Chapter 3:

You need to get out of the zoo.  Walk to the left to start the game. Pick up your PANTS and search the bin next  to the tree to get some TRASH. Walk further to the left and talk to the gremlin on the back of the dead duck in the pond. Ask him about the zoo and ask how to get out. The only exit is the gate, which is locked and the key is lost. Ask more about the key to find out that a sparrow has it.

Walk to the left and find an empty pond. Use the pond to dive in and earn a SWIMMING BADGE. Go to the left once more to find the empty Potto cage. To the left of the cage is a broken sign. Use the pants from your inventory on the sign to create a signpost-net and pick up the pants/sign NET.

Walk back to the tree on the right (three screens) and put the trash in the tree to lure the sparrow. Use the pants/net on the sparrow to catch it. Then pick up your PANTS/NET/SPARROW and throw the combination against the tree to stun the sparrow. The key will drop to the floor.

Pick up the KEY and the PANTS/NET/SPARROW combination. Walk to the right to the gate and use the key on the gate to open it. You’re free now. Walk to the right and find a wishing well. Since you don’t have a coin to throw in, use the swimming badge on it and it will be gone. Talk to the big black box and learn why you were locked in the zoo and what happened to the hills in Wales.   After the conversation walk to the right through the hills and the chapter will end.

Chapter 5:

You’re in a toilet.  Walk to the right to leave and realize you’re on a plane. Take the male toilet SIGN from the door on the left and put it on the door on the right. Since it’s a men’s toilet now, use the door on the right to enter. Look at the sink to find a lost KEY that you will take. Use the door to leave again.

In the corridor walk south. There’s a hatch in the ceiling but it’s locked. Use the key to unlock the hatch and then use the hatch to climb out of the plane. Walk south to reach the cockpit and look at the left wiper on the windscreen. It’s broken. Take the WIPER from the plane and walk north to return to the hatch. Use it to get back inside again.

Walk south to find a man in a bunny suit. Talk to the bunny and he’ll tell you about being a suspect and the time distortion. After the conversation look at the middle window on the right. Everything looks different through this window. Use the window to take the LENS from it and then walk south.

Next to the door is a BOTTLE. Pick it up. Read the sign next to the door about the escape pod. Between the controls on the dashboard is a small button. Look at it to see it’s giving access to the store room. Push the button and the door will be unlocked. Walk north twice and use the door on the left leading to the store room. On the shelf you can find a jar of POLISH. Take it and use the mop to find out it’s a lever revealing a talking brain in the hidden compartment. Talk to the brain to learn more about what happened to the zoo and the time distortion. You need to destroy the box for the brain.

Walk to the right to leave the closet and walk north into the corridor. Walk left (rather than using the door ?!) to enter the real men’s room and use the polish on the mirror to clean it. Then pick up the MIRROR and leave the toilet on the right. Walk north to find a large eye.

Talk to the eye. It’s not very helpful. Push the button above the radiator to find out that the eye doesn’t like the cold. Use the windscreen wiper on the button to break it and the heat can’t be adjusted any more. This will make the eye leave. Use the coffee machine as suggested by the eye to start hallucinating.

Pick up the EGG and talk to the pixie. You’ll get a cryptic hint about the egg and heating things. End the conversation and use the door north to go into another room. Pick up the SAC-O-CEMENT and wait for the spell to wear off. You’re now in the engine room.  If you didn’t make it in time, just walk north and use the coffee machine again.

Walk north, then south and walk  left to enter the men’s room. Use the bottle from your inventory on the tap and get some WATER. Leave the toilet on the right and walk south again. Use the door on the lower left to enter the storage room.  Put the sac-o-cement in the bucket and add the bottle of water from your inventory. The cement is now ready for use.

Use your pants/net/sparrow on the cement to create a concrete sparrow and then pick up the PANTS/NET/SPARROW again. Leave the room on the right and walk north twice and then use the door to enter the engine room again.  Pick up some COAL. Then do it again to pick up some more COAL.  Look at the sign next to the coal bunker and then look at the red canisters on the left.

