The songstress has been kidnapped and you need to rescue her.

Walk to the south and use the colored device on the left. Read the texts left of the strings and play the strings until a guard appears. He’ll tell you to leave and when he wants to open the door, he’ll let you know the ‘code’. Use the device again and play yellow, green, red and red. The door will open so walk inside.

Look at the books on the shelf. On the second shelf from the top you can find the Echo Harmony that will work on brickwork. Use the other shelves to learn more about the culture and some poems. Walk to the right and when you pass the door you overhear a conversation of the string inventor about an attack being planned. After the conversation, take the HARP from the chest on the right.

Use the door on the left to leave again and walk north to the guard. Go left from here where you’ll find a small courtyard. Looking at the window above you’ll hear a faint humming. The songstress  must be here. Use the harp and play the combination you’ve read in the books: yellow, blue, blue and red. The wall will burst open and you’ll find the princess but you can’t prevent being captured.

The sjah is in a good mood and after telling him about the conversation you’ve heard, he’ll let you and the songstress go.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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