You’re late for work once again and standing in the locker room.

Use the top right locker to see it’s empty. Close the locker again and your colleagues pull a prank on you. You’re locked in the storage room. Use the coin return lever from the soda machine and take the COIN from the return slot. Use the coin on the air vent to open it and take the KEY out. Use the key on the front panel of the soda machine and go through the opening.

Give the coin to the man sitting at the table and in return you get the key to get outside. Use the call button left of the elevator and you’re ready to go to the meeting. But since you’re too late, you’re fired.

Use the bed so get a message under the door. When you read it, it might be the solution. Use the door on the left to leave the apartment and on the map select the location at the top of the screen.  Use the door to get inside and use the bell on the desk to wake Mozes. He’ll offer you a job, not quite legal, but you need the money so better accept it. You get your first part of the assignment.

Walk south to leave the office and outside talk to the locals. You’ll learn about their fire and food. Walk south to see the map and travel to the black location at the bottom. Since Steve’s is open, use the door to go inside. Take the PACKET from the right side of the shelf and since it’s expired you can have it for free. Walk to the right to exit Steve’s and walk north into the alley.

Talk to the dealer and ask all about drugs. Since you’re not a user or dealer, he’ll give you a free starter pack of liquid ZYME. Walk south to leave the alley and south again to return to the map. Go to the location at the top of the screen. Give the packet with expired food to the locals and they’ll give you an entrance PASS to the nightclub. Walk to the left and on the map select the black location at the bottom.

Give the pass to the bouncer and you may enter. Go further to the right and inside and talk to the man sitting at the table. Learn about the ship and the hackers. After the conversation, take the MATCHES from the table.  Use the stairs in the back to leave the club and walk to the left to return to the map. Go to the location between the locals and the docks, straight above Steve’s.

Talk to the Hacker until he gives you the Icebreaker software CARTRIDGE.  Use the stairs on the right to leave and then select the docks to the right of your current location. Drop the vial with Zyme in the bin and then light the matches. Set the Zyme on fire and while the man is distracted, use the door of the blue spaceship.

Put the Icebreaker cartridge in the controls section and you’ll fly the ship to Mozes. Push the bell to wake him up and you’ll get the next part of the assignment. You have to visit two planets. Mozes will give you a long range PHONE and you’re off to the first planet. First set course to Tooteo.

When running out of fuel you make a stop at a service station. Walk to the right twice and since there’s a queue at the toilets, go through the opening. Walk to the soda machine on the right and use the small grey buttons at the front. It’s the coin return button and out come 3 COINS.

Go left to leave the cafeteria, walk left again to the souvenir shop and go inside. Buy a GASMASK, the POSTER standing on the left side and the fish shaped MAGNET from the counter. Leave the shop, drop the magnet in the paint can outside and enter the shop again. Swap the magnet with the real FISH from the tank and leave the shop.

Walk to the right and enter the doorway to the cafeteria. On the table is a DRINK. Take it when the man at the table agrees and in your inventory add the fish to the drink. When he’s knocked out, get the TRADING CARD from him. Walk to the right and when someone is calling you, use the pillar on the right to find out who.

Talk to the kid and learn about his business. He offers you a stink bomb but you don’t have any money. He’s willing to trade a card for a bomb so give him the trading card and he’ll give you the STINK BOMB. Walk to the left twice to return to the corridor and use the poster from your inventory to cover the vent in the wall. Then use the stink bomb with the queue and the waiting is over. Walk to the right to visit the toilets.

When returning to your ship you end up in the garbage bin. Take the WIRE on the left, the red FLARE GUN and a piece of METAL. It contains a HYPERDRIVE. In your inventory combine the wire with the metal to create a makeshift grappling hook. Then put the grappling hook in the flare gun and fire it at  the opening on the top right. You’re ready to go.

After a short trip you’ll land on Tooteo.


Walk to the distance on the right to see a map of the planet. Walk to the location with the tent on the right. Talk to the scientist and ask for the containment unit. Of course it’s not free and you have to slay the desert worm first. Leave on the left and on the map travel to the big grey building at the bottom right.

Use the door to enter the empty bar and take the empty BOTTLE from the table. Leave the bar again and on the overview go to the film set at the center of the map. Swap the bottle from the ice container with the empty one in your inventory to get some ALCOHOL. Use the discarded camera to get the LENS out.

Leave the set and on the map go to the location with the tree, left of the film set. Talk to the naturists, then try to take the shovel. Give them the lens and the SHOVEL is yours. Also take a SEED from the box and leave the naturists. On the map go to the grey location at the lower right. Use the door to enter the bar and walk all the way to the right. Use the door to enter the kitchen.

Use the alcohol with the device to shake it and go outside. Show your shovel to the familiar faces at the desk and you’ll go on a treasure hunt. After you’ve been dropped in the desert, use the bottle with shaken alcohol with the sand and when the hole is ready, the familiar faces will take over again.Return to the hole at the bottom center of the map, just left of the grey building.

