box with cards and see four slots. Number them from 1 to 4 from left to right. To make a green card, put the one with the tent in slot 4. They need to be fed four times:

1: Put the fisherman in slot 1. Put the mushroom in slot 2. Remove the empty card and put the fire in slot 2. After you get the bait, remove the fire and replace it for the water to get the fish. Replace the water in slot 2 for the fire and the fish will be cooked. Put the cooked fish in slot 3 and the campers will eat.

2: Remove the empty card and the fire from the slots and put the mushroom in slot 3. Put the moose in slot 2 and it’ll eat from the mushroom. It’ll get very sleepy from that. Put the archer in slot 1 to shoot the moose and replace the empty card in slot 3 for the fire. The moose is now roasted. Remove the fire from slot 3 and put the moose in slot 3 to let the campers eat again.

3: With the archer still in slot 1, put the pig in slot 2 and it’ll get shot. Remove the empty card from slot 3 and put the fire in there. Once the pig is roasted, remove the fire from slot 3 and put the pig in there to let the campers eat once more.

4: Remove the archer from slot 1 and put the men with spears in there. Remove the empty card from slot 3 and put the water in there. Now put the elephant in slot 2. It’ll be chased into the water and drown. Remove the water from slot 3 and put the fire in there to cook to elephant. Once done, take the fire from slot 3 and put the elephant in there. The tent-card will now turn green. Remove the green card from slot 4 and you’ll get the KNIFE.

Walk back to the left and return to the control panel at the top of the rocks. Take the CONTROL PANEL as it’s perfect for your space ship. You’ll automatically bring it to the mechanic. Now that you”re here, put your knife in the bottle to take the TOP off and you’ll give it to the mechanic as well. Only two more parts to go.

Walk two screens to the right to return to your home and go inside. At the ground floor you’ll find a BATH TUB. Take it as it’ll fit nicely on your spaceship. For the last part you only need something to sit on. Walk two screens to the right to return to your home and go inside. At the ground floor you’ll find a STOOL. Pick it up and your spaceship will be build. You’ll return the knife and get a KNIFE TOKEN in return.

Fly up with your ship and fly towards the brown onion-shaped object. You’ll land on it so get out of your ship and walk to the right. Use your trumpet on the little hump and you’ll see a star shape with orange and white marbles. The trick is to get them all white and the start is random so not a specific solution here. Put a line with an orange ball in it at the top. When the first one is orange, it’ll become white. Once it’s in the center, rotate the star so another point gets to the top where there’s no orange in or just store it. You can’t store more than four in one line otherwise there will be orange again. Keep moving the white ones from the orange ones until you’ve reached them all and all are white. Make sure in the end each ‘point’ holds three balls.  Now you can enter the planet.

Inside there isn’t much. Just a creature with two antennae. Use them in the correct order to wake it up: LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT and the world will change. Use the bulge on the left to reveal a keyhole. Now you need a key!

Climb up outside on the right and get back into your spaceship. We need to find that key! Fly into space again and when you’re circulating near the mammoth-like planet, try to land on it. Climb out of your ship and walk a screen to the left. Climb through the opening left of the small door to reach the upper level. Next to where you emerge there’s a noise so put your trumpet on it to see a clue how to progress through the trees. Hold the cap over the exhaust pipe shut so the person inside will inhale all the smoke and rush outside to get some fresh air. Time for you to exit through the opening on the right to get down and quickly enter through the door behind the person.

You’ll end up on the left and when you pull the handle, you can see that the internal structure of the tree changes. When you now climb down again you’ll be at the opening you started with but when you enter it again you will now end up at the very top.

Use the antennae of the creature in the correct order. Number them from 1 to 4 from left to right and use them: 1, 3, 3, 2, 4, 1. This will change the creature. Use your trumpet on the creature to learn another order. Repeat the procedure with this order to get the YINGYANG TOKEN: 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2.

Leave the top through the hole on the right to emerge at the bottom. Walk all the way to the left to find a zip wire. On the tree in the middle is a bird-like creature. Touch it to get the BIRD TOKEN. Step on the platform of the zip wire to reach the other side.

