You’re locked in the room while you could have fun outside.

Use the communication device next to the wall to alert your colleagues but it’s not much of use.Use the bookshelf on the left and look at it. Then use it until you find the STARMAP.  Use the panel next to the door to open it and look inside. Against the back wall is a plaque with the manufacturer. Maybe they can be of assistance. Use the starmap from your inventory to find the location of the planet.

Walk to the right and use the container against the wall to get the pipe WRENCH, the SCISSORS and the FLARE GUN out. Walk back to the right and use the starmap on the helm (wheel) set the course to the new planet. Then go to the captains chair. Use the logbook on the right to write some entries and talk to  the communicator on the left to call the engineer. He’s taking a little nap.

Use the flare gun on the comms device to wake him up and talk to the device again. Tell him to engage the engines and set course to the new planet. Get up from the chair and use the phone against the back wall to talk to the door manufacturer. They are not really cooperative. After stating the urgence and not getting help, use the red weapon control system lever to fire a few shots and get the desired attention. Use the phone on the back wall again and this time an engineer is available. After explaining the problem, he’ll tell you what to do.

Walk to the right and use the door to the ready room. Out comes a SNORKEL and a SLIME DEVIL. Walk back to the left and look at the panel again. Use the wrench on the broken pipe on the left to remove it. In your inventory use the scissors on the snorkel to remove the plastic TUBE and use this tube as replacement for the pipe. Then use the Slime Devil as sealant for the pipe and create a leak free system.

Leave the panel and use the starmap on the helm again to set course to the original destination. Use the captains chair, write the log book on the right and talk to the comms device on the left. Tell the engineer to engage engines. In no time you’re back at Risa. Get out of the chair and use the door to leave the room. Finally some rest.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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