After you’ve met Robinson, it’s time to comb the beach.

Pick up all you can find: some NAILS, a piece of ROPE, an old RECORD, a GRAMOPHONE, a SEWING KIT, a HAMMER, a pair of SCISSORS and some torn SHEETS. Walk to the left to find even more: coconut trees. Use the hammer on the COCONUT on the side of the tree to knock it out. Do the same with the second COCONUT.

Walk further to the left and find a huge woodpile in the sea. Use the rope on the pile to tow it in and take the boards with you. Before you know you have made a nice beach hut and now you need to find some food. Walk south to find a wild boar. That would make a nice meal. Use the torn sheets from your inventory and cover the boar so he doesn’t see you. Then hit the boar with the hammer to kill it, cook it and eat it.

Pick up the boar to put it on the fire and have a nice meal. Then Clauseau start to tell his story again. He’ll tell about the islands and the treasures Yellow Beard hid there. He’ll describe the islands and the next morning he’ll give you a note with the descriptions on it. Pick up the NOTE and walk to the right to find planks of wood.  In the distance you can see the three islands as well.

Take the PLANKS from the beach four times to get them all.  Take the OYSTER, the KNIFE, the COMB and the LAMP. Time to build a raft. In your inventory, use the rope with the planks to build a raft. Use the sewing kit with the sheets to make them as one again and use the large sheet on the raft as well. Walk north in the middle of the screen where the beach forms a kind of pier and you’ll sail onto the water. You need to visit the three islands.

Volcano Island:

Approaching the beach you find these native people who ask for an offering. In your inventory use the knife on the oyster and find a PEARL inside. Give the pearl to the natives and you can walk up the right side of the volcano.  You’ll find the palm trees as Robinson mentioned and the dubloon in the sand as sign that Yellow Beard has been here. A giant skull is holding a sign with mixed up letters. In case you can’t decipher: between palms.

Use the oyster shell between the palm trees to dig down and find the first CHEST. You’ll return to sea immediately.

Animal Island:

Footsteps are visible in the sand but there’s no entrance. Follow them to the rock wall and when you use your knife on the wall, it will stick to it. There must be a way to open the door. Use the comb from your inventory on the bottom of the wall, where it meets the sand. It will open the door for you and you can enter.

You the lamp to explore the cave. In the lower left corner you can take a SHOVEL. Use the shovel on the sand to dig for the chest. You can try as many times as you want. It’s in the middle on the right. As soon as you’ve found the CHEST, you’ll return to sea.

Rot Island:

Pick up the ANCHOR in the sand on the right. In your inventory tie the rope to the hook and throw the combination on the ledge of the cliff. Then climb the rope to go up.  It’s now very dark but there are three entrances in front of you. One on the left, one in the front right and one in the front left. Enter the one in the front right to find a chest with a heavy padlock on it. Use the scissors on the padlock to get the chest loose from the wall.  If you don’t have enough time to breathe, try again. After taking the CHEST you’re at sea again.

Sail all the way to the left and meet Robinson on the beach again. He’s shouting from happiness but he’s not the only one shouting…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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