Walk over to the plant on the right and use your trumpet on it to see three dials with three values. Walk to the left to find three creatures. Touch them all to wake them and let them make a sound. While standing next to them, select the plant on the right again to see the dials. Now with the three stems in the middle you can change the hands on the dials. The left stem is for the bottom dial. Move the hand one position to the left hence lowering the stem one position.  Lower the middle one six positions and the right one 8 positions.

The top of the plant will fly off and you can now pull it to the left to let a seed come out and grow in the water. Pull this plant to the right and some sticky stuff will come out. Take the GLUE from the plant by standing under it.

Climb back on the platform on the zip wire again and use the lever to ‘wiggle’ yourself back to the other side where you’ll  hop off. Walk two screens to the right where you initially landed and find some shards at the bottom. You can try to put them back together again but they’ll keep falling unless you use the glue on each shard and then put them back in place. Yank the rose to put it on the spout.

Walk a screen to the right to find a giant tortoise. Use the ‘buttons’ on his back to push them all in. Once done, use the trumpet on his head and he’ll show you a pattern. Push this pattern on his back (3 buttons up, 3 down, 3 up and three down creating an M-shape) and he’ll move away from you revealing an entrance. Don’t forget to push the small ones on the left (again) since they tend to pop back quite quickly. Jump down the trunk to reach the world below.

Remove the bats from the ropes and trees (two big ones, four small ones) to receive the BAT TOKEN. Now you need to cross.  Number the ropes from 1 to 6 from left to right. B means bat on this rope, J means jump to rope. The solution: B6 J J J B3 B2+B5 J B1+B6 J J

Continue a screen to the left. Walk all the way to the left and take the CONNECTOR from the pipework and put it between the two top pipes. This will fill the bucket hanging under the spiral. Once it’s full take the CONNECTOR again and walk to the bathing monkey on the right. Pull down the pipe connecting to his tub and insert the connector  to  connect both pipes. Now climb down the ladder and pull the handle to the right of the tree to pump the water into the bowl you’ve repaired upstairs. If the bowl won’t get full, take the connector again, put it on the upper pipe on the left to fill the container again, insert the connector on the right side and pump more water up. You’ll eventually see the structure upstairs rise because of the weight of the bowl.

Climb the ladder and take the CONNECTOR from the pipes. Push the pipe back to it’s original position so it’s connected again. Walk to the left and insert the connector between the lower two pipes. Now the monkey on the right has his steam back and you can safely leave on the far right.

You now have to traverse the ropes again. Same principle: B1 J J J B4 J B1+B5 J B3+B6 J. Now climb up on the right to return to the tortoise. Press the same M-pattern of buttons on the shield again and the tortoise will move back to it’s original location giving you a GOLD BUG TOKEN. Leave on the left to return to the bowl and the spout. Because of the flower that have grown it’ll attract the flies. When you touch the water in the bowl it’ll show you a goldfish giving you the GOLDFISH TOKEN. Walk through the opening you’ve created in the base of the spout to climb down.

You’ll see giant roaches with antennae. Use them in the same order as you did before: number them from 1 to 4 from left to right and use them: 1, 3, 3, 2, 4, 1. They’ll change color. Using the second sequence as you did before (3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2) will reveal a KEY that you can pick up.

Climb up again and climb the branch to reach your spaceship. Climb in and fly to the onion shaped satellite. Lower yourself down the small hole and use the key in the keyhole on the left. You’ll see that the object will change course. Climb back up again, enter your spaceship and set course to that flying tree stump.

Once landed on the tree climb out of your ship and walk one screen to the left. There’s a man in a tea-stand. Sit on the cushion in front of the man and talk to him. He’ll tell you about a plant. Select the large kettle on the left and he’ll pour you a cuppa. Try to use the water pipe on the right and he’ll tell you off. Use the parrot on the right in the tree to let him drop something on the tent. As soon as the shopkeeper tries to clean it, use the water pipe again and you’ll get the SMOKE TOKEN.