Pick up the ROPE and put a seed in the hole the familiar faces dug. Leave the hole and on the map go to the obstruction on the lower left. Use the rope with the pointy bit of the rocks and then climb the rope.  After falling through the sand you have to fight the worm.  The worm will attack 10 times and you need to avoid the bite. The locations aren’t random so you can figure out where to go to prevent being bitten. The order of locations of the worm: top, bottom, top, middle, top, middle, middle, bottom, top, top. When you manage to avoid these locations the worm will die, you will return to the scientist and get the JAR. Then you’ll travel to Phlessi VI.

Phlessi VI:

Walk through the doorway in the pink building. Inside walk all the way to the right to reach the elevator and on the tower select the lower floors. Talk to the fisherman to learn his terms in order to get the Poom extractor equipment. After the conversation drop one of the seeds from your inventory into the sewer.

Walk to the right and take the tube of LAXATIVE from the shelf. Also take the STEREO. Walk to the left, use the call button on the elevator and once inside, select the top floors. Talk to the clerk behind the counter and learn about her work, Mr. Simmons and the bank. Open a bank account and after answering a few questions, you’ll get a bank CARD.

Walk to the right to return to the elevator and select the middle floor. Some goths are dancing here.  Use your bank card on the door with the No Entry sign to enter. Take some ICE from the wall and pull the plug from the socket. Walk outside and the goths stopped dancing.

Give your stereo to the goths and they’ll dance again. Talk to the goth sitting and he’ll tell you what he can do for you. Give him your bank card and he’ll hack your account. Walk to the elevator and select the top floors. Use your card with the card slot next to the door and ask to come in. After the confirmation, push the button left of the door to open it.

Use the door on the right side of the guard and use the phone from your inventory with the controls to drop the temperature. Use the phone on the controls again to raise the temperature and leave the room. There’s a drink on the counter on the left. Put the laxative from your inventory in it, together with the ice you still have. Use the drink to give it to the guard and you can enter the door on the left.

Pick up the pile of PAPERS from the desk and use them with the shredder on the left to destroy them. Exit on the left and then on the right side. Use the elevator again to travel to the lower floors. Talk to the fisherman to tell him you destroyed his debit registration.  You’ll take the POOM ROD and then use the elevator to go to ground level (just floors).

Walk to the left to leave the building. Outside someone will be waiting for you. Walk to the left to enter your ship and fly to .. the terminator’s spaceship. After talking to the terminator, use the light switch in your cell until it breaks. Use the exit on the left to call the terminator and tell him the light broke. He’ll try to fix it and when he’s in your cell, push the button on the left side of the door to close it. The terminator is now trapped and you can walk to the left to control the ship.


Walk all the way to the right until you find a path and enter Poom World. Talk to the man in the ticket booth and learn about the history of the amusement park. Ask for a ticket but you can only get one if you have enough credits. Walk to the left and again all the way to the left, past the pod, to a shelter. On the floor is a TOOL that you can use and there’s an entrance TICKET. Take it and walk to the right.

Just as you though you could leave unnoticed, you’re caught but you can talk your way out. Walk all the way to the right until you reach Poom World again. Show the ticket to the man behind the glass and when he opens the gate, you can use the entrance to get inside.

Select the orange ‘building’ in the center of the park. Take the RING from the wall and although the stall keeper asks you to play a game, leave on the right.  Walk to the light grey ‘building’ on the right side and you’ll talk to Eliza and she’ll tell you about Jay. When she’s gone, use the tool on the BOARD on the shed and use the hole to go through.

Take the MAGAZINE and leave the shed again. Walk through the opening in the fence to the right of the big sign. Walk the coaster rail to the right and at the first top plant your last seed on the mountain side. Walk further to the right until you reach a gap. Put the board from your inventory over the gap and continue to the right. Here you’ll find Jay.

After the conversation, eehhh… monologue, you know where to find Poom so walk the track all the way back. Walk to the left to return to the map and visit the ferris wheel next. Talk to the guy and he’ll tell you about the bending and demolishing the wheel. Give him the ring and he’ll make it bigger for you if you can give him the magazine. He’ll bend the ring for you.

Leave on the left and go to the orange building in the middle. Talk to the man and have a go at the game. Throw the ring at the device and you’ll hit the rasta man. Take the DEVICE and leave on the right. Go to the dark grey building and pick up the STICK on the left in the grass. Leave the site again on the south and go to the small orange building. Use the stick in the gap in the door a few times until a toilet roll is thrown out. Pick up the TOILET PAPER and return to the map on the right.

Go back to the dark grey building and use the glass cutter on the window. Use the window to look through. On the inside, just right of the opening is a groove. Put the stick in it and then tie the toilet paper to the wall mounted stick. Climb down the toilet paper.

Walk to the left four times and just as you think you found the right place, you’re captured and taken to a makeshift cell. Use the screwdriver from your inventory on the radiator to let some water run out. Fill the jar from your inventory with the water running from the radiator. Drop the water on the open wire on the floor and use the panel against the wall to electrocute the guards.

Walk to the left eight times to return to the place to find the Poom.  When Wrath is hanging on the edge it’s your chance to talk to him. Ask him all you can to learn about the Poom. After the story unraveled, use the Poom rod on the hole to try to get the Poom. Then talk to Eliza and make plans for the future….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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