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Sammy’s Quest – Walkthrough (George Madi & Dave Ensminger/2003)

By Leon | February 22, 2012

Sammy's Quest Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.


You need to get Mr. Donatello out of the closet.

Take the SCARF from the wall next to the closet door. On the table on the left there are books. Use them to pick up the BOOK “How to cook rat”.   Walk up the stairs in the back of the room. In this party  room take the deck of CARDS from the table on the left. There’s a tray next to it with a glass on it. Pick up the glass to find a KEY inside. Pick up the TRAY as well and look at it in your inventory. It has a hole in it.

From the table on the right take the box of TOOTHPICKS. In front of the door to the right are some METAL PIECES on the floor. Pick them up and use the door to go to the attic. On the table on the right is a box. Open the box to release the ghost and then talk to the ghost.

There’s something in the box that you can have but you must bring the ghost some chains first. Take the TARP from the left to reveal a table and take the GUN from the table. Walk left to leave the attic then south to go downstairs again. Use the key from your inventory on the door on the right to free Mr. Donatello.  He’ll leave in a hurry. Walk to the left to enter the dining room.

Talk to Mr. Donatello and he’ll tell you about the missing chairs. You need to get two of them. Take the NEWSPAPER and the bottle of OIL from the table and walk north into the kitchen. Take the KNIFE from the worktop in the back next to the sink. Open the drawer under the sink and take the HAMMER and the MATCHES out and then close the drawer again.

Open the fridge left of the worktop.  Take the MAYO out of the fridge. Pick up the BROOM and the BOWL from the left. There’s also one of the chairs you need to bring back to Mr. Donatello but you can’t get to it because there’s a rat running around. Leave it for now. Walk south out of the kitchen and from the dining room to the right into the reception. Walk further to the right to reach the garage.

Pick up the WASHBOARD left of the shelves and the FLUTE from the bottom shelf. Also pick up the ROPE next to it. Use your hammer on the boards barring the door on the right to remove the boards and keep the NAILS. Use the horse to leave the house and see the map. Travel to the market north.

Take the CHEESE from the table and the empty BAG to the right next to the table. In the huge basket on the right is a LETTUCE hidden between the rest of the green items. Pick it up and look at the shelves on the right. On the far end top shelf is a bag of FLOUR. Underneath you can find a box of LAUNDRY DETERGENT. On the far right on the bottom shelf you can find the RAT POISON. Take it and leave the market on the left. On the map travel to the baker on the left.

Left of the table is a COIN on the floor. Pick it up and take the BREAD from the round table on the right. Leave the bakery on the south and ride your horse to the butcher on the right. Take the TWIG that’s on the floor next to the chopping block and take the HAM that’s on the block.

Leave the butcher and visit the blacksmith south of the butcher. Take the piece of COAL from next to the fire. Since the blacksmith won’t let you near the fire, he’ll get it for you. Give the metal pieces you found earlier to the blacksmith and ask him to make some chains of them. The blacksmith will tell you it might take a while to make them and offers you a set of pre-made chains. Decline his offer and tell him you’ll wait for your own ones.

Leave the blacksmith and go back home in the center of the map. In the garage use the door on the left and in the reception walk to the left again into the dining room. From here go north into the kitchen. Look at the book about rats in your inventory to open the book. Look at the container of rat poison to find a red STRING. Put the cheese in the open book and attach the red string to the combination. You now have a makeshift rat-trap.

Use the trap on the rat and once it’s dead and kicked, pick up the RAT. Pick up the CHAIR as well. Look at the chair in your inventory to notice the piece of METAL sticking out of the chair. Walk south to leave the kitchen and in the dining room put one chair back at the table. Walk to the right and in the reception area go up the stairs to the party room.

Use your knife on the set of swords on the right to take the broken SWORD down. Walk south to go downstairs again and back to the garage on the right. Take the horse to go to the blacksmith on the lower right. Talk to the blacksmith and pick up the CHAINS he made for you from the table. Give him the broken sword and he’ll fix the sword for you. Leave the blacksmith on the south and take the horse back home.