Walk to the tree left of you. There’s a flower in the top. On both sides there are parrots. Keep pulling the flower until both parrots are fighting over it and the GREEN FRUIT of the flower will drop down.  Walk to the left and see three bugs under the parrot on the left. Select them all and use your trumpet on them to get a BUG TOKEN.

Below the bugs is a ladder. Climb it down and walk over to the parrot on the right. Click it and it’ll make some noises. The animals around him will make the same noises. Just copy the parrot with the bud, woodpecker, branch eater, worm and gremlin. This game is random so no real help but it will give you the MIMICKING PARROT TOKEN.

Climb down the ladder on the left and find a beehive. On the branch below it is a ant-eater hanging. Click on it to see it’s behavior: eating and poo-ing. Connect the hose on the left to its rear by pulling it up  and let it eat again to fertilize the flower on the left.

Now select the beehive, select the left flower to lure the bee and select the flower on the right to pollinate. The parrot will eat the fruit that will emerge but not to worry, a new flower will grow. Repeat the process, the parrot will eat again but this time will fall asleep afterwards earning you the SLEEPING PARROT TOKEN. Do the same procedure one last time but this time the YELLOW FRUIT is for you to keep.

Climb back up the ladders back to the tea-vendor and from there walk two screens to the right. Put your trumpet on the first hump you encounter to hear the bee inside. Walk another screen to the right and see all the little creatures. As soon as they reach the end, some of them will sit up for a moment. As soon as they do, click them and they’ll start singing, eventually summoning a large bee which will give you a BEE TOKEN.

Drop down the ladder at the end (yes, it’s a ladder) and climb down. Walk a screen to the left, then down to the right again. Climb through the hole below you back to the left to reach the chambers underground. Crawl into the chamber in the middle.

There are four pull cords. The three on the left will set the switch positions, the fourth, rightmost will release a ball. The position of the switches should be (ignore the large one at the bottom): left switch down (left cord), middle switch down (second cord) and right switch all the way to the right. Pull the cord on the right to release a ball and drop the ball in the hole on the right of the three. This will get you the FUNGUS TOKEN.

Pull the third cord until the switch underneath is in the first position (all the way left) and pull the first cord to set the left switch in the ‘up’ position (ball goes under). The second switch should be in the ‘down’ position (ball goes over). Pull the fourth to receive a ball and drop it in the left most hole. This will make the bag on the right being lifted, freeing the opening of the tunnel underneath.

Climb down the hole and follow the tunnel all the way to the screen on the left. There is a bag blocking the exit on the left and the trick is to lift it by lifting others. Number the bags from 1 to 7 (not counting the blocking one) from left to right. The order in which to pull: 6, 4, 6, 4, 2, 2, 1, 3. The fly can now go outside.  You’ll have to traverse all the way to the right again until you can climb up.

Once outside, walk left behind the hole you just emerged from, climb up and walk to the right. Pull down the ladder and climb up and walk two screens to the left to your spaceship. Now pay attention: there are two red flower already (call these 1). Put the yellow fruit in one of the holes and a flower will grow (call this 2). Put the green fruit in another hole so another flower will grow (call this 3).

Push the beehive on the left so a bee comes out and select flower 1 (the red one) so the bee will visit it, then select flower 2 (yellow) and a new flower will be created (call it 4). Flower 2 will disappear. Plant the new seed in a empty hole to grow a new flower. Call another bee and let it visit this new flower first and then lure it to flower 3. This one will disappear as well but create a bulb that the tea shopkeeper was after! Take the BULB from the ground and walk a screen to the left to visit the tea shop. Give the bulb to the man and he’ll make some tea. Use your trumpet on the kettle to learn the the bulb needs to be processed into something more powerful first. You’ll get the BULB back and a POT to fix your spaceship issue.

Walk to the right and pour the contents of the pot on the root that’s holding the ship to release it, enter your spaceship and take to the sky. In orbit, fly to the orange planet, land and get out of your ship. Walk to the buried planet on the left, climb on top and use your trumpet on it to learn how this planet came to be here.