Put the egg from your inventory on the hook hanging on the ceiling and the hang the mirror on the hooks above the coal bunker. Now you need to produce some heat. Put the coal in the furnace on the left and do the same with the second coal. Use the concrete sparrow to smash the mirror on the right. Stick the lens in the egg and the ray of light is reflected to both canisters. Better get off the plane.

Walk north, then south and use the door on the right to enter the ladies room. Use the toilet as it is the escape pod. Float to the right to end the chapter.

Chapter 5.5:

Fly to the right to start the chapter and find the control tower of the airport. Go south until you meet the wakeling. Talk to the creature and learn all about the messing up and the box that ate time. You need to correct some things. Take the POTTO and fly to the right to end the chapter and start from the beginning (time-wise that is..).

Chapter 1:

You’re in front of the warehouse where the party is. You can’t get through the door yet because of the wall. On the left in the wall there’s a little note. Read the note to see the places that the Professer goes to. Use the drain to find a massive poo and then pick up the POO. Walk to the right and talk to the officer. He doesn’t want you to go to the party. Walk further to the right and take the cab. It’ll bring you to Professor Jon in Japan.

The door to the lab is closed but you can take a piece of WIRE from the wheel of the cab and use the piece of wire to pick the lock. Use the door to enter the small lab. Pick up the UMBRELLA from the floor and walk left to enter the lab. The box has gone already. You need to track it.

Look around at everything. There’s a bowl, a drill, super glue, fish food and some kind of fish. Read the notebook to learn about the fish food. Take the BOWL from the shelf and use the bowl on the drill to make a hole in it. Use the bowl on the glue machine to glue the rim. Take the pants/net/sparrow from your inventory and use it on the drill to make some kind of scoop. Use the scoop on the drill again to make a sieve with a large hole at the bottom.

Use the scoop on the glue machine to glue the bowl to the bottom of the sieve. Use the scoop/sieve on the boxes of fishfood to fill them and drop the scoop/sieve in the fishtank. The fish is not interested. Add the poo to the net and the fish will jump into your net.  Take the FISH to find out it’s a tracker fish. It’ll tell you where the box went. Use the fish on the window to follow it.

In the woods, walk to the left, back to the right and then left again and you’ll find the box. Talk to the box about everything. Learn what you need to do to get out of here. It’s really simple (?!).  Use the umbrella on the tree you’re standing next to to knock down a few TWIGS. Walk to the right to the same tree and use the umbrella again, this time to get a box of MATCHES. Walk to the right again, this time to find a panel. Use the umbrella on the tree to reveal the secret panel.

Behind the panel you can see the cord. Use the twigs on the cord and then set fire to the twigs by using the matches. This will end the universe. Look at the darkness that you end up in and you’ll see… a desktop. Use the Paint-icon (bottom row, fourth from the right) to get a blob of PAINT. Use the Ne Rasumem folder (bottom row, second from the right) to find a broken pointer. Use the recycle bin (second row from the top, leftmost icon) to scrape off some chewing gum then pick up the CHEWING GUM.

Use the recycle bin again to see one of the unwanted children. Then pick up the unwanted CHILD. Walk to the right to leave the desktop but as you’re about to leave, the eye appears again. Talk to the eye and learn about Commisar Tantor and the fact that you need to start again.

Give the unwanted child to the eye to keep it busy for a while. Now you need to find a way to push the Start button. Use the umbrella on the broken pointer to get the shape back. Then attach it with the chewing gum. Finally use the blob of paint on the pointer to make it look as new. Pick up the POINTER and use the pointer on the Start button on the lower left. Your rebirth will start.

First you will see the meaning of your life. Walk to the right to meet Guru Trish. Talk to her and ask for help. She’ll tell you what to do to restore everything again. After the conversation, walk to the right to see the title screen. Then walk further to the right to end up in the zoo again. A deja-vu?

Walk to the left until you find the empty potto cage (three screens). Put the potto back in its cage and then walk all the way to the right to the entrance of the zoo. You’ll also find Commisar Tantor here. Pick him up to drive off on the tandem.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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