You want to start a new business in Reality.

Walk to the north between the pizza shop and the postoffice and find the perfect place to buy. It’s for sale at Cloudy Days. Walk to the right and in the main enter Yahtzee Brand General Store. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask for the ROCK CANDY. Walk to the south to leave the shop and enter Cloudy Days left of it. Talk to the wolf about a shop but you don’t understand him. Give him the rock candy and he’ll lose a TOOTH. Walk to the south to leave the shop again.

Walk into the alley on the left and talk to the bum. He’s Gandalf this time and he has lost his magic book. Ask him for spells for talking to wolves and he’ll tell you to get something from a wolf. Give him the tooth and he’ll make that you can understand wolf. Walk to the right and enter the house to the right of Yahtzee Brand to visit Davy. Try to talk to him but he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Try to go upstairs and he’ll stop you.

Now you have to quick. Use the light to distract him and use the stairs to go up in his room. Use the drawer in his desk to find Gandalf’s SPELLBOOK. Use the door on the left to leave the room and walk south to leave Davy’s house. Walk all the way to the right to go to the church. Use the front door of the church to enter and talk to Elaine. Bad choice because now she’s going to burn you….


Fortunately you’re saved just in time by Gandalf. Once from the pile, take the bag with CHARCOAL and walk to the right to reach the church again. Walk to the left and you’re in the main street of Reality. Walk all the way to the left to visit the bum and give him the spellbook. In return you’ll get his SPELLBOOK.

Look at this spellbook to find the spell for turning coal into diamonds. Use the spellbook on the coal and you’ll get the DIAMONDS. Walk to the right and visit Cloudy Days again. Talk to wolf and tell him about the bargain with diamonds. You’ve just bought a shop and everyone is invited.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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