Walk a screen to the right. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see two hermit crabs walking. Select the one in front to stop it and keep doing that until the one behind has caught up and climbs on top of the first. This will get you the HERMIT CRAB TOKEN. On the mount in the middle there are three totem poles. Use your trumpet on each of them to learn their respective signs.

Walk a screen to the right and find an upside down sieve. Use your trumpet on it to get a lot of bubbles.  They come in two sizes and two colors. Combine two small blue ones so you  get a bigger one. Do that for all the small blue ones until there are only ‘double’ blues. Combine two blues together so you get a flower-like bigger one. Repeat that for the other two blue pairs as well. You should now have two large blue flower-like bubbles.

As for the yellow ones, if there are slightly larger ones (doubles), add another single yellow to is to make three singles. Keep repeating until you’ve only got yellow singles. Now add a yellow single to a blue quadruple and you’ll get a single blue and two double blues. Combine both double blues to make a quadruple again. Repeat this process until all the yellow singles are blue singles and there are two ‘quadruples’. Now combine the singles into doubles and then combine the doubles into quadruples. Finally combine two quadruples,  twice  and then add the last two together to make one giant blue bubble. Select the bubble and the sieve will open up, giving you the SIEVE TOKEN. It will also reveal another BOOK that you can take and read to learn more about the story of the planets.

Note: you can also combine the yellow bubbles, as long as you create one color. At the bottom of the screen are crabs walking in different sizes. Stack four of them together, from large to small to get the CRAB STACK TOKEN.

Against the mount on the left is another pole. Swing the pole back and forth until it’s leaning against the mount, making steps for you to climb the mount. Climb the steps and enter the mount. Inside you’ll see the bottom of the three totems you found earlier and now you need to get them at the right height so they represent their respective symbol.

The easiest way here is to push them all up, climb out the mount again, walk a screen to the left and count how many positions each pole should drop. When all the poles are in their highest position, the left one should drop 2, the middle one 5 and the right one not at all. The wheel will now turn, revealing a platform outside.

There’s a centipede in the wall on the left. Once it peeks out, click it and once it’s out, click it again to let it return. Repeat this twice to get the CENTIPEDE TOKEN. Leave the mount on the right and walk a screen to the left to see that a platform was raised below the tower. Climb the platform and descend into the planet.

Walk down the stairs to the characters near the kettle. Throw your bulb into the kettle and make the four small characters dance. It’s easiest to start with the bucket, then select one of the others. Once they’re all in sync, you’ll start dancing as well. There’s no set formula, just try and error. After the dancing, they’ll raise the kettle and roll out a large brown ball.

Climb the stairs and at the top of the stairs, on the ceiling on the left are two bats. Click them and they’ll fly away. Walk down the stairs, walk to the right and click the bat hanging on the frame the kettle is hanging on. Finally click the one hanging on the far right so they’re all airborne. Once they are you’ll get the CAVE BAT TOKEN.

Use the large brown ball to roll it to the left into a large lava lake. An explosion will release the planet that got stuck and shoot it back into orbit again. Walk to the right, climb the stairs and once on the platform, you’ll be taken back to the surface of the planet. Walk a screen to the left and climb into your spaceship and fly up.

Fly to the planet you just launched. Not much to do here but if you take off again, you’ll notice that you can now fly further into space and land on the small blue planet. Talk to the man sitting and he’ll tell you about the monster and some black power ball. Climb back in your ship and go to a bright green, diamond shaped planet. Land on it and get out of your spaceship.

Walk to the right to the next screen to find three monks. Talk to the man sitting on the grass and he’ll tell you about the fight between the robot and the monster. Talk to the man next to the boat and he’ll tell you about a tower where the monster resides and the black power ball is stored. You need to get there! Get into the boat and the man will bring you to the other side of the lake.

Get out of the boat and walk towards the opening of the tower and use your trumpet there to be greeted by a large animal. You’ll ask him to get up in the tower and he’ll tell you he’d like a watermelon. Climb back into the boat and return to the other side of the lake. Climb out and walk a screen to the left.

