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Cold Meat – Walkthrough (Helme Burch/2009)

By Leon | October 12, 2009

Cold Meat Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

A new fast food restaurant has opened and it’s all you can eat so you have to check it out.

But since there are zombies who took over the place, it’s no hamburgers for you… yet. In the parking lot, pick up the HANDBAG. Look at it to find the zipper damaged. Walk to the left to the playground and take a good look at the slide. It’s dangerous with that razor sharp edge. Use the handbag on the edge of the slide to cut it open and find NAIL SCISSORS, a roll of MINTS and a SAFETY PIN inside.

Walk back to the right and enter the FFF. There are zombies inside! They talk to you because they think you are Wortmut. Talk to Godnur about everything. Try to find out who the druid is. They think it’s Rutnor. Talk to Foltnir and ask him about Godnur. Talk to Jamal behind the counter and try to order some food. There isn’t any because the kitchen is closed. Then ask for a drink and he’ll give you a large COKE. Ask for a pouch of sauce and you’ll get the MARINADE. Ask for the other pouch and you’ll get the SPICY SAUCE. Ask to look around the kitchen and when you’re not allowed, tell him you’re the health inspector. He wants to see proof of that before he lets you in.

Use the tie on the counter to talk to the manager. He’s very nervous and afraid of zombies. Walk to the left and find more zombies. Talk to Rutnor and tell him that Godnur said he was a druid. After their argument, they think it’s Limfor who went upstairs.  Take a TRAY from the holder on the left and go up the stairs.

Upstairs is a reporter and a decapitated zombie. In your conversation with the nervous reporter you’ll find out where the head of the zombie went. Talk some more to learn it must be outside near the balcony. Walk down the stairs, to the right and leave the FFF on the south. Walk left back to the playground. Use the pouch with marinade with the sand under the slide to make a sticky make up. Walk to the right and enter the FFF again.

Use the sandy marinade on the tie on the counter and the manager will think you’re a zombie. In his hurry to leave he’ll drop his KEYRING. Walk to the left and use the keys on the bathroom door. Open the door to the closet and take the BROOM and the BOOK from the shelf. In your inventory read the book to find a BULLETIN for health inspectors. Read the bulletin to find out what you need to become a health inspector.

Use the men’s room on the right and take some paper TOWELS from the dispenser. Since it’s not heavy, also take the RECYCLE BIN. Leave the men’s room and walk to the left back into the restaurant. Go to the right and leave on the south. Use the keyring to open the car and use the car to find a HAIRDRYER inside. Walk north to the drivethrough.

On the floor is a BUSINESS CARD. Pick it up and walk to the rear on the right. Look at the balcony to realize this is the place where the head landed. Look at the object in the tree. In your inventory use the recycle bin with the broomstick. There was a plastic BAG left in the bin.  Use the remote grabber you’ve created with the thing in the tree. You now have the zombie’s HEAD.

Walk left past the driverthrough to the front of the building and enter the FFF. Go to the left and up the stairs and put the head back on Limfor. Not quite as expected but still… Talk to Limfor and ask him about the druid. He knows Ratkin is. He also knows that he might not have risen yet so learn how to desecrate a grave. So now you know the location and the way to wake him up.

Go up the stairs again and talk to the reporter. Ask him to take a PICTURE of you. Since he can’t tell you more about the goths, he gives you the PHONE NUMBER of the university. Go down the stairs and enter the bathroom. Walk to the men’s room on the right and use the hairdryer with the socket. Use the nail clipper on the health guide to get the LOGO from it and attach the logo to the business card. Then attach your photo to it.

Put the combination in the plastic bag and use that on the hair dryer to seal it. Walk twice to the left to leave the bathroom and in the restaurant go to the right. Give the sealed credit card to Jamal and you can enter the kitchen. Use the cabinet under the window to open it and take the PAPER BAG and the PAPER CROWN out. Use the closets on the left and from the left one take the BOWL with more SALAD DRESSING and from the right one take the OIL, the TIN FOIL and the CAN OPENER.

