This adventure game is hidden on the Google Search page and can be started from any browser. There are a few tricks though. Here’s how to start: Go to the Google Search page and search for “text adventure”. With the results page:

  • Firefox: From the menu select Web Developer / Web Console (or Ctrl-Shift-K)
  • Chrome: From the menu select More Tools / Developer Tools (or Ctrl-Shift-I) and click the Console tab.
  • Opera: From the main menu (red O on the upper left) select Developer / Developer Tools (or Ctrl-Shift-I) and click the Console tab.
  • Edge: From the main menu select More Tools / Developer Tools (or F12) and select the Console tab.
  • Safari: I’ve not been able to get the game running. The developer console would not play it, only debug. If you know how, please let me know.

[Note: The best result is in Chrome or Firefox since these separate the debug urls from the readable text.]

To start the game, enter YES on the question if you want to start a game.

You are the big blue G and must search your friends. Standing next to the statue overlooking the park you can only go NORTH. You can follow your progress on a map with the legend next to it. You see a map on a bench so GRAB the map and have a good look at it. Then walk further NORTH.

On the field with Googlers and Nooglers, they surround you until you USE the map to give it to them. They will reveal a path further NORTH. A park opens up all around you and you can go WEST.

On the campus with the colorful chair, go SOUTH into the Mercury building. You can see a banana peel next to the bin so GRAB the banana peel and go WEST.

A robot dog is guarding the door so USE the banana peel to make the dog slip and you can go WEST. In the Messenger Cafe you find Red E. Return EAST and EAST again, followed by NORTH back to the campus. 

Walk WEST to the volleyball court and WEST again to giant buildings and a car park. Go SOUTH into a small games room and GRAB the flyswatter. Go NORTH back to the main street and find an alligator blocking your way north so go WEST.

On the bridge over the shallow creek a duck is quacking so QUACK at the duck (just for fun ;-).  Walk WEST towards palm trees and some corporate art and find a crocodile costume. GRAB the costume and walk EAST across the bridge and EAST again to the alligator. USE the costume to get rid of the animal and walk NORTH into the building.

Inside the Venus building go EAST to find a bridge and a gym and go EAST again into the Morning Star cafe where you find Green L. Walk  WEST to the bridge and WEST again to the entrance of the Venus building.  

Go SOUTH onto the campus ground and WEST back to the cute ducks. Go WEST again to cross the bridge and then SOUTH where you find an elevator. Go UP to the second floor where you can only find a lot of cubicles. Go UP once more to the third floor and find a sky-bridge.

UP one final time to the fourth floor where there’s a giant whale/couch and a shield on the wall. GRAB the shield and go DOWN one floor to the sky-bridge. Go NORTH across the bridge to the Mars building. A lot of broken lava-lamps here.

Go DOWN one floor to the 2nd and find a lucky sword here. GRAB the sword and go UP one floor to the lava-lamps. Go WEST to the third floor of the Saturn building and when you go UP one floor here, you’ll meet the evil twins.

USE the sword to get rid of one of them, then USE the shield to remove the other. An exit to the WEST appears. You’ll find a bowl with doodle stickers so GRAB a handful and go further WEST to find Yellow O at the end of the hallway.

From here you can only go EAST and then EAST again to the elevator. Go DOWN to the third level and the jigsaw. Go DOWN again to the second level and DOWN again to the strange hallway.

Go WEST to the volleyball court and the sandcastle. From here you can go SOUTH. In the street with self driving cars go SOUTH to enter a building with a gym next to it.  Go WEST into a room with a lot of cubicles and engineers trying to fix a bug. USE the flyswatter to help them out and a path to the WEST appears. Go there to find Blue G.

Return EAST to the engineers and EAST again to the entrance of the building. Go SOUTH into the small cafeteria. Now you have to pay attention!

You land on a over caffeinated googler with a glass of water, a grumpy engineer holding a latte, the vice president of some product you don’t recognize with a diet coke in her hands, a happy noogler amazed that the micro-kitchen even offers quinoa, and an excited intern holding a banana.

So, USE the stickers to give to the intern who will give you a banana. USE the banana to give to the noogler who gives you the quinoa. USE the quinoa to trade with the vice-president and you’ll get the diet soda. USE the diet soda with the engineer and you’ll get the latte. USE the latte with the over caffeinated googler and you’ll get a sticky note with some clues on it. Pfew.

Walk SOUTH to a boring room and a huge box with an alpha-numeric keypad on it. The clues must help you here.

The answers are:

1. I am the beginning of everything, the end of everywhere. I’m the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space. What am I?
2. I am the loneliest number: 1
3. Check the clue number: 3
4. Take a number. Double it. Add 21. Subtract 15. Divide by 2. Subtract your original number: 3
5. To make this number even, you take the s out.  Seven

So, your code should be E1337. And there you’ll find the Red O. Now back to work.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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