You get a very important quest from God: get Mrs. Plumbensteins cat out of the tree. Then you wake up.It’s off to Lopensville.

Use the dresser to get you THONG out. Use the door on the right to leave the house. Walk all the way to the right and enter the airport terminal. Talk to the lady behind the desk and ask for a free ticket. T%ell her you’re on a mission from God and she still won’t give it. Ask what else is free. She offers a CUP so be greedy: it’s free. But you need to fill it.

Walk further to the right and you’ll meet the only other customer the airport has. Talk to him to discover it’s only a paper image. Pick up the POSTER and walk further to the right. Enter the complaints department by using the door and talk to the lady.

Complain about the free ticket and then tell her you can’t get anything for free. She’ll mention her underwear so give her you thong and you’ll get her UNDERWEAR and a bottle of GLUE. Take the pair of SCISSORS from the table and leave the office on the left.


Walk all the way to the left and leave the airport. Use the scissors on the left most cactus to take the TEQUILA from it. Enter the airport on the right again. Give the cup with tequila to the lady behind the desk and you can pick up your TICKET.  Walk all the way to the right and give the ticket to the guard. You can now go to the runway by using the exit on the right.

Talk to the pilot and ask when you’ll be leaving. He needs another passenger. Use the plane to enter and use the glue on the paper poster in your inventory. Use the poster on the window on the left and you’re ready to go. When the plane disintegrates and you’re falling down, the pilot asks about a parachute. Use the underwear on the pilot to make a safe landing. The pilot is very thankful and wants to follow you wherever you go. Oh God…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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