Just to the right of your spaceship is a rat peeking out of a pipe. Walk over to it and use your trumpet on the creature to hear what it’s saying.To the right is a watermelon plant but the melon hasn’t grown yet. Climb the steps to the pump at the top and pull the handle to fill the barrel. Climb a dew steps down to the barrel and use the panel on the side.

As you follow the pipework, you’ll see that number 4 ends at the watermelon. Push button 4  eight times to let the water flow over the melon and let it grow.  Use the panel again and use the same buttons as the rat told you. Number them from 1 to 8 from left to right and play: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 4, 5, 6 to get the RAT TOKEN.

Pick up the WATERMELON from the bottom of the screen and you’ll automatically bring it to the giant creature who will lift you to the ridge of the tower. Use your trumpet on the door on the left to reveal four orange guppy like creatures. You can spin them around. Clockwise works best, anticlockwise is a struggle. Select one of the guppies and it’ll turn around. Spin the circle clockwise again and the one facing the other way will change color. Repeat with the other three as well until they’re all green. The door will now open.

Once at the top of the tower you’ll see the power ball but it’s heavily guarded. If only you could lure him away. Take the BUCKET WITH POTATOES and use it on the furnace on the right. Use the bellows to heat the furnace and you’ll create some moonshine. The guard will hear the whistle, come down and drink it but it’s not what he’d hoped for.

Still carrying the bucket, climb down the stairs, click the giant animal and he’ll put you back on the ground. Take some POTATOES from the pile to fill the bucket and ask the animal for a lift again. Walk through the door and up the stairs and drop the potatoes on the fire. Use the bellows again and the monk will repeat his action. Repeat once more: climb down, call the animal, get the POTATOES, call the animal, climb up again and put the potatoes on the fire. This time the monk will fly away with his monster.

After the monk has left, climb down a final time with the bucket and get some more POTATOES. Go back up again and make some more moonshine, giving you the MOONSHINE TOKEN. Walk up the stairs twice and take the BLACK POWER BALL from under the dome. Go down once and follow the white arrow on the floor to go outside. Follow the path to rejoin the three monks.

Talk to the monk at the top of the mount and he’ll tell you about the dead knight on the moon. In this scene there’s also a white owl. Select it a few times where ever it sits down until you get the OWL TOKEN. Walk a screen to the left and climb in your spaceship. Head for the moon.

You’ll find the dead knight here so climb out of your ship and insert the black power ball into the head of the knight. Talk to the knight and tell him about the monster. The knight will fight and kill the monster. The monks will reward you and you’ll make music at the top of the tower. A happy end.

End? Not yet….

Stop playing trumpet and you’ll get the FOUR TRUMPETS TOKEN. Climb down the building and you’ll end up at your spaceship. Take to the skies and you’ll get a RING TOKEN. Fly to the moon to find the dead knight. Take the black POWER BALL from his head and get back into your spaceship. Fly to the blue planet and give the power ball to the monk. He’ll put it in the container and give you the POWER TOKEN.

Get into your spaceship and fly to the planet you dislodged earlier. Just landing there is enough to get the SPIRITS TOKEN. From here fly your ship to the large flying tree stump-planet. Land here and walk a screen to the right. Walk towards the dead tree and see how it’s revived, giving you the TREE TOKEN.

Walk to the left and get back into your spaceship. Use the light brown hairy planet as a transfer station to get back to your home planet. Walk a screen to the right to greet your dog again earning the DOG TOKEN. Welcome back!


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. When I couldn’t leave the astroid I turned to your site. I knew I had to do something with that vase full of water but I can’t get the figure to touch it. Your words: Leave on the left to return to the bowl and the spout. Because of the flower that have grown it’ll attract the flies. When you touch the water in the bowl it’ll show you a goldfish giving you the GOLDFISH TOKEN. Well, there are no flowers in the bowl and the flies keep buzzing. What did I omit?
    Also, an entirely different question, what do I do with these tokens? How do I use them? The yin yang just showed up automatically one time. I tried to use flow token without success.
    Thank you.

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