Open the locker on the left. Inside is a frog that needs a code. On the left door is a fish, on the right the zodiac sign for Cancer.  At the ceiling is a MOON. Take it. Leave the locker and turn left. Look at the base of the plant. On the wall you can see the outline for a dog, the zodiac sign is Leo. You can take a LEAF from the plant. It has a strange shape. Leave the plant.

Turn left and see a picture on the wall that has two pieces missing. Use the moon and leaf piece from your inventory and the picture will slide, revealing a hint about the lamp. Leave the picture and turn right twice. Use the lamp to take the shade off and use the shade twice to get the KEY.

Turn left and look at the drawers under the bed. The left one has a keyhole. Use the key on the drawer and open the drawer to get the SPANNER from it. Leave the drawer and look at the bed. Look at the duvet cover and use it to remove it. Underneath you find the zodiac symbol for Aries and a rabbit’s head. Leave the bed and look at the decoration on the wall. Notice how one of the heads is a cat? Leave the hanger and turn to the right. Look at the top of the closet. There are some nuts. Use the spanner to remove them. Use the top again to remove that and see a head of a cat again. Recreate the hanger from the wall by clicking the dots. Once to make it white, twice to make it black, a third to turn it off.

When ready click the head of the cat and when correct you’lll see ‘open’. Note that when clicking the cat’s head you’ll see the zodiac sign for Libra. Leave the top and use the front of the cupboard to open it. Inside is a HOOK and a FROG’S FOOT. Leave the cupboard and look at the ceiling above the nightstand. Use the hook with the trapdoor to open it. Now there’s a code visible: 2609.

Leave the cupboard and open the locker on the left of it. Enter the number you found on top of the cupboard on the frog. Use the frog’s foot you found on the right side of the frog and use it to pull the handle. Leave the locker and see that a frog is lowered from the ceiling. It has a SPADE in it’s paws.

Turn to the left and look closer at the plant. Use the spade on the plant and find a KEY in the soil. Leave the plant and turn to the right. Look at the bedside table under the frog. Use the key in the stand where the shade has been. Use the frog to hook it onto the key. Leave the table and go to the locker above the bed. Use the handle on the frog again and leave the locker to see the table has been raised.

Under the table you can see a bird and the zodiac sign for Capricorn. Leave the table and turn to the left. Look down at the drawers under the bed and use the one on the right. There’s a switch inside. Use the switch and leave the drawer. Turn to the left and look at the paper next to the picture. There’s an equasion. You have to figure out the order of the animals, starting with the heaviest.

1: Fish is heavier than rabbit  (fish>rabbit).
2: Cat is heavier than bird (cat>bird).
3: Cat and bird equals dog, so dog is heavier (dog>cat>bird).
4: You already know that dog>cat>bird. Make dog 3, cat 2, bird 1. So the last equasions says: x+1+2 > 2*3. Two times three equals six so x must be 4 (4+1+2=7>6). With rabbit 4, fish must be 5 (equasion 1).

fish > rabbit > dog > cat > bird. Search for the zodiac signs with these animals:

Cancer (1) > Aries (9) > Leo (2) >  Capricorn (7) > Libra (4).

You can convert them to the right signs using this table. Leave the paper and turn to the left. Look at the door and the lock on it. Use the correct signs in the correct order and push the red button to unlock the door and leave the house.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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