Use the door on the left to enter the reception hall and walk up the stairs to the party room. Put the fixed sword back on the wall and use the door on the right to go to the attic. Use the box again to let the ghost out and give the chains to the ghost. The ghost will give you a magic KEY and the chair. Pick up the CHAIR and walk to the left to return to the party room.

Walk south down the stairs then left into the dining room. Put the second chair at the table and then talk to Mr. Donatello. He’ll tell you about the painting that your parents are looking for. It has to be a real one though!

Walk to the right to the reception hall and pick up the round carpet to reveal a secret door underneath. Use the key you got from the ghost on the trapdoor to open it notice that if you want to go down, it’s a deep hole. Take the LANTERN from the storage room. Use the rope on the hook on the wall where the scarf was and in your inventory use the matches with the lantern to light it. Use the secret opening again to climb down.

Pick up the skeleton BONE and walk further to the left. This will summon the dragon. Talk to the dragon and it’ll tell you it’s hungry. Give the dead rat from your inventory to the dragon and as thanks he’ll give you a lump of GOLD. Pick it up and take your LANTERN from the wall to leave the dungeon again. From the reception hall go right again into the garage and use the horse to travel to the brick wall below the house.

On the left side is a PAINTBRUSH and on the right is a FEATHER. Pick them both up.  Take the deck of cards from your inventory and use them on yourself to see that NOTHING happened. Use the nothing on the wall to create an opening and use the hole to go through. On the other side look at the plaque on the wall to find a secret number (762198). Walk south to leave and  walk south again to see the map.

Travel to the well on the right next to the house.  A wolf is guarding the well so give the bone to the wolf and he’ll leave. Pick up the ROCK left of the well and the FLOWER standing in front of it. Use your knife on the rope hanging from the well to cut the BUCKET off. Walk to the left to return to the map and travel back to the house.

Use the door on the left and in the reception hall take the LADDER from the storage room. Walk left again into the dining room. Time to get creative! Put the tarp on the floor in front of the fireplace. Put the ladder on the tarp so you can climb up. In your inventory put the oil and the flower in the empty bowl to make a paint mixture. Add the flowers to give it some colour.

Put the paint on the tray with the hole in it and use the ladder to climb up. Use the paintbrush on the canvas to create a painting. When done, walk north into the kitchen and talk to Mr. Donatello to tell him about it. He’ll have a look at it. Talk to Mr. Donatello again and he’ll tell you about the laundry. Give him the washboard and you’ll automatically will give him the detergent and the bucket as well.

Leave the dining room on the right and go up the stairs. Use the coin you found earlier on the jukebox and select the option to enter a number. Enter the number you’ve found in  room behind the wall. Another puzzle solved. Walk south to leave the room and in the reception hall go to the garage on the right. Use the horse to see the map and travel to the blacksmith on the lower right of the map.

When you enter the shop he’ll tell you about your horse. Actually, he needs his thongs back from the butcher. Oh well… Leave the blacksmith on the south and go to the butcher north. Talk to the butcher and he’ll tell you about the apron at the baker. Leave the butcher on the south and go to the baker on the far left. And again, as expected, he won’t give it until he gets his hat back from the farmer. Leave the baker on the south and go to the market north.

Talk to the farmer. Again you get nothing until you get the pitchfork from the blacksmith. So go south and travel back to the blacksmith on the lower right. Talk to him and he’ll give you the PITCHFORK. Leave south and travel to the market to give the pitchfork to the farmer. He’ll give you the HAT. Walk south and go to the baker. Give the hat to the baker and you’ll get the APRON. Go south and go to the butcher. Give him the apron and you finally get the TONGS. Walk south and return to the blacksmith. Give him the tongs and you’ll get the HORSESHOES you don’t need.

Walk south to  leave the blacksmith and go back to your house. In the garage use the horseshoes on the horse and leave on the left. Walk left again into the dining room and talk to Mr. Donatello. He wants you to do one final very important task: make lunch!

Give the ham to Mr. Donatello and you’ll give the lettuce and bread as well. When you think you’re done Mr. Donatello wants the mayo and a knife. Give him the mayonnaise and you’ll give him the knife automatically. Finally give him the toothpicks.



Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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