Walk to the right to leave the kitchen and Hans Klang will talk to you. No matter what you say, his mind is made up.  Go left to the playground and north to the meadow. The stone slab must be somewhere. Use the salad dressing on the shrubs on the right and they’ll shrink, revealing the tombstone. Use the stone to desecrate the grave and free the druid. You’ll end up in front of the restaurant where Mr. Klang and the reverend are waiting.

Walk towards Mr. Klang to let him rage again. When he’s finished, use the mint in your inventory in the coke cup (provided you didn’t drink it) and use the coke launcher on Mr. Klang and the reverend. At last you can enter the restaurant. Here you’ll get the instructions to get the inscriptions from the tombstones. Talk to Raktin to learn about the herbs and the others and walk to the left. Talk to Rutnor about scaring people.

Go up the stairs and talk to the reporter. Learn more about Hans Klang and ask to borrow a pen and he’ll give you a PENCIL. Walk down the stairs, to the right and into the kitchen. Use the phone number you’ve got in your inventory on the phone to call Dr. Jones.  Walk to the left to go downstairs. On the peg on the wall is a SCARF. Look at the tables to see they are chained together. Take it and walk to the left into the cooling room.

Use the top freezer door and take a HAMBURGER out. Open the bottom door and take the FREEZER PACK from the big block. Walk to the right, go up the stairs and use the oven to open it. Use the freezer pack on the oven to  warm up the freezer pack.  Use the buttons on the oven and put a hamburger on the hotplate. Leave the room on the right.

Return straight away to see your hamburger changed into a CINDER. Take the cinder from the hotplate and use the oven to take back the hot freezerpack. Go to the left down the stairs and left into the cooling room. Use the hot freezerpack on the big block and it will melt, showing another stone slab.

Put pen and paper in the revealed stone to take the INSCRIPTION. Take the freezer pack from the sludge and use it with the freezer to cool it again.  Walk to the right and up the stairs to return to the kitchen. Put the freezer pack in the oven and walk to the right, without turning any buttons. Walk straight back into the kitchen again and open the oven. You can now see a small crack between the oven and the stone slab. Use the oil with the oven to reduce the friction and a tombstone slides out of the oven. Use the pen and paper on the tombstone to get the INSCRIPTION.

Walk to the right and south to leave the restaurant and in the parking lot use the can opener on the hood ORNAMENT. Use the pouch with hot sauce on the tombstone and in will break into pieces. A slab will become visible with an inscription on it. Use the pen and paper to copy the INSCRIPTION. Use the car again to take the CARJACK out.

Enter the restaurant, go north to the kitchen and down the stairs. Use the carjack on the  tables to get the CHAIN. And again you find a tombstone so use the pen and paper again to also copy this INSCRIPTION. Go up the stairs and to the right. Then south to leave the restaurant. Go to the playground on the left and use the chain on the base plate of the slide. Then go to the right and tie the chain to the car to dismantle the slide.

Another tombstone is visible so use the pen and paper again to copy the INSCRIPTION. Walk to the right and enter the restaurant. Give all the inscriptions to Raktin to have them identified. Give Foltnir his inscription and tell him his tomb was in the kitchen. Give the inscription to Godnur to tell him his tomb was under the slide in the playground. Walk to the left and give Limfor his inscription. His tomb was under the tables in the basement. Give Rutnor his inscription and let him know his tomb was in front of the freezer. Finally give Nektom’s inscription back and tell him it was next to the car. Now they all want their burial objects.

Talk to Raktin and tell him every location is sorted. Then Dr. Jones enters. He’ll help you with the burger if you can help him with the research. Talk to Foltnir and ask him more about everything you can think of. Do the same with Godnur. Walk to the left and question Limfor, Rutnor and Nektom to learn more about them and the others. Go back to the right, talk to Raktin and ask about everyone else. Then talk to Dr. Jones and tell him all you’ve learned so far.

About Foltnir: Lost his beard, was wearing woman’s clothes and very strong.
About Rutnor: Quarrels with his wife,  was well-fed and there was always a lot going on.
About Nektom: Was the strongest, warrior and got things on his head often.
About Limfor: Got around a lot, smelt strange and was not as strong as Nektom.

