You’re just out of bed.

Open the nightstand next to the bed and take your WALLET out. In your inventory look at your wallet to find a CASHCARD in it, but nothing else. Use the door to enter the kitchen and use the laundry basket on top of the washing machine to find your KEYS.

Use the keys on the front door to unlock it and use the door to go outside. Walk all the way to the left to the entrance hall downstairs and use the keys on the mailboxes to get your LETTER. You’ll read about the death of your aunt and are requested to travel to Dandledare.

Use the front door and on the map travel to the Railway Station. Talk to the lady behind the counter and ask for a ticket to Dandledare. Give her your cashcard and learn that you can’t pay for it because the card machine is broken so you need to go to the cashpoint in town. Talk to the lady some more until you learn why her face is so red: it’s hot in the booth.


Leave the station and on the map travel to the Cashomat. Talk to the bird to scare it away and use your cashcard on the machine. But whatever you do, no cash because you didn’t get the last payment. Talk to the baker in the stall until you learn about the problem with his hat. Time to visit your former employer a visit. Walk to the lower right and select the Brass Monkey on the map.

Look at the bike outside and then enter the pub and you’ll hear how Yokel bought a ticket to Dandledare. Behind the bar you can see his coat with the ticket in the pocket. If only you could get that ticket! Talk to Yokel to learn about your sweater and the ticket. Talk to Snooty to learn it’s his bike. Time for some action. Leave the bar on the left and talk to the man in the car. Talk until you know what he’s waiting for: a cheesegrater.

Walk south and on the map select your house. Go up the stairs and use your keys on the door far right to enter. Meanwhile you’ll hear about the dog of the neighbour. It’s put outside. In the kitchen use the door on the left to enter the living room. Use the top shelf of the cabinet far right with office supplies and take the STAPLER from it. On the table is a TABLE CLOTH with the picture of a cat on it. Take it and use the side of the bed to look under it and find your PHONE. Leave the room to return to the kitchen.

Use the left drawer from the worktop and get your CHEESE GRATER out. You don’t need it anymore. Use the door on the right to go outside and find the dog blocking your path. Use the tablecloth on the dog and he’ll be out cold. On the railing is a ROPE that might be useful.

Walk further left downstairs and find something shiny on the doormat. You can’t pick it up with your fingers but using your keys on the mat will pry the COIN loose. Use the door to leave and select Cashomat on the map.

Give the stapler to the baker which will fix his hat-problem. In return you can select a cake. No matter which one you’ll choose, it’ll end up in poo.

As a consolation you’ll get a box with swelling DOUGH BALLS. Walk to the lower right to see the map and go the the Brass Monkey. Since you know it’s Snooty’s bike, tie the rope to it and tie the other end of the rope to the car. Give the cheese grater to the man in the car and enter the pub. See how quick Snooty left? Now Yokel.

Walk to the toilets in the upper right corner. Use the cubicle on right (closest) and drop the box with balls in the toilet. Oops. At least you got rid of Yokel. But there’s this Yeti-like person. Talk to it and you’ll learn about the need for a pair of shoes.

In the corner on the right is an arcade machine that gives prizes. But what? Use your coin to see what kind of game it is: it’s a sudoku.

[NOTE: the easiest way to solve this is to convert the colors to numbers and then treat the grid as a normal sudoku. When solved, the numbers of the solved squares is the number of times you need to click on the square to get the right color. If you hang around in the train station long enough, the two ladies will tell you the first line.]

The solution of the sudoku:

The colors: 1=Red, 2=Purple, 3=Yellow, 4=Grey, 5=Blue, 6=Orange, 7=Green, 8=Cyan, 9=Brown.

9 4 1 6 8 2 3 7 5
6 3 8 1 5 7 9 4 2
2 7 5 9 3 4 6 1 8 
7 1 6 2 9 5 4 8 3 
3 5 9 4 1 8 7 2 6 
4 8 2 7 6 3 1 5 9
8 2 4 3 7 6 5 9 1
1 6 7 5 2 9 8 3 4 
5 9 3 8 4 1 2 6 7

Now that the puzzle is solved you get your prize: a FAN. Now we know the person who could use one. Under the chair in the front is an object. Pick it up to see it’s a broken DISC-MAN. But the BATTERIES might come in handy. Leave the bar and walk south to the map. Select the Train Station on it.

Give the Japanese fan to the lady behind the desk. You don’t get a ticket in return but she gives you her broken ELECTRIC FAN. Leave the station and on the map go to the Cashomat.

There’s a man on the right and when you look at him, you’d say he’s under the influence of something. Push him and he’ll ask for his wings. In your inventory use the batteries on the broken fan to fix it and give the fan to the man. It’ll give him wings. In return you can take his SHOES.

Walk to the lower right and return to the Brass Monkey. Go inside and give the shoes to the dough-man. He’ll leave the bar. Finally you can reach the jacket behind the bar and get the TRAIN TICKET from it. Leave the bar on the lower left and walk south on the right to see the map. Now travel to the Railway Station. Walk all the way south to catch the train to Dandledare.




Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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