Your story of how you ended up in jail:

Standing on the square in Lopensville enter the music shop on the left and talk to the Rabbi. Ask for something free and he’ll try a circumcision. Ask him to do it yourself and he’ll give you the KNIFE. Compliment him on his guitar and he’ll play a tune making the police to enter.You’ll leave.

Enter Scotland Yard next to it and talk to the mad scientist. Ask for the house of Mrs. Plumberstein and he indeed knows where it is. But he wants you to bring a car first. Ask him where to get a car and he’ll send you back to the Rabbi. Ask him why he got caught and he’ll tell about the watermelon theory. Leave the station and enter the music shop on the left again.

Talk to the Rabbi and ask for his car. Tell him you really need it. He wants the horn of Joseph of Arimatheia. Leave the shop. Behind the shop and the police station is a dark alley. Go there. On the ground is a CUSHION. Pick it up. Use the door of the mysterious house to enter it and see all the celebrities.

Talk to the snail and he’ll ask you to help him down. Ask how you can help and the snail wants something soft to land on. Use the cushion on the snail and he’ll land.. next to it. When the snail is finished laughing use the snail to squash it. Pick up the SLIMEY remainder of the snail. Take Michael Jordan’s BASKETRBALL. Leave the house and walk to the right and leave the alley.

Enter Mr. Greens grocery shop and talk to the croc. Ask him about the watermelon but you can’t afford it. Use the slime on the basketball and it looks just like a watermelon. Use the green basketball on the watermelon to swap them and leave the shop with the WATERMELON.

Return to the dark alley on the left and time to put the scientists theory into action. Use the knife on the watermelon to cut a slice off and use the slice on yourself to eat it. You can now take the TRUMPET from the player. Walk tot he right to leave the alley and enter the music shop on the left. Give the trumpet to the Rabbi and the scientist will join too. Time to drive to Mrs. Plumbenstein.

Inside the house take the BOOK from the table. Walk to the right and take the CATFOOD from the floor. Take the CUP from the worktop and use the cup with the sink to get some WATER. Walk to the right and use the door to leave the kitchen. There’s  the cat. Take the AXE standing against the wall. Time to get the cat.

Combine the catfood with the book to create a stepladder. Under the cat next to the tree is a spot on the ground that you can use to put the ladder down. Use the water on the cat and while the cat is busy washing use the axe on the branch that the cat is sitting on. You now have the cat and return inside the house. But then there’s something with Mrs. Plumbenstein.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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