Talk to Dr. Jonas again about all of them to conclude that Foltnir was a cook. It’s corrected by Dr. Jones. Tell him Rutnor worked with animals. Dr. Jones also can help you with this one. Nekton was a miner and Limfor was a fisherman. Now that you know all about them, you know their burial objects.

Give the hood ornament to Foltnir as burial object. But you need to help him with his memory:

Go north into the kitchen.  Use the all-purpose-grabber in the deep fryer as frying basket and drop the paper crown in the fryer to fry the crown. Walk down the stairs and go left into the cooling room. Use the handbag on the SLUDGE to take some and walk to the right again. Use the sludged handbag with the pickled cucumbers to create a FAKE FISH.

Walk up the stairs and to the right out of the kitchen. In the restaurant walk to the left and give the cinder burger to Nektom as burial object. Now you need to bring his memory back.

Give he scarf to Rutnor. Now you must help him remember his burial object.

Give the fake fish to Limfor. Another memory need to be restored.

Walk to the right and go south to leave the restaurant. There’s a lynch mob outside so you go inside quickly and lock the door. Walk north into the kitchen and talk to Dr. Jonas outside. Ask him what’s going on outside and tell him you know the burial objects. Ask him if he can look around for objects outside and he’ll take over.

As Dr. Jonas:

Walk to the right and look at the glockenspiel under the tree. Then talk to Lizzy and learn about her father and the instrument. You can have it if you can give her a good alibi. Walk to the right twice and talk to the reverend near the front door of the restaurant. Ask him what he’s doing here and how he thinks solving the issue. He’ll give you a ROSARY to help praying.

Talk to officer Heipner on the left to ask him about the events and the crime in town. Talk to Franz-Jozef Teichhuber and talk about his eating disorder until he starts hyperventilating. Talk to Gunther Blumner on the right and learn all about plumbing, his finds and how worthless it is. Tell him about the burial site and he’ll give you a PLUNGER.

Walk north to the drive through and talk to Pete. Ask him for a paper bag and ask him to keep looking for objects.

As Pete:

Walk down the stairs and left into the cooling room. Use the paper bag with the fish SLUDGE and walk back to the right. Go up the stairs and give the bag to Dr. Jonas. Then talk to him and tell him to look for objects.

As Dr. Jonas:

Walk to the right and talk to Lizzy. Tell her the police thinks her friends are thieves.  Walk to the left twice and in front of the restaurant talk to officer Heipner again. Tell him about the instruments and the thieves in the castle. Tell him about the stolen glockenspiel and he’ll leave to investigate. Give the paper bag to Franz-Jozef Teichhuber. While he is down, you get to hold his BELT.

Walk into the drive through and go to the right to the rear of the building. Talk to Lizzy and tell her about the investigation the police is starting. Now you can take the GLOCKENSPIEL. Walk to the left to the drive through and give the rosary, the plunger, the belt and the glockenspiel to Pete. Then talk to him and tell him he needs to search further.

As Pete:

Use the glockenspiel with the drawer in the cupboard to replace the blades of the glockenspiel with forks and create a HARROW. In your inventory use the plunger with the tray to create a shield. Use the tin foil on it to make it a shiny SHIELD. Combine the belt with the bowl. Use the tin foil with the combination to make it a shiny HELMET. Use the rosary with the rod and add the safety pin to create a FISHING ROD.

Walk to the right to leave the kitchen and give the fried crown to Godnur. Give the shield to Foltnir. Walk to the left and give the fishing rod to Limfor. Give the harrow to Rutnor and finally give the helmet to Nektom. Now that everyone has his object you need to get outside. But there’s still that angry mob. Walk to the right and talk to Jamal. He knows how to get rid of them.You need to get the right zombie at the right job.

On the workplan, put Godnur on accounting, Foltnir on deep-frying, Rutnor on burger flipping, Nektom on supplies, Limfor on wrapping and Raktin on vegetable cutting. In the restaurant use the menu to enjoy your meal.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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