You crashed and now your repair drone needs to get a beacon out to the world.

Look around the room. First check Valentin. He has a BIG BLUE CUP on him that you’ll take.  Use the cup on the puddle in front of Valentin to get some WATER and then give the cup to Valentin. Well… close enough.

Talk to Valentin but he hasn’t much to say. To the lower right is a locker. Use it to see it needs a code. Talk to Valentin again and ask him for the code. He’s just able to tell you. Use the code 414 on the locker and get the SCREWDRIVER and a roll of TAPE from it.

On the left under your barrel there’s a SIGNAL BUOY on the floor. Pick it up and look at it. It’s broken so you need to fix it. Next to the buoy is a CONE. Take it because you can use it to fix the buoy. To the right of Valentin is a HELMET. Take it with you and use the hatch control panel to open the hatch on the right and go through.

There’s a warning light flashing and you need a light bulb for your buoy. So use the screwdriver to take the cover from the warning light and take the LIGHT BULB. In your inventory look at the buoy and use the light bulb to replace the broken one. Then put the cone you took earlier and your beacon is fixed. Now only for a way to get out.

When you use the panel underneath the warning light to flood the room you will electrocute yourself so you need some protection. You can use the helmet but it’s too big for you. Use the tape you took from the locker and use it on the helmet to adjust the size. Then put on the helmet to protect yourself from the water.

Use the switch under the warning light to open the hatch and flood the room. Then you can go through to the outside world and release the beacon.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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