You must let people remember rock.

Walk to the right and look through the window of the Yahtzee Brand General Store. There’s a robbery ongoing. Walk to the left and talk to the bum. Ask about the box and ask for a PAMPHLET. Use the pamphlet on yourself to see the map of Reality. Visit the graveyard.

Against the wall is a SHOVEL. Take it and use the map on yourself again. This time visit the RON sign. Phil Collins lost his WALLET. Pick it up and use the map on yourself again. This time return to town square. Walk to the right and enter the Yahtzee Brand General Store. Talk to the shopkeeper about what happened. Ask what he has for sale and there’s only the toolkit left. Since he won’t just give it to you, give him the wallet to buy the TOOLKIT.

Use the map on yourself again and return to the RON sign. The first letter is loose but can’t be yanked off. Use the toolkit on the first letter of the sign to take the LETTER R. Use the map and goto the pirate’s lair. Talk to the pirate. He’ll mention his hidden treasure. But he won’t tell you until you show that you are a pirate. You can do that by winning his battle of the bellows.


Battle him and when he has Arrrr!!’ed  use the letter R on him to show him you have a bigger one. The pirate will give you a piece of PAPER. Look at it in your inventory and see that it’s a treasure map. Use the paper on your own map to see that X marks the spot. Use the map on yourself and visit the treasure site. Use the shovel on the heap of sand to find the head under it. Use the head to find the TICKET is his hair.

Use the map again and visit the forum. Talk to the bouncer outside to find out who’s playing. Give him the ticket and you can watch the show.  Well, it’s not much. You find out the music is dying. Death will tell you.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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