You’ve found the location of your treasure but the map has just blown away.


Walk to the right to see the map. Try to pick it up but as soon as you do, it’ll fly away again. You’ll try to catch it but without luck. You need to set a trap.  Take the STICK from the tree and take some SAP from it. Walk over to the right and find a box on the grave. Take the BOX and you’ll also get the FLOWER.

Walk further to the right to take the BALLOON. Ignore the map for now, you won’t catch it yet. Walk over to the left and look at Harry’s grave. In your inventory use the sword on the balloon to pop it and you’ll end up with a piece of STRING. Still in your inventory, add the stick to the box and put the contraption on Harry’s grave. Add the rope to the trap and walk over to the right to get the map.

Once trapped under the box, you can pick up the MAP. Look at the map in your inventory and you’ll find the location of the treasure. Now all you need is a shovel, someone to dig for you and a permit to dig.


Walk over to the left and use the lower left corner to leave the cemetery. Go over to the bar.


Talk to Roger and ask if he wants to participate in an adventure. He doesn’t believe you so show him the map. He wants a drink first. Ask him what he drinks and it’ll be a scotch on the rocks. Show him the treasure map and he’ll be more convince. Now all he needs is a drink.

Go over to George behind the bar and ask for a drink. He wants to see some ID first. Look at the tip jar on the bar, try to take it and George will stop you. Talk to George again and tell him to look at the door. This is your chance to grab the TIP JAR.

Leave the bar for now and walk back to the cemetery.


There’s a goth chick next to Harry’s grave but she won’t say much. Put the flower on Harry’s grave and talk to her again. Talk about Harry and she’ll mention the resemblance and a picture. She’ll give you the PHOTO if you ask for it. Leave the cemetery and go to the beach.


There’s your shovel. But if you try to take it, you’ll be stopped by that pesky foul-mouthed kid. If only you could get rid of him. Talk to the boy and ask him how you can make him leave. So you need to make him shout.

Walk over to the right where there’s a ‘perfect spot’ in the sand. Use it to make a sandcastle and it’ll be destroyed straight away. Put the rock from your inventory on the spot and build again. This time the boy will definitely shout.

That’s one. Now if only you could throw something at him. But you’re not picking that up with your bare hands. In your inventory use the rock with the tip jar to smash it and use the coins on the phone booth. Time to call the police.

First, report a crime. Any crime will do just as long as the officer will file a report. Next call the police again and this time tell him he’s won an award. You can name any prize you like but to give the prize to the officer you’ll first need his his badge number. Leave the phone for now,leave the beach and go to the police station.

Police Station:

Talk to the officer. Tell him you need a permit to dig a treasure, then tell him you need a permit to exhume a body. When asked who to dig up tell him Harry Potter and when asked for the reason, tell him he’s not dead. Now all he need is your badge number so tell him the long number you got from him earlier.

Now you need to wait for the form to process. Leave the station and return to the beach.


Use the payphone and call the police. Tell him to hold and that’ll keep him busy for a while. Leave the phone and the beach and return to the police station.

Police Station:

The officer will give you the PERMISSION to exhume a body. Use the file folder on his desk to get the file from it and look at it in your inventory. Boring stuff but the PAPERCLIP might come in handy. Look at the filing cabinet in the back and use the paperclip on it to pick the lock….. (which lock?).

The result from the filing cabinet/evidence locker is a FAKE ID and an EVIDENCE BAG. Leave the station and go back to the beach.


Use the stick from your inventory on the poop on the beach to ‘bag’ it. Throw the bag at the kid and he’ll start shouting again, making his mother take him and leave. Pick up the SPADE and leave the beach to go to the bar.


To convince George that you’re old enough, in your inventory use the tree sap on the photo. Stick the photo on the fake ID and show the ID to George. Ask for a drink and order a scotch on the rocks. George will tell you he ran out of glasses. A good thing the box has such a funny shape so give the box to George and he’ll fill it with SCOTCH. But no rocks.

Put the rock from your inventory in the drink and give it to Roger. He’s now drunk enough to start digging. Talk to him and he’ll follow you. Leave the bar and go to the cemetery.


Walk over to the grave with the statue and talk to Roger. Once he’s convinced he’ll start digging and once he’s done, he’s dug up Richard. Talk to Richard to learn about the treasure and his wedding. Now all you need to get him is a ring, a bouquet and a fiancee.

Walk to the pile of dirt Roger created and search it to find a NUT. That’ll do for a ring. Talk to Roger and ask him how to create a bouquet. He’ll give you a FLOWER to start with. Also ask for your stuff back. He broke the spade but you can have the PERMISSION SLIP back.

Walk over to the left and take the other FLOWER from Harry’s grave. In your inventory combine the flowers to make a BOUQUET. Talk to Jackie and ask her a favor. She wants something more than just the treasure so give her the permission slip.

Walk back to the right and give the ring to Richard, the give the bouquet to Richard. Now walk back to Jackie on the left and tell her it’s time.

After the ceremony Jackie is not happy and wants a divorce and you want your treasure. The only way to accomplish that is to use your sword on Richard and kill him for real this time.  The treasure is yours!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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