You have to prevent the dimension from getting extinct.

Use the exit in the door to have a look on the other side. There’s a key on the wall but too high o reach. Pick up the SPOON and use the spoon with the prism on the floor. Use the exit in the door on the left to return to Jhon Steel.

Attach to Jhon and pick up the BEAKER and the ANVIL. Give the anvil to Red Beard and detach from Jhon. Go through the opening of the door and use the anvil with the spoon to get the KEY from the wall. Use the door on the left again to return to Jhon and attach again. Give Jhon the key and use the key on the door and walk to the right.

Open the drawers to find a PORN TAPE inside. Use the tape with the VCR on top of the TV and your beaker will be filled. Out the full beaker in the Clone ‘o’ matic to produce an ARM. Put the arm in the Regenerate ‘o’ matic to generate a second ARM. Now that Jhon has two arms again you can use the window on the right to escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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